• Maccamania

    19 mars 2011, 10h24m

    Silly Love Songs.... What's wrong with that? :D:D

    Ohh how can I explain my love to Paul .... I can't explain it in words!!
    When I heard him the first time in the radio ... I fell in love *-*
    It was such a magical moment it feld like I found my big love of life.
    Sounds stupid but it's true:D:D
    It was "No More Lonely Nights" %) what a nice song i thought and
    searched more and more songs of him in the internet and fell more
    and more in love xD I wanna see him live but my parents don't let me go :(
    because I'm to young ... but I can't and don't want to wait ..... maybe some of
    you understands me why ... :( His Album Ram is one of the greatest Albums of all time :) so lovely and nice :)
    Flaming Pie is such a great album too :D
    I love the song The World Tonight its so AWESOME :D
    If he would be in my age I would marry him :D:D He's such a perfect man. He's cute, musician and he's the most talented human in the world !!!!

    So I think I've written enough xD

    Peace & Love