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  • blackcherrypie

    Much better! Here, trying to survive the freaking heat and hayfever. Not a summergirl....

    20 jui. 11h35m Répondre
  • nocturana

    As per, was late arriving at Brian Jonestown Massacre, lucky to catch 5 songs & even at that was pissed & can't remember much!! :(

    8 jui. 15h02m Répondre
  • nocturana

    Greetings from the cesspit that be Motherwell, nice hat!

    29 juin 1h11m Répondre
  • blackcherrypie

    LOL, even better without the hat ")

    2 juin 9h28m Répondre
  • blackcherrypie

    But whyyyyyyyyyyyy

    1 juin 22h04m Répondre
  • blackcherrypie

    What's that on your head?

    29 mai 10h06m Répondre
  • Psyniak

    That's pretty awesome that you spent time in Poland - I've been around Europe a bit, but unfortunately I never got to visit. How did you find it there? I'd imagine the a life working as a chef could get pretty hectic at times. It takes me ages to do what little I can in the kitchen, so I certainly couldn't cope with lots of impatient customers waiting on me, haha. I'm studying philosophy, history and sociology as part of my Bachelor of Arts. Not sure what I'll major in, maybe a joint major in philosophy and history. Have no idea where it will lead me, if anywhere at all, haha.

    8 avr. 12h20m Répondre
  • okkeyokke

    Check your inbox :D

    8 avr. 5h45m Répondre
  • okkeyokke

    Aye thanks man, mega praise to Andy Bell and his clever clever brain!

    8 avr. 5h31m Répondre
  • blackcherrypie

    I've gone through an episode of back at the parents living, which was weird cause I moved out at 16. Who you know eh, well I'm happy for your chance, hopefully it works out long term. But if my jobs would only depend on who I know, I know everyone, and almost everyone I know is getting fired somewhere too! Politics at their worst currently.

    7 avr. 0h12m Répondre
  • blackcherrypie

    NO money for gigs!! I can't even pay my rent and stuff, let alone go to gigs. Unless I'm on the guestlist and someone drives me there, which on occasion, happens. I would love to go on a weekendholiday which I haven't managed to do in years :( you need the job to get the money to do the fun stuff you don't have time for when you work, aahg life issues

    6 avr. 19h54m Répondre
  • blackcherrypie

    You're getting your own restaurant, did I understand that right??!! I'm currently unemployed and have been in a temporary job hell for years now, it's hopeless here :( I usually work as an office manager or other officejobs. Last job stopped a month ago, in a cinema. Sounded amazing, but it wasn't, it really really wasn't.

    6 avr. 12h28m Répondre
  • blackcherrypie

    I don't really have a favorite dish, pasta is my big addiction, but I need to shed a few pounds so I need to not eat that for a while, or least only in very small portions. I cook the weirdest things really, I think I'm the queen of fusion cooking. But I eat around a pound of vegetables a day. I'm also a big fan of pumpkin, roasting or making soup of it, anything really. And also; I like things spicy, hot! Risotto still sounds better than a bland pizza to me. Don't you get to make the menu where you work? Which is by the way where exactly?

    5 mars 12h48m Répondre
  • blackcherrypie

    Yes, and also I loooove to cook and eat food :) Most chefs are totally uninspired when it comes to vegetarian dishes, so it's nice to hear differently for once. Last week I was at an Italian restaurant and apart from a pizza, the only other option for me was ravioli with 3 leaves of spinach and a couple of tomatoes, so boring. There are so many veggies and so many things to do with 'm, I don't get it. It's the one thing I dislike about eating out; the lack of vegetables on my plate. When I get home I feel like I need to steam some brocolli to get my daily fix

    3 mars 22h40m Répondre
  • blackcherrypie

    Do you also cook vegetarian dishes?

    2 mars 23h53m Répondre
  • okkeyokke


    25 fév. 3h42m Répondre
  • Psyniak

    Haha, that's pretty awesome. Scallops are really nice, especially in pies, I find. How long have you been working as a chef for? I'm kind of in a transitional state right now, I finished college and I'm going start uni this month, I think. On the lookout for jobs too...

    7 fév. 8h51m Répondre
  • Psyniak

    It can be pretty nice down here, summer's just about peaked where I am I think. You're a chef? That's pretty awesome, what kind of foods do you specialize in? My culinary skills are pretty limited to say the least.

    3 fév. 1h24m Répondre
  • blackcherrypie

    And als: you're in the UK again I see?

    2 fév. 22h38m Répondre
  • blackcherrypie

    Finally! I recommended when.... a year ago? Inspires me to give a listen too ") been a while, found other obsessions :)

    2 fév. 22h37m Répondre
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