• vintersorga

    I was there, seeing Iron Maiden, and I have to say...this video really brought tears to my eyes right now. I'm such a crying baby :P But 2008 has been giving us lots of reasons for that. Don't forget the remarkable Gamma Ray + Helloween reunion, with Helloween classics sung by Kai Hansen (hey, better than that, only with Kiske ;P) And I must add Dream Theater, which was not the most perfect setlist, but it's one of my favourite bands, and I had never seen them before :~~~~ (yes yes, I hate myself for missing all previous gigs, just like Savatage years ago). Now let's just hope the 2nd semester will bring more tears of joy for us \o/

    16 juin 2008, 11h48m
  • Nurdagniriel

    I'm confused! I can't tell which one was the best concert of the year. I mean, almost every concert had something special. Iron was the Somewhere Back in Time Tour... Ozzy had Zakk Wylde bleeding like hell, Helloween had Gamma Ray, Queensrÿche... oh well... it was Queensrÿche. Megadeth was the only one not special. It looked like they were there just doing their job. They didnt make any effort to sound special. But whatever. I think Iron, CIIC, Ozzy, Helloween is my top 4. =]

    18 juin 2008, 2h04m
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