Pizzicato Five all the time


25 déc. 2005, 13h00m

Hum.... Just check my weekly charts. In the last weeks I am listening mostly to Pizzicato Five (and from time to time to other so called Shibuya-Kei bands....)

4 our 5 years ago Pizzicato Five had great success with their Made in USA. Here in Spain Happy Sad even became the soundtrack of one of the most popular TV commercials. I got fascinated by their music... and I even planned to buy their records... but for some reason I do not remember I did not, and with time I give up.

But I did not forgot on their songs. And recently I had the chance to grab a Japanese record of them: Singles... woah! It was like rediscovering a known world. This record summarizes 10 years of their career in Japan. Songs and sound are not so different from the ones I discovered with Made in USA... but they are sung in Japanese, what makes quite a difference. Also it is amazing to discover for how many years the band has been developing their sound... They are much more than just a hype. I plan to continue to investigate in all their legacy.

Favourite songs? 東京の合唱〜午後のカフェで, ダーリン・オブ・ザ・ディスコティック, 恋のルール・新しいルール (Whatever those names mean...). And the obvious Baby Love Child...


  • djkc

    Track transliterations and translations: 1st one - Tokyo no Baai~Gogo no Cafe de == Tokyo Situation~At an Afternoon Cafe 2nd one - Darlin' of Discotique 3rd one - Koi no Rule-Atarashii Rule == Love's Rules-New Rule Just some quick help from a fan of them.

    26 déc. 2005, 18h34m
  • xmanoel

    Thanks for both the transliteration (it is cool now to know how should I aproximately refer to the tracks I liked besides 7th track). And thank for the record suggestion. So far I am still enjoying the Single collection, and I will plan to go deeper in the future on other records. Still, I believe that probably Pizzicato Five are probably better as great single writer... But I will tell after I spend some more time to check their music. The only thing is that I plan to focus more on their Japanese career, therefore it will take some time to get a good sample.

    27 déc. 2005, 10h34m
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