...then i found out about Denmark.


31 jan. 2007, 19h30m


Ok, so of course i knew some bands from Denmark, one or two for sure. Bands like Gorilla Angreb or No Hope For the Kids are almost impossible not to know of, since, besides their awesome music, they are better distroed in the North America, and even gets their records released outside Europe. But most of the less "international" bands i think it's pretty obvious that we don't get to know most of the bands from each country, and by doing so we miss a whole bunch of kickass bands.

So, a few weeks ago i got in touch with a dude in soulseek (long live p2p!) and after we started talking about both portuguese and danish hardcore/punk scene, the k-town festival in Copenhagen and all the latest Ungdomshuset developments i asked him to recommend me something from his country, and so i did checked some stuff...

...the result? well, basically it was love at first sight. Denmark, like Sweden or Finland, have their own sound, either in punk rock bands, hardcore or more thrashy acts. And in each i found an originality that makes me wanted to get more. Sure there are influences from both European bands and of course from US bands, but like it says in the Deep Fry Bonanza's review of Young Wasteners "We Got Ways", "There are some records that people just don't have the balls to rip off", that i would adapt to "There are some bands that just don't have the balls to rip off".

I'll just post some info about some bands that you should check out, they're all pretty good.

Enola Gay - fast, raw and catchy punk/ early hardcore
The Assassinators - female fronted punk rock
Amdi Petersens Armé - old school/trashy hardcore
Hjertestop - "Punk as fuck and Hard to the core"
Young Wasteners - fast, melodic punk/hardcore.
Incontrollados - high energy hardcore punk.
URO - thrashy as fuck hardcore
Hul - gritty vocals, good shit
Asbest - hardcore. members went to form NHFTK.
Lost Kids - early punk rock. good as hell
Death Token - hardcore
Kalashnikov - early punk

Yeah, i suck at categorizing music, so...go figure it out yourselves.

Most of this bands are still active, check myspace or google them.

Next? Maybe i'll talk about my own country scene...who knows?


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