Less is more baby!


29 jan. 2007, 21h42m

Found a new band for my ears to pop ear boners to. The band is called Less, and as always, I'm sure a million other die hard fans have alot more to say about them than I do, but yeah, they have two CD's out, but all are available for download creative-commons. Even if they sucked balls, I'd probably listen to them just because of that, but they don't, they are fucking amazing. They are a dark metal band and they sound alot like Nine Inch Nails and Tool. piano wire smile is definately more Tool and Cover, Protective, Individual is really Nine Inch Nails like. Both are amazing, and the single Painstripper is fucking sick, no vocals, just anger, pure musical anger. Damn, I love this band so check them out here on last.fm or www.less.com

And if you download them and really like em, do them a favour and buy their records, I am as soon as I rally some cash.


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