A special night.


16 mars 2011, 1h13m

Sun 13 Mar – Caitlin Rose, Treetop Flyers

The Glee Club is a strange venue... While the room and setup allow for an excellent, intimate show the staff and general atmosphere about the place is slightly snooty and slightly surreal.
The first band on were called Treetop Flyers and at first I didn't think too much of them, probably simply because I really didn't like their first song, which set me against them for a little while longer. I appreciated their musicianship but found the song felt a bit contrived or somehow engineered too much... But they definitely got better, and I had just about started to really enjoy them by the time they played their last song, which is a shame.

However any slight doubts brought on by the venue or the support band were blown away once Caitlin Rose and her two friends came on stage. Sporting the face and carefree attitude of a teenager, but the integrity and humour of an adult I warmed to her the second she started speaking... But it was nothing to how I felt once she began her first song, the first song off her album - Learning To Ride. Now don't get me wrong, the rest of her show was fantastic too in terms of her attitude and seeming determination to get some life out of the quietly awed audience, and her amazing renditions... But she really did peak right at the beginning. Her vocal performance on her first song was just unbeatable and it sounded genuinely better than it does on her record. Phenomenal.

Her determination to make her audience chuckle and her beautiful voice coupled with the somehow weird closeness she had to us made the entire concert feel slightly like it was a dream. Her cover of Jackson Browne's Rosie was the most revealing of her stage presence I think, it was extremely well executed and also very funny in a childish sort of way. Her two accompanying musicians were also highly proficient, and the entire affair managed to bring off that rare balance of (seemingly) true spontaneity and being extremely professional.
Definitely hoping to catch her again at some point, seeing her so close and perform with such integrity and sense of fun was something you rarely see in live music, and it was a real treat.


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