film & tv scores - action

all those bombastic cues that get the blood pumping, to the more subtle cool funk tracks.
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Titre Durée
1 John PowellThe Bourne Identity: Escape From Embassy Loved track 3:13
2 Harry Gregson-WilliamsMan On Fire: Sanchez Family Loved track 4:47
3 John PowellThe Bourne Identity: Treadstone Assassins Loved track 2:12
4 Harry Gregson-WilliamsSpy Game: Training Montage
5 John PowellThe Italian Job: Cable Chick Loved track 2:37
6 Sean Callery24: Up And Down Stairs Loved track
7 Trevor RabinNational Treasure 2: Page 47 Loved track 2:39
8 Hans ZimmerThe Da Vinci Code: dies mercurii i martius 6:03
9 Harry Gregson-WilliamsMan On Fire: The Voice Loved track
10 Harry Gregson-WilliamsDéjà Vu: Claire's Rescue 4:19
11 Harry Gregson-WilliamsMan On Fire: Main Title 3:07
12 Sean Callery24: Jack In The Limo
13 Sean Callery24: Kim And Terry's Escape From The Safe House
14 Harry Gregson-WilliamsMetal Gear Solid 3: The Cobras In The Jungle
15 Bill BrownRainbow Six Planning 2 Loved track
16 Harry Gregson-WilliamsDéjà Vu: Humvee Chase 6:03
17 Sean Callery24: Jack On The Move Loved track
18 Harry Gregson-WilliamsMetal Gear Solid 3: Shagohod
19 Harry Gregson-WilliamsSpy Game: Operation Dinner Out Loved track
20 Bill BrownRainbow Six Planning 3 Loved track


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