• Three Days Grace, Shinedown, & POD--February 20, 2013

    3 mars 2013, 22h37m

    I really, really need to start going to concerts more often.

    I live in a state where my options are pretty limited. However, I live a couple of hours from Massachusetts, where the options are a lot better and I should really take advantage of that.

    I saw Three Days Grace, Shinedown, and POD in Lowell, MA on Wednesday night. This was my first show since I saw Papa Roach in summer 2009—so it had been a LONG time (was supposed to see Green Day in January but they cancelled their date in my state :()

    I’ve been a HUGE Three Days Grace fan since their first album(saw them in 07 with Breaking Benjamin, Seether, & Red), so naturally I was pretty devastated when Adam left the band. Seeing them with Matt definitely wasn’t the same, but I give him credit for doing the best he could & putting on a fun show anyway. Since I know all of Three Days Grace’s songs, I was still having a hell of time belting out all of the words. It did seem weird hearing Matt introduce the songs—because they’re obviously not his songs. But whenever he said Three Days Grace, he did always make sure to gesture behind him to like, acknowledge that he was not really a part of Three Days Grace.

    POD opened, and they were pretty great too. I only know a few of their songs, but I’ve always liked them. My favorite has definitely always been “Youth of the Nation”, and as they were playing it just sort of hit me what song was about and I wondered what they were going to do—I figured they’d end up either not playing it or doing something special with it. They did play it toward the end, and the brought a few little kids on the stage with them toward the middle of the song. It was pretty cute.

    I thought Three Days Grace was the headliner, and I was surprised to find out that it was actually Shinedown. I’ll be the first to say that I am NOT a big Shinedown fan. I like all of their radio hits, but I’ve never been interested in them enough to download any of their albums or anything. Anyway, I was there for Three Days Grace(obviously Adam left the band after we had bought our tickets). Anyway, coming from someone who’s never loved Shinedown, they were FUCKING AMAZING. The singer sounded great, he was great at getting the audience into it…they had all of these cool lights and sound effects and everything. They exceeded my expectations in every way.

    Anyway, so for this show we had two bands that I’ve always liked but never loved (POD and Shinedown) and one that I did love when they had their original singer. Despite this, the show was still wonderful. I just love the feeling of being at rock shows. There’s something so beautiful and unifying about being surrounded by people who are so lost in the world of rock music. It’s truly remarkable, and for that reason it really doesn’t matter if the band is someone you’re dying to see or not. Obviously it helps if it’s a band you’re totally in love with….but it doesn’t have to be that way.

    I hope very much that I never go such a ridiculously long time without going to one again. The fact that I live in Maine really shouldn’t stop me when I’m so close to the Boston area, where a shitload of bands go. <3 Three Days GraceP.O.D.Shinedown
  • MAW IV @ the civic center

    24 avr. 2009, 13h50m

    Sat 18 Apr – Music As a Weapon IV

    been debating on whether or not to write to a review.......well here goes.
    i got there as soon as doors opened, but it wasnt early enough to meet up with the friends i was supposed to meet up with, whod been there for hours and were wayy at the front of the floor. i had no chance in hell of finding them, and even if i had seen them from the chance in hell of security letting go to the front of the floor. sooo i was just gonna sit with my dad...then i went to the bathroom and saw some other kids i knew from i decided to go on the floor with them. soo instead of the very FRONT of the floor, i ended up at the very back of the floor...i mean wayyyyy back....not as exciting, but safer haha. anyway...onto the actual music...

    Lacuna Coil
    they were prettyyyy good. not a whole lot of to say about them. their set was about half an didnt include my favorite, Heaven's a Lie, which was rather dissapointing....but not the end of the world.
    id only heard a song or two from this band.....didnt care for them much. too heavy for my taste. but they were actually pretty decent. had fun during their set, even though i dont expect to ever be a huge fan of their music.
    i was actually expecting them to be first, followed by lacuna coil...but it was the other way around. surprised me.
    Killswitch Engage
    ...slightly dissapointing. they were good, played a lot of my favorites....but i was just...expecting better from them. about halfway through their set, they asked for a wall of death...which i was too far back to see/get involved in, but yeaa...theres a video of it below. =]
    absolutelyyyyyyy amazing. is there anything more to be said? started off with david entering from the ceiling[picture below]....which i wasnt paying too much attention to because i was texting my friend kaitlyn. she and my friend anna[the two i was supposed to meet up with], had gotten separated at the end of killswitch's set...but eventually anna popped up behind me, and then a few minutes later kaitlyn showed up and everything was awesome. i was FREAKINGG OUT once disturbed was coming up, despite being worried about kaitlyn....yeaa....and then i continued freaking out for the rest of the set...because they were amazingg. when david got up there and said 'DID YOU MISS US PORTLAND?' i cheeredd so much...mmhm. and then at the end, david popped up at the back of the floor[video below]...he was about ten feet in front of me...i thought i was going to die, i was so excited. =]=]

    mmmm yeaa. i wrote this review rather quickly, ill go back and add more at a later time.....but yeaa...videos and pictures i was talking about.

    david's big entrance. photo found at

    wall of death during killswitch......i was wayyy too far back to see any of this while i was there.

    david draiman at the back of the floor...i was closer than the people who took this video...about 10 feet behind him...yuhh it was amazing.

    ill probably add more videos/a more detailed review of the bands later....too lazy atm.
  • Three Days Grace, Breaking Benjamin, Seether, and Red

    29 oct. 2007, 12h37m

    Sun 28 Oct – Three Days Grace, Breaking Benjamin, Seether, Red

    So last night I went to the second concert of my life[first one was Disturbed last year, I have a review of that one in this journal somewhere].

    It started at about 6:30, we got there around quarter of six because the traffic was horrible at the disturbed concert. however, we parked pretty easily and really didnt end up having to be there that early, but whatever. I was extremely nervous about this show. At the disturbed show, we sat down. This time, we were on the floor. I'm barely five feet tall and not good at defending myself, so I was quite scared. Needless to say, I survived it though. ;]
    Now onto the show:

    Red-Was pretty fucking sweeet. I've liked them since I heard Breathe Into Me several months back. Well, that was their final song obviously, and they also played Already Over, Let Go, and a couple others I don't remember the names of right now. But yea, they were okay. Did a pretty good job of getting the crowd pumped up for the mian events. Wasn't really any mosh pits or crowd surfers during their set, and I had like an inch of moving room, which is more than I had later in the night so it's all cool.

    Seether-Wasnt expecting much from these guys tbh. Idk why. I've liked them for years, they just didnt strike me as a band I'd enjoy live. But, they wereee. They opened with Gasoline, followed by Needles, maybe? They played Fine Again, which is by far my favorite song of theirs, either second or third, which was sweeeet. Then there was Broken, which was fucking beautiful. I still prefer the Amy Lee version but Seethers version by themselves is still awesome. Then they played Like Suicide from their new album, which i hadnt heard before but it was pretty cool anyway. Of course they played their fucking kickass single from their new album Fake It, which was fun to sing along to[I was screaming and singing pretty much the entire concert]. They also did Truth, and closed off with...I think it was Remedy. Definetely a band I wouldnt mind seeing again. <3

    Breaking Benjamin-This was the band I was looking forward to perhaps even more than Three Days Grace. But they dissapointed me. I thought they were going to be amazing, and they werent. Dont get me wrong, they were good...they just didnt live up to my expectations I guess? Anyway, they opened with The Diary Of Jane, then I think it was Until The End, which I believe is their latest single. Then was Had Enough, which is one of my favorites. was Breath was pretty fun live. Then they played the ever-popular Polyamorous, and ]Sooner Or Later, and they closed off with So Cold. I may have forgotten a couple songs, who knows? Ben Burnley fucking owns though. At one point, cant remember the song, I heard some dude behind me scream 'DUDE THE SINGERS RIGHT THERE!' and i looked up and saw Ben crowd surfing about 20 feet away from me. Fucking cooool haha. Would've been cooler if I'd gotten to touch him, but oh well. :] Breaking Benjamin wasnt bad, I had just expected better from them.

    Three Days Grace-I think my first thought when they came on was 'HOLY FUCKING SHIT ADAM GONTIER IS HOT!'. Haha. We werent that close by then, but we were closer than we'd been for any other band, and if I stood on my tip-toes I had a pretty good view of Adam. =]=]=]=]. Anyway, they were pretty fucking sweeeeet. Opening with Animal I Have Become, and then I think there was Time of Dying, my favorite off the new album, andJust Like You from the first album[I might have gotten the order on those two backwards aha] . I expected them to close with I Hate Everything About You, but they played that somewhere in the middle. Then they played this beautiful acoustic version of Rooster. They played Pain of course, which is a song I am pretty sick of now but it was fun seeing it live anywayy. Never Too Late is one of my favorite songs of all time, so I was pretty happy when they played that. I expected the mosh pits to be fucking insane during Riot, but I didnt really see any from where I was. They closed with Home, which is one of my favorites from the first album. So yeaa. They were pretty fucking awesome. Except towards the end shitloads of crowd surfers kept on falling on us, which wasnt fun. Ah well.

    So yea. Pretty much everyone around me was smoking cigarettes or pot hehe. Being on the floor wasnt as scary as I'd expected, although times when the crowd like, moved and I got extremely squished werent excactly fun. I also wish theyd thrown a water bottle my way, I was pretty much dehydrated and when we left we stopped at a store and I chugged an entire bottle of Propel in about two minutes. I thought about buying a shirt but in the end I just wanted to get out of there. All in all, it was quite a night. None of the bands were ABSOLOUTELY AMAZING the way disturbed was, but they were all good and I had fun.

    And I totally convinced my dad to let me skip school today. Pretty awesome haha.

    EDIT:My phone doesnt have a camera so i couldnt get any videos or pics but I did find some cool shit on youtube.

    I absoloutely loved beautiful hehe.

    Ben Burnley crowd surfing. Cant see him that well but I love when he says 'DONT TAKE MY SHOE OFF'

    Pretty self so sick of that song but it was still cool live.

    This song was soo much fun to sing along with....

    soo yeaaa. fun night. <3
  • linkin park--minutes to midnight

    12 mai 2007, 19h43m

    ok, so i dont usually post journal entries except for surveys and stuff, but being a HUGE Linkin Park fan i thought i'd rant about their new album.

    As I'm sure all Linkin Park fans know, the album officially leaked on May 4th. I just heard about it today, although I guessed it had a few days ago because I found tons of journal entries about it, when it's not released until Tuesday. I was greatly anticipating this album, planning it on buying it the second I could get to a CD store.

    Almost all of the reviews on this album are negative. I thought, 'ok, it's linkin park, one of my favorite bands of all time, it can't be as bad as everyone says it is, I bet I'll like it'.
    I decided to listen to the 30-second clips of every song. And I'm glad I did, because it saved me $15. I am now in no rush for this album at all.

    The only thing I can really say is, what the hell happened? I have no problem with the fact that they changed. Meteora came out in what, 2003? How could we expect to have a band dissapear for four years and not change? I mean, seriously, one thing they were slammed for was that every song sounded excactly the same. I admit, as much as I love Meteora and Hybrid Theory, it is hard to distinguish one song from another, especially in Hybrid Theory. Now, they are being slammed for being different.

    Almost every song is a ballad. I love ballads. A lot. However, Linkin Park is well known for Chester Bennington's screaming in songs such as Crawling, Runaway, QWERTY. So, for them to release an album with almost no screaming is a huge dissapointment. I bet if the songs on the album would have been more like qwerty than along the lines of What I've Done, most LP fans would have been much happier with the results. I know i would have been. What I've Done is great, but I prefer the old screaming/rapping/scratching LP by far. Oh yea. Mike Shinoda and Mr. Hahn no longer have the major roles they used to have. There is hardly any rapping, except for in about two songs. Normally, I would consider that a good thing considering I normally despise rap. With Linkin Park, however, rapping is one of the things that makes me love them so much. And no more disk scratching either. Since I've only heard the 30-second clips, there could be some, but judging from what I have heard, and from reviews I have read, there is none.

    So Linkin Park has basically gotten rid of everything their fans loved them for. Screaming, rapping, scratching. All gone and replaced with extremely dull ballads. I'm not going to flat out say the album sucks, because I've only heard 30 second clips and when I first heard What I've Done and QWERTY, I really didnt like them, now I love both those songs. Maybe it'll grow on me, maybe it won't. At the moment, I am postponing buying the album, because it just..doesn't sound worth it.

    I still completely adore their first two albums, along with 'What I've Done', and 'QWERTY'. Hopefully this turns out to just be an experiment and they'll realize that their fans want the old Linkin Park back. =[

    And I hate Chester's new look. Wtf is with the mohawk? I miss the blonde hair and square glasses in the Numb video. He was hott there. =]
  • dream festival thingy cuz i've got nothing better to do..

    3 mai 2007, 22h47m

  • disturbed, stone sour, flyleaf and nonpoint<3

    19 nov. 2006, 14h03m

    Fri 17 Nov – Stone Sour, Disturbed, Nonpoint, Flyleaf
    holy fuckk. friday, november 17, 2006 night was too awesome for words.

    mmkay i went to the disturbed/nonpoint/flyleaf/stone sour concert with my friend anna and my dad. no, i didnt go on the floor, which i now kind of regret, but being as tiny as I am big crowds really scare me, so yea. Hopefully the next time I go to a concert I'll be brave enough for the floor.

    Nonpoint: not that great. I mean, the singer was bouncing around everywhere and everything, but i could NOT hear the singer worth SHIT. i mean, i sort of heard 'bullet with a name', and the song they sang before that, but that was it. but eh, whatever. they only sang a few songs. And, I DO like them quite a bit, the concert introduced me to knowing who they were, I just didn't think they were that great live.

    Flyleaf: blahh. i always thought the singer was kind of annoying to begin with. and since the sound system sucked so bad, all you could really hear was screeching and screaming. that singer is TINY AS HELL, but she can scream her lungs out. WOW. but yeaa. and she was all concerned about the mosh pit too. she was like, 'let me know if you're gonna pass out. i cant sing to you all if someones about to die right in front of me'. but yeaa. they were alright. stone sour and disturbed were definetely was what made the concert so worth it tho. =]

    **in the middle of the show, between flyleaf and stone sour....this wasnt a band performing but i'll write it cuz it made me laugh my ass off...**
    the people from wcyy[our local rock radio station] came up. after talking about how great everyone is and shit, they said, 'HOW MANY PEOPLE HERE BOUGHT A TICKET FOR A SHOW HERE A COUPLE WEEKS AGO THAT GOT CANCELLED?' and several people raised their hands. he was like, 'WELL WE HAVE SOMEONE HERE TONIGHT. HIS NAME IS...I THINK ITS...AXL ROSE!!!!' and everyone booed. it was obviously not axl. he screamed, in this HILARIOUS high-pitched voice, 'do you know where the FUCK YOU are? you're in the jungle baby!' and then he said something else, i forgot what. and then the djs pretended to beat the shit outta him. i was laughing my ass off. then the djs were like, 'we're sending this to axls managers!!! SHOW THEM YOUR FAVORITE FINGER!!'. and everyone obviously put up their middle finger. it was awesome. 8-) and there was a huge chorus of 'AXL SUCKS! AXL SUCKS!'. i like guns n roses music, but axl strikes me as a giant asshole who gets pissed whenever things dont go excactly the way he wants. soo yeaa. there was supposed to be a guns n roses concert in maine a couple weeks ago, and axl cancelled two hours before the show. he didnt like the fire marshalls rules and the fact that they would let him drink alchohol during the show, so he cancelled. asshole...

    Stone Sour: I cannot emphasize this enough. COREY. TAYLOR. KICKS. ASS. OK? good.=] wow. they were amazing. they started out with '30/30 150', which even though i have no idea what it means i absoloutely adore it, and wow. i just love corey taylor. ok, the sound system still SUCKED, but unlike the first two bands, at least you could hear them. especially for 'through glass', and 'bother', which is pretty obvious why...they're slower and softer. and when he started singing 'through the glass' everyone sang with him, then he stopped and said, 'i guess im gonna have some fucking help with this song'. =] and i sang it all. i love that song so much now, didnt care for it at first. but yea. i dont remember what song this was for, i'm pretty sure it was 'come whatever may' or something, but for one song before he sang it, he screamed. 'I DEDICATE THIS SONG TO GEORGE W. BUSH[puts thumb down]. ITS. ABOUT. REAL. FUCKING. FREEDOM. REAL FUCKING FREEDOM!!!!' woot. and also once he was like, 'GUESS WHAT!!!' and everyone was like, 'WHAT!!!', and then he was like, 'I SAID GUESS WHAT!!!' and the crowd was like, 'WHAT!!!!!' and corey was like, '....i just shit my pants'. haha. it was lame, but i found it funny. =P but yeaa. they were amazing. i heart them like woahh. corey taylor is my fucking hero. i bought their new cd a couple days after the concert because the concert made me love corey and stone sour so much.<3

    and then...the moment we were all waiting for.

    Disturbed: HOLY FUCK WORDS CANNOT DESCRIBE HOW MUCH ASS THEY KICKED. wow. beyond amazing<3. mmkay. soo it took a bit longer to set up for them than it did for the other bands, and its obvious why. their effects were AMAZING. lights, fire, was all great. soo they began by putting this curtain in front of the stage. then they starting playing um, 'liberate', i think was their first song?. soo they set it up so you could see their shadows through the curtain. even then i was thinking, 'OMFG ITS DAVID DRAIMANS SHADOW'.hahaha. im so lame. so once the shadows showed up people starting screaming even more . so then they pulled the curtain back with a huge 'BANG', but my then my hearing was so shot nothing could seem too loud. and like i said, im pretty sure 'liberate' was their first song. soo umm yeaa. you could definetely understand and hear david better than the singers of the other bands. to anyone that thinks rock music is just a bunch of screaming, david draiman may scream but he can also SING. he has an AMAZING voice. even with a sucky sound system they were amazing beyond words. thats how much ass they kick. soo yeaa. disturbed was when i was wishing i was brave enough for the floor, because i had so much energy and wanted to jump around and stuff, so i contented myself with singing as loud as i could because i knew no one would be able to hear me, i couldnt even hear myself at all, but i sang every word of every song. i surprised myself by knowing almost all the words to all of their songs. hehe. The 'prayer' performance was really cool, probably my favorite performance of the entire night, although corey taylors performances of 'bother' and 'through glass' come close. David said something like, 'my brothers, my sisters, my blood[he said that a lot actually]'. we live in a cold world. so i am asking all of you to pray to whatever it is you believe in, for the future of our people'. ok, i so totally didnt get the words right, but that was the general idea. then for that performance there was like, smoke stuff all over the bottom of the stage, and it looked sooo cool. i seriously cannot describe how amazing they looked. they had all these fancy lights, and they had so much smoke, and these things that shot up fire. IT WAS AMAZING. they like, randomly left the stage, and i was wondering if they were done, but i really didnt think so because they hadn't played 'down with the sickness' yet. i couldnt really imagine a disturbed concert without that song, haha. soo yea he came back and sang 'stricken', and then the last song was 'down with the sickness'. i was so sad when it ended. =[.
    wow. so if anyone thinks they might want to see disturbed someday, they are sooooooo worth the money.

    So yea. Nonpoint and Flyleaf weren't that great, but Stone Sour and Disturbed made the night something I will NEVER forget. It was my first concert, and definetely a good start, it's got me dying to go to more.