Just because I don't have to study anymore, dosn't mean I wont keep doing these.


13 déc. 2009, 19h15m

Post the top ten bands/artists on your profile:
1. the first song you heard of theirs
2. the song that made you fall in love with this artist
3. and your current favorite

1. Depeche Mode
First: Personal Jesus
Love: Possibly Enjoy the Silence?
Current: OH GOD. Higher Love?

2. Linkin Park
First: In the End, of course.
Love: Breaking the Habit. I remember that distinctly.
Current: P5hng Me A*wy, probably. It's so hard though.

3. The Beatles
First: Does anyone honestly remember their first Beatles song? It was probably something I heard in the womb.
Love: Eleanor Rigby
Current: You Really Got a Hold on Me

4. The Cure
First: Lovesong
Love: Lullaby, I think.
Current: Want

5. Death Cab for Cutie
First: Sadly I don't think I heard of them till Soul Meets Body.
Love: It was something on Plans...maybe Marching Bands of Manhattan.
Current: Tiny Vessels

6. Stars
First: Cassie played them for me, and it was either Tonight or The Night Starts Here.
Love: It happened while I was listening to Nightsongs...I think it was Going, Going, Gone.
Current: Too...hard...ahh! Your Ex-Lover Is Dead.

7. Coldplay
First: Yellow, probably.
Love: The Scientist
Current: Oh snap. ...Life in Technicolor!

8. Dido
First: Here with Me!
Love: Here with Me!
Current: Here with Me!

9. Imogen Heap
First: The Walk
Love: The Walk!!! I still remember the exact moment I heard it. I was in my dorm room, and I was supposed to be studying for a physics midterm.
Current: 2-1 or Tidal (and The Walk of course).

10. Shiny Toy Guns
First: Don't Cry Out
Love: You Are the One
Current: Stripped


  • Feather_x

    Shiny Toy Guns' cover of Stripped is awesome!

    14 déc. 2009, 23h53m
  • Bereft

    Love the subject title. I'll have to steal/do this when I have the time. ANNNND, "In The End" was the first song you heard from LP?! This interests me.

    15 déc. 2009, 5h44m
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