• Roman Land

    3 jui. 2008, 19h07m

  • a beautiful mind

    3 jui. 2008, 13h09m

    Dont worry I got an Idea, an Idea so smart my head would explode if I even began to know what I was talking about
    -Peter Griffin
  • the paradigm shift

    3 jui. 2008, 11h24m


    - change and growth on a personal level is a very healthy thing..

    to move on from the past, to new broader horizons is a beautiful experience.. to find the power of forgiveness.. to open the gateway to love, as i call it.. to love and forgive yourself, and others, in your life and find it is a pathway to inner peace.. to see all of creation manifested in the song of a bird or the sound of the wind.. to recognise your own soul within yourself and see it reflected in all nature and all the people around you, is humbling and empowering in equal measure.. to recognise that you ARE life and that the energy that you came from is everywhere, in everything.. to be able to trust in the process in life and see your future filled with potential.. to give spare change to a man in the street after walking past him every day for 6 months.. or just even to reach out to others instead of judging them.. to recognise that other people are only doing the best with the knowledge and awareness they have.. to experience a change within and to recognise the spark of truth in you.. that you are capable of wonderful, amazing things, or even just beautiful, ordinary things... that is the paradigm shift.