• rythmbox -> scrobble

    6 jan. 2010, 22h31m

    Boy, if this works it'll be great:

    patch -NEp1 < ~/scrobbler-v3l.patch

    found @

    will followup with results
    (rbox 0.12, ubuntu 9.04 jj)
  • Rage fatigue

    9 juin 2008, 0h16m

    Ever been so pissed of for such a long time that you get yourself burnt out on feeling angry and you just don't care anymore? No? I guess most people experience this as depression, but my blood is so thick with prozac that I don't really ever get depressed.

    I don't really have anything else to say. I just wanted to put a journal entry here so the page wouldn't be blank.

    ... except that maybe I'm still really pissed off and sick of everyone's shit. And I wish my speakers were louder. Crappy laptop speakers just don't produce the tremendous volume that I need right now.