Remembering Nate Dogg


30 mars 2011, 5h17m

For me, Nate Dogg will forever be remembered as the one who steals the show on a collaboration with your favorite emcee. Well traveled in his guest appearances, Nate always elevated a track's chorus to the next level. His smooth delivery and deep, but casual voice has consistently, and will continuously please my ear. I will remember him for specific choruses and verses, like these in particular:

1. Obie Trice: The Set Up

2. Dr. Dre: Xxplosive

3. Snoop Dogg: Lay Low

4. Eminem: Till I Collapse

5. 2Pac: All About U

"The Set Up", for the infectious Dre beat and Obie's gangsta delivery, topped off with a Nate Dogg chorus that is supposed to be humorous. The funny part, however, is that initial listening offers you nothing except for the feeling that what you just heard was vintage Nate Dogg. "Thick thighs but she full of surprises, I swear this bitch is shady" is delivered flawlessly.

"Xxplosive," for Nate's invoking his verse on Ain't No Fun (If the Homies Can't Have None) and making it even funnier ("Now that I'm sober you ain't that hot. Mmm). But really, the first part of Nate's verse on Xxplosive is so pleasing to the ear. It immediately has a mellowing effect and when it is played in the car, you feel especially badass.

"Lay Low," for the prestige that comes with the track. Arguably Snoop's most famous song (in some circles, I assume), and easily one of the most quoted rap choruses of all time. When people heard that Nate Dogg had died, the vast majority of the general public who had heard of him knew his contribution to Lay Low.

"Till I Collapse" is the most haunting Eminem song I have ever heard. That is saying something- and I'm assuming you consider Em legitimate- considering how dark, vulgar and terrifying he can feel on some of tracks. With this in mind, Nate holds his own, keeping the chorus within the overall mood of the track and reiterating Em's message throughout. His verse in the finale is especially chilling in every sense of the word.

"All About U" is for all of the true Nate Dogg fans: the West Coast fans. I love his collaborations with 2pac, and this one is the best for a number of reasons. 2pac has a way of communicating with the listener that is simply unprecedented, but Nate shares this capability with a veil of funk over it. The chorus to this song is albeit hateful by most feminist standards, but it is such a great example of fun, funky West Coast Hip Hop, which is what Nate Dogg will always be remembered for, talent-wise.

Not by feminists I assume...


  • DeucesAreWild

    Nate Dogg may not have been the greatest person ever but he was a talented musican and had the magic to make a regular track a hit. Like Mack 10 said "It ain't a hit unless Nate Dogg spit"

    15 avr. 2011, 20h07m
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