• The Ultimate 80s Arcade Soundtrack

    26 avr. 2008, 19h17m

    If you're of a certain age, you probably spent a lot of time in video arcades during your youth. In addition to all the fantastic games (Spy Hunter and Tempest FTW!) there was a very specific playlist that filled every jukebox, from sea to shining sea. In fact, I think you could say that the music was just as much a part of the experience as the games.

    This morning, I told to play music similar to Journey. It played Styx, .38 Special, Foreigner, Pat Benetar, and Bad Company. In that order.

    It was the most awesomely cheesy mix of and I've ever heard.

    If you are of a certain age, I'm pretty confident that you'll enjoy the guilty pleasures.

    (thanks to fitzwillie for perfectly describing this as the 80s arcade soundtrack)
  • Full Tracks on demand . . . sort of

    29 jan. 2008, 0h28m

    I was really excited about the full track previews. I even accepted the limitations, like not playing them in the external player, or playing albums without manually advancing each song.

    But now I'm annoyed: I went to preview Ziggy Stardust, which is an embarrassing hole in my Bowie collection . . . only to discover that there are less than five tracks from Bowie that can be listened to in their entirety. And none of them are from Ziggy.

    What gives, Is it an EMI thing, maybe?
  • The Geek in Review: Sound Salvation

    4 mai 2007, 19h12m

    If you're here, you probably love music as much as I do. You may not like the repetitive nature of mainstream radio, and appreciate the freedom to choose from a variety of stations online.

    If this is the case, you're probably aware of the threat the RIAA and CRB pose to the stations we love, and you'll probably want to check out my Geek in Review for May 2.