New Music Project: Ms. Anyways


10 avr. 2011, 8h30m

This is my new project Ms. Anyways. Project Bluebird will remain online for downloads and I may still do some videos for it (the youtube channel is the same).

There is a new album in progress with one of the original versions of "Istahota's song" aka "Dance of the Fireflies"

Here is the poem that became the words for this song. Music by Nancy Pontius

Dance of the Fireflies
by Istahota

Twilight on the mountain...lilting refrain of a moonless sonata

A last strain of rose hue piano fades into violet strings

Hushed birds quietly sing each other to sleep in tender falsetto

Uncounted dewdrops make soft fluted notes, dripping from leaf

Gentle brass fog lifts off singing water, to bullfrogs sultry baritone

Light breezes play with bough and blade, rustling rattles, soft brush drum

Flowers great and small, of many colours, smiling faces
release heady scent into the slowly moving night air..
soft whispers of sweet nothings

Tonight, mayhap for one night only, Cricket does a cameo appearance, a solo

...and now...enter the star of the show..fireflies..
Sparkeling, twinkeling chimes, tiny shooting stars..
..they..make the dance to the music of the night

...a ghost flits round and round, with no sound at all,
fading shadow dancer, lost soul..out of place, out of time, alone

Here in this ethereal setting..she found peace, Sanctuary

Sudden pale shadow, Luna graces us with his prescence,
his song haunting, like the pipes..oooohhh, the pipes!

Above the dance,
billowy drifting clouds make shimmering echos
of the ancient song of the stars,
silver pealing bells, as each comes out,
to smile upon this misty mountaintop ball

May the mysterious magic of this night last, unbroken,
until shining golden dawn brings a glorious new song,
heralding a hopeful new day

Ms. Anyways

Ms. Anyways

Istahota's Song

Thank you for listening. Peace, Nancy


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