• Shows I've Been To In 2013

    15 jan. 2013, 20h39m

    01 - 8th January - Raein Crash of Rhinos Sleep Committee The Order of the Straight Arrow Brighton Green Door Store

    02 - 9th March - The Bouncing Souls Cheap Girls Luther Fighting Fiction Brighton The Haunt

    03 - 30th March - Gnarwolves Departures Honour Among Thieves London Highbury Garage

    04 - 27th April - The Sidekicks Brighton Mad Hatter Cafe (Basement)

    05 - 29th April - Iron Chic Baton Rouge Bear Trade Brighton Prince Albert

    06 - 2nd May - Iron Chic Smoke or Fire Bear Trade Astpai Kingston Peel

    07 - 5th May - Smoke or Fire The Sidekicks Hop Along Astpai Caves Dividers Ginger Alford Cardiff Gwidihw Bar

    08 - 10th May - Bangers Woahnows WEGROWBEARDS Dorking Lincoln Arms

    09 - 22nd May - Allister As It Is Brighton The Haunt

    10 - 1st June - Green Day All Time Low London Emirates Stadium

    11 - 15th June - Gnarwolves Break-Ups Southampton House Show

    12 - 10th July - Trash Talk Brighton Green Store

    13 - 26th July - Lemuria Moose Blood Muncie Girls - Kingston Fighting Cocks

    14 - 27th July - Gnarwolves Funemployment Record Release Show - Gnarwolves Bangers Moose Blood - Brighton Green Door Store

    15 - 3rd August - The Menzingers Tigers Jaw Muncie Girls - London Camden Underworld

    16 - 15th August - Bangers Attack! Vipers! underparts - Portsmouth Edge Of The Wedge

    17 - 21st August - Green Day Frank Turner - London Brixton Academy

    18 - 24th August - Bangers underparts - London Camden Black Hart

    19 - 29th August - WTFest V Day 1 Our Time Down Here (Last Show) Pacer Fighting Fiction - Southampton Joiners

    20 - 30th August - WTFest V Day 2 Off With Their Heads Apologies, I Have None Gnarwolves Chillerton Bangers Home Advantage - Southampton Joiners

    21 - 30th August - WTFest V Day 2 Muncie Girls - Southampton Unit

    22 - 31st August - WTFest V Day 3 The Social Club Circus Act - Southampton Joiners

    23 - 4th September - Caves Warm Needles Home Advantage - Brighton Sticky Mike's Frog Bar

    24 - 14th September - Bangers The Cut Ups Nai Harvest Fighting Fiction (Acoustic) Nathan Detroit As It Is SummerSlam 88 - Southsea Fest

    25 - 20th September - The Dauntless Elite Throwing Stuff - (Not In) K-fest Camden Black Hart

    26 - 26th September - Calvinball (Penultimate Show) Apologies, I Have None The Amistad - Manchester Kraak Gallery
  • Shows I Went To In 2012

    15 jan. 2012, 18h17m

    01- 7th January- Football Etc. Your Neighbour The Lier - Brighton Prince Albert

    02- 10th January- The Saddest Landscape End of a Year We Were Skeletons Aficionado Kerouac - Brighton Green Door Store

    03- 20th January- Attack! Vipers! Caves Ravachol SOUTHLANDS - Portsmouth One Eyed Dog

    04- 21st January- Attack! Vipers! Ravachol SOUTHLANDS - Brighton Hydrant (Downstairs)

    05- 29th January- Smart Cops Legal Highs Little Ease - Brighton Sticky Mike's Frog Bar

    06- 3rd February- Man Overboard The Story So Far Save Your Breath - Brighton The Hydrant (Upstairs)

    07- 3rd February- Fighting Fiction Kelly Kemp - Brighton Hydrant (Downstairs}

    08- 11th February- Brand New I Am The Avalance The Xcerts - Camden Roundhouse

    09- 17th February- Bangers The Dauntless Elite The Amistad WEGROWBEARDS - Kingston Fighting Cocks

    10- 19th February- Circle Takes the Square Deafheaven KEN mode Hierophant - Brighton The Haunt

    11- 25th February- No Coast Gnarwolves - Brighton Hydrant (Upstairs)

    12- 26th February- The Social Club Get Human Matadors - Brighton Hydrant (Downstairs)

    13- 27th February- Touche Amore - Camden Barfly

    14- 2nd March- Apologies, I Have None Cynics Fighting Fiction - Brighton Hydrant (Downstairs)

    15- 10th March- Daylight Grappler Hospitals Isolated - Brighton Hydrant (Upstairs)

    16- 15th March- Trainwreck Dopefight Lich - Brighton Green Door Store

    17- 19th March- Ceremony Sauna Youth Stab - Kingston Fighting Cocks

    18- 23rd March- Think Big! - Guildford GYC

    19- 24th March- Los Mendozas (Last Show) Beat the Red Light - Kingston Fighting Cocks

    20- 29th March- Pacer Livers And Lungs El Morgan - Brixton Windmill

    21- 30th March- Sam Russo PJ Bond El Morgan - Brighton Hydrant (Downstairs)

    22- 2nd April- Lostprophets - Kingston Hippodrome

    23- 6th April- Our Time Down Here - Kingston Fighting Cocks

    24- 10th April- WEGROWBEARDS Bastad! Rats! - Dorking Lincoln Arms

    25- 12th April- Andrew Wk - London Kentish Town Forum

    26- 14th April- Cynics Onsind Pure Graft Liam Clayton - Tolworth, Sean's House

    27- 15th April- Cold World Blindside Abolition Inherit - Brighton Hydrant (Downstairs)

    28- 18th April- Spraynard Little Ease Gnarwolves As We Sink! Young attenborough - Southampton King Alf (Upstairs)

    29- 19th April- Spraynard Little Ease Caves Losing Sleep - Kingston Fighting Cocks

    30- 21st April- Cancer Bats - London Old Blue Last

    31- 21st April- Cancer Bats - London Garage (Upstairs)

    32- 23rd April- The Wonder Years The Swellers - Kingston Peel

    33- 28th April- Groezrock Day 1- Rancid Lagwagon Lifetime Verse Set Your Goals The Wonder Years Bouncing Souls Reel Big Fish Off With Their Heads Hostage Calm Belvedere None More Black The Copyrights The Menzingers Mikey Erg! Chixdiggit Banquets - Belgium

    34- 29th April- Groezrock Day 2- Refused Gorilla Biscuits Simple Plan 7 Seconds anti flagThe Swellers Good Riddance The Bronx Alkaline Trio Such GoldHot Water Music Motion City Soundtrack Make Do & Mend Red City Radio - Belgium

    35- 2nd May- Holy Gnarwolves - Brighton The Hydrant (Downstairs)

    36- 4th May- Bouncing Souls The Menzingers
    Our Time Down Here - Southampton Joiners

    37- 4th May- Red City Radio Leagues Apart - Southampton Unit

    38- 5th May- The Menzingers Pacer - Kingston Fighting Cocks

    39- 11th May- Crocus No Coast Pink Mist Great Escape Showcase - Brighton The Loft

    40- 14th May- Bridge & Tunnel Spraynard Gnarwolves Little Ease - Brighton Green Door Store

    41- 21st May- Set Your Goals Make Do and Mend - Brighton The Hydrant (Upstairs)

    42- 23rd May- Direct Hit! The Priceduikers Losing Sleep - Camden Black Heart

    43- 24th May- Set Your Goals Make Do and Mend - London Old Blue Last

    44- 28th May- Gnarwolves Three Summers Strong SummerSlam 88 (First Show) - Brighton The Hydrant (Downstairs)

    45- 31st May- No Trigger HeartSounds - Kingston Fighting Cocks

    46- 2nd June- Hit the Lights The Story So Far Transit - Kingston Peel

    47- 3rd June- Chaddock Fest- Bangers Zatopeks Attack! Vipers! Onsind Cynics Caves Pure Graft WEGROWBEARDS - Camden Black Heart

    48- 4th June- Banquet's Big Day Out- Hundred Reasons (IAOS Show) Tall Ships Futures Wheatus Liam Clayton Cynics MC Lars Johnny Foreigner Tall Ships - Imber Court, Esher (Surrey)

    49- 6th June- The Offspring (Ignition Show) - London Sheperds Bush O2 Empire

    50- 8th June- blink-182 The All American Rejects Four Year Strong - London O2 Arena

    51- 16th June- Fun Alf - Dorking Lincoln Arms

    52- 17th June- Less Than Jake Snuff - London Sheperds Bush O2 Empire

    53- 18th June- OFF! Trash Talk Gnarwolves - Brighton The Haunt

    54- 21st June- Less Than Jake - Brighton Concorde 2

    55- 25th June- Dan Andriano Brendan Kelly Sam Russo - Kingston Fighting Cocks

    56- 26th June- Dan Andriano Brendan Kelly Sam Russo - Brighton Prince Albert

    57- 27th June- Lightyear - Brighton The Haunt

    58- 29th June- The Stranglers The Futureheads - Hop Farm Festival, Paddock Wood, Kent

    59- 30th June - Football Etc. Joie De Vivre - Milton Keynes Craufurd Arms (Matinee Show)

    60- 6th July- Bangers Gnarwolves Forrest
    The Winter Passing - Kingston Fighting Cocks

    61- 7th July- Kerouac (Last show) Pariso Veils
    The Long Haul Gnarwolves - London Old Blue Last

    62- 9th July- Lich The Querellas Broker - Brighton Green Door Store

    63- 13th July- The Cut Ups Dividers T-Shirt Weather - Brixton Windmill

    64- 15th July- Gnarwolves (Record Release Show) Fighting Fiction SummerSlam 88 - Brighton Fitzherberts

    65- 25th July- blink-182 - Brixton O2 Academy

    66- 30th July- Vaccine Burning Times (Reunion) Bird Calls - Brighton Green Door Store

    67- 31st July- BoySetsFire Off With Their Heads Gnarwolves - Brighton The Haunt

    68- 12th August- Luke Godwin - Horsham Bandstand

    69- 15th August- Mixtapes (Acoustic) SummerSlam 88 - Brighton Sticky Mike's Frog Bar

    70- 20th August- Ceremony Gnarwolves The Long Haul - Brighton Green Door Store

    71- 21st August- Everyone Everywhere Apologies, I Have None Chalk Talk - Brighton Green Door Store

    72- 23rd August- Ceremony The Lowest Form Hunger - London Old Blue Last

    73- 24th August- Reading Festival Day 1- The Cure Social Distortion Paramore Anti-Flag Every Time I Die Bouncing Souls Saves the Day Touche Amore A Wilhelm Scream Ceremony Coheed and Cambria Cancer Bats Dead to Me - Reading Festival, Little John's Farm

    74- 25th August- Reading Festival Day 2- At the Drive-In Mastodon Billy Talent Pure Love Los Campesinos! Green Day - Reading Festival, Little John's Farm

    75- 26th August- Reading Festival Day 3- Less Than Jake Foo Fighters Gallows Turbonegro Trash Talk Good Riddance All Time Low Polar Bear Club The Gaslight Anthem This Is Hell The Flatliners Apologies, I Have None - Reading Festival, Little John's Farm

    76- 28th August- At the Drive-In - London Brixton Academy

    77- 29th August- River Jumpers Some Sort of Threat & Olive Anne (Split Set) Fighting Fiction (Acoustic) Bad Librarian - Brighton Cowley Club

    78- 1st September- WTFest Day 1- The Flatliners (Acoustic) Into It. Over It (Acoustic) El Morgan - Southampton Bargate Castle

    79- 1st September- WTFest Day 1- Above Them River Jumpers - Southampton Hoglands Park

    80- 1st September- WTFest Day 1- Polar Bear Club The Flatliners The Arteries Into It.Over It Cynics - Southampton Joiners

    81- 2nd September- WTFest Day 2- Calvinball Franz Nicolay VRGNS Gnarwolves The Cut Ups Fighting Fiction Muncie Girls - Southampton Unit

    82- 5th September- Banner Pilot - London Boston Arms Music Room

    83- 12th September- VRGNS Gnarwolves (Acoustic) - Brighton Prince Albert

    84- 15th September- Southsea Fest- Above Them Muncie Girls Cynics Witch Cult Our Time Down Here Los Broncos Polio Ruin Everything El Morgan Bear Trade Capsized - Southsea/Portsmouth Albert Road

    85- 16th September- Latterman Ok Pilot Bear Trade - Kingston Peel

    86- 20th September- Latterman Attack! Vipers! You, Me and the Atom Bomb - Brighton Green Door Store

    87- 25th September- The Menzingers The Front Bottoms Above Them - London Bordeline

    88- 6th October- Bangers Cynics Caves Muncie Girls - Brixton Windmill

    89- 12th October- Jack Dee - Brighton Dome

    90- 13th October- American Idiot The Musical - Southampton Mayflower Matinee

    91- 14th October- Kelly Kemp El Morgan - Brighton Cowley Club

    92- 18th October- Negative Approach Punch Jackals Man Hands - Brighton Sticky Mike's Frog Bar

    93- 25th October- Stephen H Davidson Joey Tubelord - Southampton Avondale House

    94- 26th October- Abandon Ship Human Hands - Brighton Fitzherberts

    95- 28th October- Dead Swans Abolition Final Rage - Brighton Green Door Store

    96- 31st October- Our Time Down Here - Southampton Joiners

    97- 13th November- Chuck Ragan - Kingston Banquet Records Instore

    98- 15th November- Basement Daylight natural order - London Old Blue Last

    99- 17th November- Empire! Empire! (I Was a Lonely Estate) The Reptilian Gnarwolves Me and Goliath SummerSlam 88 - Brighton Green Door Store

    100- 21st November- Hell Is For Heroes Playing "The Neon Handshake" - Kingston Peel

    101- 24th November- Our Time Down Here Lucky One Dies First Pints - Kingston Fighting Cocks

    102- 26th November- SummerSlam 88 Video Shoot & Set - Brighton Fitzherberts

    103- 1st December- Converge Touche Amore A Storm of Light - Brighton Concorde 2

    104- 8th December- Crazy Arm Bangers Wooderson Calvinball The Arteries Pure Graft Throwing Stuff The Dauntless Elite Doctrines Hammers WexHappenedxNext The Brogue Kicks Esoteric Youth - Manchester Satan's Hollow

    105- 14th December- Losing Sleep Break Ups - Kingston The Crickeeters

    106- 15th December- Muncie Girls Pacer Some Sort of Threat Losing Sleep Break Ups Maria Kalavera - Dorking Lincoln Arms

    107- 16th December- Once Over (Reunion Show) River Jumpers - Brighton Prince Albert

    108- 27th December- Dividers Muncie Girls Pipedream Question The Mark - Swansea Mozarts
  • Shows I've Been To In 2011

    13 jan. 2011, 19h14m

    01- January 1st- End of a Year Basement Dave House Mike Foster - Camden Purple Turtle

    02- January 8th- Ink & Dagger Attack! Vipers! - Camden Underworld

    03- January 17th- Jack Terricloth Franz Nicolay Dave Hause - Brighton Prince Albert

    04- January 18th- The Real McKenzies Slow Science The Dead Beat - Brighton Prince Albert

    05- January 22nd- Cynics Sam Russo - Brighton Rose Hill Tavern

    06- February 5th- The Filaments - Brighton Prince Albert

    07- February 11th- Brothers Porches Cynics - Kingston Fighting Cocks

    08- February 13th- The Arteries Bangers Crazy Arm Crocus Brothers Cynics Porches As We Sink! - Plymouth Voodoo Lounge

    09- February 19th- Such Gold KOJI - Banquet Records Acoustic Instore, Kingston

    10- February 19th- Such Gold Our Time Down Here KOJI Starters Myles Pereira - Kingston Fighting Cocks

    11- February 26th - Such Gold Starters KOJI (Rooftop set) KOJI Loose Cannons - London The Macbeth

    12- February 27th- Worn in Red Attack! Vipers! Light Bearer Tied To The Mast Ok Pilot - Brighton Cowley Club

    13- March 1st- The Queers - Kingston Fighting Cocks

    14- March 8th- Such Gold Bearings Directions Starters (Acoustic) - Kingston Fighting Cocks

    15- March 11th- Little Ease The Dead Beat - Brighton Cobbler's Thumb

    16- March 12th- The Queers The Hotlines - Brighton Prince Albert

    17- March 18th- Bangers Ssssnakes Tireless Bird Calls - Kingston Cricketers (Upstairs)

    18- March 19th- Fireworks Loose Cannons - Kingston Fighting Cocks

    19- March 21st- Thousandaires Pacer Calvinball Little Ease - Brighton Prince Albert

    20- March 24th- Thousandaires Calvinball Cynics (Full Band) - London Bowery (Everything Sucks Club Night)

    21- March 31st- ten speed bicycle Dividers Loose Cannons - Kingston Fighting Cocks (Tape Release Show)

    22- 2nd April- Fireworks Make Do & Mend ten speed bicycle Loose Cannons - Kingston Fighting Cocks

    23- 4th April- From Plan To Progress Caves PJ Bond Smile and Burn - Brighton The Jam

    24- 6th April- Our Time Down Here Fighting Fiction - Camden Purple Turtle

    25- 9th April- No Friends- London Bowery

    26- 13th April- Suis la lune Kerouac Pariso Kasa - Brighton Hydrant (Upstairs)

    27- 22nd April- Unfun Teen Rebel Dopefiends - Dorking Lincoln Arms

    28- 25th April- Descendents Dead to Me Teenage Bottlerocket - London O2 Shepards Bush Empire

    29- 29th April- K-Fest Day 1- The Dauntless Elite Attack! Vipers! The Amistad Little Ease - Kingston Fighting Cocks

    30- 30th April- K-Fest Day 2- Above Them You, Me and the Atom Bomb Calvinball Onsind Men Caves Killing Pablo Conversations - Kingston Fighting Cocks

    31- 1st May- The Forgetters Red Dons Vanilla Pod - Brighton Hydrant (Upstairs)

    32- 9th May- Iron Chic Bangers You, Me and the Atom Bomb Little Ease - Brighton Prince Albert

    33- 10th May- Iron Chic Bangers The Living Daylights Little Ease Cynics - Brixton Windmill

    34- 12th May- Hold Your Horse Is Tall Ships - Brighton Hydrant (Upstairs)

    35- 13th May- The Social Club- Brighton Pav Tav

    36- 18th May- Iron Chic Pacer Ok Pilot - Kingston Peel

    37- 24th May- I Saved Latin Jeff Rowe Mark Random - Brighton Hydrant (Downstairs)

    38- 4th June- Above Them Cynics Sam Russo WEGROWBEARDS James Hull Fun Alf Oliver John Ward - Dorking Lincoln Arms

    39- 10th June- Once Over (Reunion Show) - Brighton The Hope

    40- 13th June- Cynics 'Don't Need Much' Record Release Show- Cynics WEGROWBEARDS Throwing Stuff - Brixton Windmill

    41- 14th June- Cynics - Camden All Ages Records Instore

    42- 14th June- Trash Talk Hang the Bastard- Islington CAMP Basement

    43- 21st June- Apologies, I Have None Attack! Vipers! Slow Science - London Old Blue Last

    44- 23rd June- The Weakerthans - Highbury Relentless Garage

    45- 24th June- The Weakerthans - Kingston Peel

    46- 1st July- Brandon Flowers Death Cab for Cutie 10cc City & Colour - Hop Farm Festival, Paddock Wood, Kent

    47- 2nd July- Bangers El Morgan The State Lottery Kids Return (Last Show) - Brighton The Jam

    48- 16th July- Sundials Caves Bird Calls Ear Drain - Tolworth, Sean's House

    49- 18th July- Caves Sundials Southport Corrigan - Brighton Prince Albert

    50- 27th July- Algernon Cadwallader 1994! Ok Pilot Well Wisher - Kingston Peel

    51- 28th July- Algernon Cadwallader 1994! The Dead Beat - Brighton Green Door Store

    52- 30th July- Sundials Caves Crash of Rhinos Slow Science - Kingston Fighting Cocks (Matinee Show)

    53- 30th July- Lemuria Cheap Girls The Dead Beat - Kingston Peel

    54- 2nd August- Bouncing Souls Pacer Islington O2 Academy (S/T & Hopeless Romantic Night)

    55- 3rd August- Bouncing Souls Pacer - Islington O2 Academy (How I Spent My Summer Vacation & Anchers Aweigh Night)

    56- 4th August- Bouncing Souls - Islington O2 Academy (Gold Record & Ghosts On Boardwalk Night)

    57- 5th August- Man Overboard Pacer Bonehouse - Brighton Sticky Mike's Frog Bar (The Jam)

    58- 7th August- Death Is Not Glamorous - Brighton Sticky Mike's Frog Bar (The Jam)

    59- 8th August- Touche Amore Soul Control Ritual Death Is Not Glamorous Kerouac - Brighton Hydrant (Upstairs)

    60- 13th August- You, Me and the Atom Bomb Bastad! Rats! El Morgan Cynics - Dorking Lincoln Arms

    61- 24th August- Descendents Face to Face H2O - Brixton O2 Academy

    62- 26th August- Reading Festival Day 1- The Offspring Rise Against Deftones Rise Against Cerebral Ballzy New Found Glory The Computers Architects

    63- 27th August- Reading Festival Day 2- The Bronx Capdown Glassjaw Jimmy Eat World Comeback Kid BoySetsFire Street Dogs letlive Teenage Bottlerocket Title Fight

    64- 28th August- Reading Festival Day 3- Descendents Muse Flogging Molly The Streets Death from Above 1979 Face to Face Interpol Hot Water Music Bedouin Soundclash OFF! The Menzingers Save Your Breath Taking Back Sunday Fucked Up Danananananaykroyd Fighting Fiction

    65- 29th August- The Menzingers Make Do & Mend Leagues Apart - Kingston Peel

    66- 30th August- The Menzingers Make Do & Mend Leagues Apart - London Social

    67- 4th September- Tied To The Mast Ornament Tournaments - Horsham Sound Festival

    68- 9th September- Final Rage Inherit - Brighton Sticky Mike's Frog Bar

    69- 10th September- Fast Point SPORTS DAY Dry Heaves Teen Rebel Dopefiends - Sheffield Cremorne

    70- 16th September- Down & Outs Dry Heaves Man Hands Bastad! Rats! - Camden The Black Heart

    71- 17th September- Southsea Fest- Milloy The Arteries Bangers Down & Outs Some Sort of Threat SOUTHLANDS Caves Muncie Girls Kelly Kemp - The One Eyed Dog

    72- 22nd September- Punch Loma Prieta Birds In A Row No Coast Little Ease - Brighton Sticky Mike's Frog Bar

    73- 23rd September- Punch Loma Prieta Birds In A Row Jackals Human Junk - Kingston Cricketers (Upstairs)

    74- 24th September- The Filaments - Basingstoke Bang Bar

    75- 2nd October- Off With Their Heads - Kingston Fighting Cocks

    76- 2nd October- Samiam Off With Their Heads Billy No Mates Apologies, I Have None - Highbury Relentless Garage

    77- 5th October- The Get Up Kids Tellison - Camden Underworld

    78- 8th October- Dave House - Petworth Grittenham Barn (Rach & Rory's Wedding Reception)

    79- 16th October- UK Pre-Fest- Red City Radio Above Them Calvinball Great Cynics Caves WEGROWBEARDS - Kingston Fighting Cocks

    80- 18th October- RVIVR ten speed bicycle Bird Calls

    81- 22nd October- The Shitty Limits Logic Problem Vogue Crowd Control Mob Rules Stab The Lowest Form Legal Highes Violent Reaction - Guildford GYC

    82- 26th October- Pre-Fest Day 1- Bridge & Tunnel O Pioneers!!! Junior Battles Caves Pure Graft - Tampa Transitions Art Gallery, FL

    83- 27th October- Pre-Fest Day 2- Mikey Erg! Good Luck Algernon Cadwallader Paul Baribeau Tiltwheel Cheap Girl too many daves Spraynard The Flatliners The Arteries Big Eyes The Slow Death Failure's Union Unfun Bangers - Tampa Transitions Art Gallery, FL

    84- 28th October- Fest 10 Day 1- Spraynard Hot Water Music Bouncing Souls Banner Pilot Kid Dynamite Samiam Small Brown Bike- Gainesville, FL

    85- 28th October- Fest 10 Aftershow- Spraynard Timeshares - Laser Tag, Gainesville, FL

    86- 29th October- Fest 10 Day 2- Paint It Black None More Black Iron Chic Bangers Armalite The Soviettes - Gainesville, FL

    87- 30th October- Fest 10 Day 3- Less Than Jake The Menzingers Ssssnakes Leagues Apart Calvinball - Gainesville, FL

    88- 15th November- The Arteries Mikey Erg! The Slow Death Bird Calls - Kingston Fighting Cocks

    89- 18th November- WTFest Day 1- The Don Ramos Players Los Mendozas The Long Haul Little Ease Absolute - Southampton Unit

    90- 19th November- WTFest Day 2 Afternoon Show- Fighting Fiction - Southampton SOCO Music Project

    91- 19th November- WTFest Day 2 Evening Show- Apologies, I Have None Bangers Above Them Attack! Vipers! Fighting Fiction Marwood - Southampton Dorchester Arms

    92- 23rd November- Saves the Day The Social Club - Brighton The Haunt

    93- 1st December- Every Time I Die Trash Talk Defeater - Brighton Concorde 2

    94- 5th December- Look Mexico From Plan To Progress Cynics [Ornament Tournaments - Brighton Prince Albert

    95- 20th December- Title Fight Balance & Composure Transit - Kingston Peel
  • Bands I Saw In 2010

    13 jan. 2011, 19h03m

    10 - 4 Eleanor
    1994! x 2
    7 Seconds
    8 Ghosts
    Above Them x 4
    Action & Action
    Algernon Cadwallader
    All Time Low
    Apologies, I Have None x 6
    Arms Aloft x 2
    Army of Ponch
    Astpai x 2
    Attack! Vipers! x 7
    Austin Lucas
    Bangers x 11
    Banner Pilot x 2
    Bastad! Rats! x 7
    Bedford Falls x 2
    Beverley Kills x 2
    Big Kids x 2
    Big Soda
    Billy Talent
    Bird Calls
    Break The Balls (Members of Break The Habit and Calvinball playing a covers set)
    Break The Habit x 9 (R.I.P)
    Brendan Kelly
    Bridge And Tunnel x 3
    Brothers x 5
    Burn The Fleet
    Calvinball x 7
    Cancer Bats
    Can't Relate
    Caves x 9 (1 x Acoustic)
    Chillerton x 2 R.I.P
    Chuck Ragan x 3
    Cold Ones
    Comadre x 2
    Cool To Be Us (Descendents Covers Band)
    Corrigan x 2
    Cory Branan
    Crazy Arm x 3
    Crocodile God
    Cruel Hand
    Cutting Class x 2 R.I.P
    Cynics x 12
    Dave House
    Dear Landlord x 2
    Defiance, Ohio
    Defier R.I.P
    Deny Everything x 2
    Dirty Tactics
    Dividers x 4
    Dizzee Rascal
    Drag The River
    Duncan WeGrowBeards
    Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate)
    Failures' Union
    Fake Problems
    Family Man
    Fashanu x 2
    Fast Point
    Fighting Fiction x 3
    Final Round...FIGHT! x 2
    Franz Nicolay x 2
    From Plan To Progress
    Fun Alf
    Gogol Bordello
    Good Luck x 3 (1 x Acoustic)
    Green Day
    Grown Ups x 2
    Gundersons x 5
    Hard Skin
    Hearts Under Fire
    Hot Club De Paris x 2
    Hot Water Music x 2
    Imperial Can
    Into It. Over It.
    Iron Chic x 2
    James Islip
    Jimmy Broomfield
    John Ramos/ Johnfold Acoustic
    Keeping Scores
    Kelly Kemp x 2
    Kept By Casino
    L Morgan x 3
    Leagues Apart x 2
    Limp Bizkit
    Livers And Lungs x 5
    Living With Lions
    Luke Godwin x 2
    Mariachi El Bronx
    Mega Games x 3
    Motion City Soundtrack
    My Heart To Joy
    Never Again x 4 (R.I.P)
    New Bruises
    New Set Of Bruises x 2
    No BS Brass Band
    No Threat (Minor Threat Covers Band)
    NOFX x 2
    Nothington x 2
    O Pioneers!!!
    Off With Their Heads x 2
    OK Pilot x 3
    ONSIND x 3
    Our Time Down Here x 6
    Pacer x 7
    Paint It Black x 2
    Paul Baribeau
    Planes Mistaken For Stars
    Polar Bear Club x 2
    Porches x 6
    PS Elliot
    Punch x 2
    Red City Radio
    Rolo Tomassi
    Rooftops x 2
    Rot In Hell
    Rush N Attack
    RVIVR x 2
    Said And Done
    Sam Russo x 7
    Saturday's Kids
    Sauna Youth x 2
    Shook Ones x 3
    Sister Kisser
    Some Sort Of Threat
    Southport x 2
    Ssssnakes x 2 (Once as The Ramones)
    Stolen Parts
    Streetlight Manifesto
    Strike Anywhere x 2
    Strung Out
    Teenage Bottlerocket
    The 255s x 5
    The Accelerators
    The Amistad
    The Arteries x 8
    The Bronx
    The Cut Ups x 4
    The Dauntless Elite x 2
    The Don Ramos Players x 4
    The Futureheads
    The Gaslight Anthem
    The Get Up Kids x 2
    The Grizzley Ends
    The Lawrence Arms x 3
    The Max Levine Ensemble
    The Measure (SA)
    The Menzingers x 2
    The Plague Sermon
    The Sainte Catherines
    The Shitty Limits
    The Social Club
    The Suicide Machines
    The Swellers
    The Working Dead
    The Xcerts
    This Business Is Closed
    This Is Hell
    Throats x 2
    Tim Greaves
    Title Fight x 2
    Transfere Project
    Trash Talk x 2
    Twelve Hour Turn
    Under Stars And Gutters x 4
    Vicious Cycle
    WeGrowBeards x 6
    What Price, Wonderland?
    You, Me And The Atom Bomb x 5
    Young Livers x 3
  • Shows i've been to in 2010

    18 jan. 2010, 14h49m

    01. January 15th- Wegrowbeards/Cynics Record Release Show- Brothers, Cynics, WeGrowBeards, Transfere Project, Luke Godwin- Dorking Lincoln Arms

    02. January 16th- The 255s, Bangers, Brothers, WeGrowBeards, Cynics- Portsmouth Fawcett Inn

    03. February 12th- Break The Habit, Apologies, I Have None, Wooderson, Sam Russo, Cynics- Brighton Basement Show

    04. February 13th- Cynics, L Morgan, Tim Greaves, Sam Russo- Portsmouth House Show

    05. February 15th- Saturday's Kids, Break The Habit, Kept By Casino- Brighton Hector's House

    06. February 18th- Nothington, You, Me And The Atom Bomb, Apologies, I Have None, WeGrowBeards- Camden Purple Turtle

    07. February 19th- Nothington, Calvinball, Livers And Lungs, Keeping Scores- Kingston Fighting Cocks

    08. February 27th- Crocodile God, Skimmer, The Grizzley Ends, WeGrowBeards, Some Sort Of Threat - Guildford Youth Centre

    09. March 5th- Polar Bear Club, Shook Ones, Title Fight, The Arteries- Camden Underworld

    10. March 6th- Polar Bear Club Acoustic Instore- Kingston Banquet Records

    11. March 6th- Polar Bear Club, Shook Ones, Title Fight, Pacer- Kingston Fighting Cocks

    12. March 19th- The Arteries, Bangers, Kelly Kemp, L Morgan- Southampton Goblets

    13. March 20th- Chuck Ragan, The Arteries, Bangers, Livers And Lungs- Swansea Bar Sigma

    14. March 23rd- Brendan Kelly, Above Them, You, Me And The Atom Bomb, Under Stars And Gutters, Break The Habit- Southampton Unit

    15. March 25th- Hot Club De Paris- Instore- Kingston Banquet Records

    16. March 25th- Chuck Ragan, John Ramos/Johnfold- Kingston Peel

    17. March 25th- Strung Out- Kingston Fighting Cocks

    18. March 25th- Hot Club De Paris- Kingston New Slang

    19. March 26th- The Lawrence Arms, Under Stars And Gutters- Islington Bar Academy

    20. March 29th- The Lawrence Arms, Under Stars And Gutters, The Shitty Limits- Guildford Boileroom

    21. March 30th- Channel 4's Comedy Gala- Alan Carr, Andy Parsons, Bill Bailey, David Mitchell, Jack Dee (!!!), Jack Whitehall, James Corden, Jason Manford, Jo Brand, John Bishop, Jonathan Ross, Lee Evans, Mark Watson, Michael McIntyre, Rich Hall, Rob Brydon, Sean Lock- London The O2 Arena

    22. April 1st- Battle Of Wolf 359, Resurrectionists, Attack! Vipers! The Plague Sermon- Brighton Hobgoblin

    23. April 2nd- The Lawrence Arms, Under Stars And Gutters, The Don Ramos Players, Break The Habit- Kingston Peel

    24. April 7th- Failures' Union, Bedford Falls, Chillerton, New Set Of Bruises- Portsmouth Fat Fox

    25. April 8th- Imperial Can, ONSIND, Fashanu- Brighton Hobgoblin

    26. April 9th- Apologies, I Have None, Imperial Can, Rooftops, ONSIND, Fashanu- London Cross Kings

    27. April 15th- Rolo Tomassi, Trash Talk, Throats- Brighton Engine Rooms

    28. April 16th- The Amistad, The Brilliantly Simple, Pacer, Bastad Rats!, Duncan WeGrowBeards- Dorking Lincoln Arms

    29. April 19th- Young Livers, Bridge And Tunnel, Southport, Bastad Rats!, Cynics- Brighton Hector's House

    30. April 20th- Bridge And Tunnel, Young Livers, OK Pilot, Attack! Vipers! - Southampton Goblets

    31. April 23rd- Fighting Fiction, Luke Godwin- Dorking Lincoln Arms

    32. April 24th- Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate), What, Price Wonderland?, Pennines- Guildford Youth Centre

    33. April 28th- Young Livers, Bridge And Tunnel, The Accelerators- Brixton Windmill

    34. May 1st- Bangers, Break The Balls (Members of Break The Habit & Calvinball playing a covers set), Mega Games, Gundersons, The Working Dead- Brighton Basement Show

    35. May 2nd Punk 'N' Bowl 4- Leatherface, The Dauntless Elite, SSS, Above Them, Hammers, Caves, Solutions, Zapiain, Bastad Rats!- London Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes

    36. May 6th- Dear Landlord, Statues, Vicious Cycle, This Business Is Closed- Brixton Windmill

    37. May 7th- Banner Pilot, Bangers, Break The Habit, Bastad Rats!- Kingston Fighting Cocks

    38. May 8th- Bangers, Caves, Rush N Attack, Cynics, Sam Russo, Gundersons, Porches, Apologies, I Have None, Helen Chambers- Dorking Lincoln Arms

    39. May 10th- Strike Anywhere, Fenside, Helen Chambers- Portsmouth Edge Of the Wedge

    40. May 27th- Deny Everything, Our Time Down Here, Cutting Class, Gundersons- Brighton Hector's House

    41. 1st June- Bangers, Dirty Tactics, Astpai, Pacer, Livers And Lungs- Brighton Prince Albert

    42. 3rd June- Astpai, Chillerton (Last ever southern show!!!), Attack! Vipers! - Southampton Goblets

    43. 4th June- Deny Everything, Fast Point, Cold Ones, Cutting Class, Never Again, Can't Relate - Guildford Youth Centre

    44. 15th June- Grown Ups, Into It.Over It- Kingston House Show

    45. 19th June- Green Day, Frank Turner- Wembley Stadium

    46. 21st June- Hot Water Music, Southport- Islington O2 Academy

    47. 23rd June- The Get Up Kids- Camden Underworld

    48. 24th June- Hot Water Music, Attack! Vipers! - Portsmouth Wedgewood Rooms

    49. 26th June- The Bronx, Mariachi El Bronx- Plymouth White Rabbit

    50. 2nd July- 7 Crowns, Fights and Fires- Plymouth White Rabbit

    51. 10th July- Converge, Kyelsa- Brighton Concorde 2

    52. 11th July- Punch, Comadre, Never Again- Brighton Prince Albert

    53. 16th July- The Arteries, The Don Ramos Players- London South Of The Border (Basement of Cafe El Paso)

    54. 17th July- Our Time Down Here, Hearts Under Fire- Guildford Boileroom

    55. 21st July- The Don Ramos Players, Family Man, Unrestrained, Our Time Down Here- Guildford Youth Centre

    56. 23rd July- Good Luck, The Dauntless Elite, Ssssnakes, Caves- Kingston Fighting Cocks

    57. 24th July- Good Luck, The Don Ramos Players, Caves, Break The Habit, Sauna Youth- Brighton The Fly

    58. 25th July- Good Luck (Acoustic), Caves (Acoustic), Livers And Lungs, Kelly Kemp- Portsmouth Garden Show

    59. 28th July- Calvinball, Cynics, Dividers, Leagues Apart- Kingston Fighting Cocks

    60. 31st July- You, Me And The Atom Bomb, The 255s, Dividers- Brighton Cowley Club

    61. 11th August- 7 Seconds, Never Again- Kingston Fighting Cocks

    62. 12th August- Fun Alf's Birthday Show- Porches, The Brilliantly Simple, Cynics- Dorking Lincoln Arms

    63. 15th August- Punk N Bowl 5- The Arteries, Crazy Arm, OK Pilot, Cynics, The Cut Ups, Apologies, I Have None, You, Me And The Atom Bomb, Pacer, Rooftops, Livers And Lungs, Beverley Kills, Dividers- Bristol The Lanes

    64. 26th August- Off With Their Heads, Pacer- Brighton The Hydrant

    65. 27th August- Reading Festival Day 1- Lostprophets, Streetlight Manifesto, Strike Anywhere, NOFX, This Is Hell, Gogol Bordello, Billy Talent, A Day To Remember, Crazy Arm

    66. 28th August- Reading Festival Day 2- NOFX, The Get Up Kids, Dizzee Rascal, Cancer Bats, Trash Talk, The Rats (Gallows), Paint It Black, The Gaslight Anthem, Off With Their Heads, The Futureheads, Rolo Tomassi

    67. 29th August- Reading Festival Day 3- Blink-182, Paramore, Weezer, Limp Bizkit, You Me At Six, All Time Low, Thrice, Motion City Soundtrack

    68. 3rd September- WTFest Day 1- The Arteries, Dave House, The Cut Ups, Pacer- Southampton Joiners

    69. 4th September- WTFest Day 2- Blacklisted, Attack! Vipers!, Defier (Last Ever Show), Final Round...FIGHT!- Southampton Joiners

    70. 5th September- WTFest Day 3- From Plan To Progress, Jimmy Broomfield- Southampton Soul Cellers (Afternoon Show)

    71. 9th September- The Arteries, Bangers, The Social Club, Sauna Youth- Kingston Fighting Cocks

    72. 14th September- The Cut Ups, The 255s, Brothers, Triplets- Brixton Windmill

    73. 17th September- Brothers, Porches, The 255s, Cynics- Dorking Lincoln Arms

    74.18th September- Southsea Fest- Crazy Arm, Above Them, Attack! Vipers!, The Cut Ups, Apologies, I Have None, You Me And The Atom Bomb, Brothers, New Set Of Bruises, The 255s, Cynics- Upstairs At The Wine Vaults,
    Final Round...FIGHT!- The Deco

    75. 4th October- RVIVR, Break The Habit, Gundersons, Bird Calls- Brighton Hobgoblin (Upstairs)

    76. 8th October- UK Pre Fest Day 1- Bangers, WeGrowBeards, Sam Russo, Fun Alf- Dorking Lincoln Arms

    77. 9th October- RVIVR, Bangers, Sam Russo, Caves, Sam Russo, Porches, Beverley Kills- Brixton Windmill

    78. 10th October- UK Pre Fest Day 2- Caves, Bedford Falls, Peachfuzz, Mega Games, Cynics, Porches- Brixton Windmill

    79. 12th October- Austin Lucas, Drag The River, Cory Branan- Brighton Prince Albert

    80. 14th October- Our Time Down Here, The Xcerts, Fighting Fiction, Burn The Fleet- Kingston Hippodrome (New Slang)

    81. 15th October- Fighting Fiction, Our Time Down Here- Horsham Youth Centre

    82. 20th October- Chuck Ragan, Sam Russo, James Islip- Brixton Windmill

    83. 23rd October- The Max Levine Ensemble, ONSIND, Gundersons, Mega Games- Brighton Cowley Club

    84. 26th October- Cruel Hand, Backtrack- Transitions Art Gallery, Tampa, FL

    85. 27th October- Pre Fest Day 1- Franz Nicolay, Fake Problems, Big Kids, 1994! , Arms Aloft, Calvinball, Caves- Transitions Art Gallery, Tampa, FL

    86. 28th October- Iron Chic, Sister Kisser, Franz Nicolay, The Transgressions, Arms Aloft, Big Kids, 1994! , Calvinball, Strong City, 10 - 4 Eleanor, Eight Ghosts- Wayward Council, Gainesville, FL

    87. 29th October- Fest Day 1-
    The Suicide Machines, Hard Skin @ The Venue
    Big Soda @ Spin Cycle
    Stolen Parts @ Jeff's Deli
    No BS Brass Band @ Holiday Inn Poolside, Gainesville, FL

    88. 29th October- Outside Storage Unit Show- Algernon Cadwallader, Grown Ups, My Heart To Joy @ Gainesville, FL Storage Unit(?)

    89. 30th October- Fest Day 2-
    Living With Lions, Calvinball @ Rum Runners
    Planes Mistaken For Stars, Army Of Ponch, Young Livers, The Measure (SA) , Defiance, Ohio, Paul Baribeau, Dear Landlord @ 8 Seconds
    Paint It Black, Teenage Bottlerocket, Banner Pilot @ The Venue
    Iron Chic, Red City Radio @ Common Grounds Gainesville, FL

    90. 30th October- Punch, Comadre- Gainesville, FL House Show

    91. 31st October- Fest Day 3-
    Mixtapes @ Rum Runners
    Twelve Hour Turn, The Sainte Catherines, Shook Ones, O Pioneers!!! @ 8 Seconds
    The Menzingers, Lemuria @ The Venue
    New Bruises @ Common Grounds
    PS Elliot @ Spin Cycle
    Timeshares @ The Venue Side Hatch Gainesville, FL

    92. 5th November- Bangers, Porches, Bastad! Rats! - Kingston Fighting Cocks

    93. 7th November- CTW Fest- Never Again (Last Show!), Cold Snap (Last Show), Rot In Hell, Said And Done, Wayfarer, Abolition, Ark Of The Covenant- Canterbury Chantry Social Club

    94. 11th November- The Menzingers, The Arteries, Leagues Apart- Kingston Fighting Cocks

    95. 19th November- Post Fest Blues Day 1- OK Pilot, Break The Habit, WeGrowBeards, El Morgan- Kingston Fighting Cocks

    96. 20th November- Post Fest Blues Day 2- Above Them, Calvinball, Our Time Down Here, Caves, Dividers- Kingston Fighting Cocks

    97. 25th November- Throats, Atlases- Brighton Hydrant (Upstairs)

    98. 25th November- Attack! Vipers! , Action & Action- Brighton Hydrant

    99. 26th November- Torche, Dopefight- Brighton Prince Albert

    100. 27th November- Break The Habit (Last Show), Calvinball, Bastad! Rats! , Corrigan- Brighton Hobgoblin (Upstairs)

    101. 7th December- Sean Lock- Chichester Festival Theatre

    102. 10th December- The Swellers, Pacer, Corrigan- Kingston Fighton Cocks

    103. 10th December- Bastad! Rats! - Dorking Lincoln Arms

    104. 12th December- Weezerish, SSSSnakes (as The Ramones), Cool To Be Us (Descendents Covers Band) & No Threat (Minor Threat Covers Band)- Kingston Fighting Cocks
  • Bands i saw in 2009

    11 jan. 2010, 19h25m

    7 Seconds
    A Wilhelm Scream x 3
    Above Them x 8
    Action And Action
    Adebisi Shank
    Alaska Pipeline
    Algernon Cadwallader
    Alkaline Trio
    American Steel
    Apologies, I Have None x 14
    Attack! Vipers! x 7
    Austin Lucas
    Bangers x 24
    Banner Pilot x 2
    Bat Bites
    Betty And The Werewolves
    Big City Plan x 5
    Billy No Mates
    Bird Calls
    Blakfish x 3
    Blitz Kids
    Bomb The Music Industry! x 2
    Bouncing Souls
    Brand New
    Break The Habit x 22
    Bridge And Tunnel x 3
    Broadway Calls x 5
    Brothers x 5
    Calvinball x 7
    Caution Horses
    Ceremony x 5
    Chaos Days
    Cheap Girls x 2
    Chillerton x 7
    Chris Wollard & The Ship Thieves
    Chuck Ragan
    Circus Act x 2
    Classics Of Love
    Cobra Skulls
    Cold Ones x 2
    Colt Seavers x 6
    Cop Out x 6
    Crazy Arm x 6
    Crowns On The Rats Orchestra
    Cutting Class x 3
    Cynics x 8
    Dave House x 7
    Dead Swans x 2
    Dead To Me
    Dear Landlord
    Death At Sea
    Defiance, Ohio
    Defier x 2
    Dillinger Four x 3
    Duncan Redmonds
    Escape To Sea
    Failure's Union
    Fake Problems
    Fall Of Efrafa
    Fall Out Boy
    Final Round...FIGHT! x 3
    Find A Way x 2
    Frank Turner x 3
    Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly
    Goldie Lookin' Chain
    Good Luck
    Gordon Gano's Army x 2
    Hammers x 3
    Hard Skin x 2
    Hearts Under Fire
    Hometown Show x 3
    Hot Damn x 6 (R.I.P)
    Immortal Youth x 5
    James Black x 4
    James J Barrett
    Jay F-Bats
    John Ramos
    Josh Small
    Keeping Scores x 2
    Kelly Kemp x 4
    Kept By Casino x 2
    Killing The Dream
    Kris Roe x 4
    L Morgan x 4
    Late 90's
    Lemuria x 3
    Less Than Jake
    Lethal Bizzle
    Lights Out!
    Like Grenades x 4
    Limp Wrist
    Livers And Lungs x 10
    Los Mendozas
    Los Mendozas Electro
    Lucky One Dies First x 2
    Mad Caddies
    Madison Bloodbath
    Manchester Orchestra
    Marshall Teller
    Matt Calvinball
    Me + Goliath x 2
    Mike Hale
    Mike Park
    Miles From Anywhere
    Milloy x 2
    Mob Rules
    More Than A Joke
    More Than Life
    Municipal Waste
    Munroe Effect x 2
    Mutiny On The Bounty
    Neil Sutherland & Friends
    New Bruises x 2
    New Found Glory
    New Set Of Bruises x 3
    North Lincoln x 5
    Nowhere Fast
    Off With Their Heads x 6
    OK Pilot x 3
    Omission x 2
    Once Over (last ever show)
    Order Form
    Our Time Down Here x 12
    Paint It Black x 5
    Pog x 2
    Polar Bear Club x 6
    Propagandhi x 2
    Psyched To Die
    Pure Graft x 2
    Rabbit Theory
    Red City Radio x 2
    Red Tape Parade x 2
    Redcarpetrobots x 2
    Rival Schools
    Riverboat Gamblers
    Rooftops x 2
    Rush 'N Attack x 2
    Saturdays Kids
    Sauna Youth
    Serf Combat x 10
    Set Your Goals
    Shapes x 3
    Shook Ones x 3
    Shot Baker x 2
    Silent Front
    Small Brown Bike
    Smash The Statues
    Social Circkle
    Sombulance x 2
    Southport x 2
    Spraynard x 9
    Ssssnakes x 3
    Static Radio NJ x 3
    Streetlight Manifesto
    Strike Anywhere
    Sweet Empires
    Tall Ships
    Ted Leo
    Teenage Cool Kids
    Tell It To The Marines
    The 255s x 3
    The Accelerators x 2
    The Amistad
    The Arteries x 12
    The Bronx
    The Carrier
    The Computers x 4
    The Cut Ups x 5
    The Dead Beat
    The Dead City Stereo
    The Don Ramos Players x 5
    The Fallthrough x 2
    The Flatliners
    The Gaslight Anthem x 3
    The Get Up Kids
    The Grizzley Ends x 5
    The Hard Way
    The Hotlines
    The Knockdown
    The Living Daylights (UK band)
    The Living End
    The Magnificent
    The Mega Games Two x 2
    The North Pole x 2
    The Plague Sermon x 2
    The Plight
    The Ross Shroff Experience
    The Sceptres x 4
    The Shitty Limits x 5
    The Steal x 4 (R.I.P)
    The Teen Sheiks
    The Tenement Kids
    The Thermals
    The Tupolev Ghost x 2
    The Xcerts x 2
    This Is Hell
    This Routine Is Hell
    This Town Needs Guns
    Tim Greaves (Atom Bomb)
    Too Many Daves
    Top Chess x 2
    Touche Amore
    Underground Railroad To Candyland
    Vanilla Pod x 2
    Where The Land Meets The Sea
    Whiskey And Co.
    William Elliot Whitmore
    Wooden Bullets x 7
    Wrap It Up! x 3
    You Me And The Atom Bomb x 9
    Young Livers
    Zatopeks x 2
  • My Favourite Songs Of 2009

    10 déc. 2009, 13h27m

    01. Dear Landlord- Park Bench from the album Dream Homes
    02. Above Them- For Those Who Paved The Way from the album Blueprint for a Better Time
    03. Bangers- Banging from the split 12" with Break The Habit
    04. Calvinball- No Matter How Hard You Try (Demo?) from the new ep Moving Homes And Broken Bones
    05. Touche Amore- Honest Sleep from the album ...To The Beat Of A Dead Horse
    06. The Lawrence Arms- The Redness In The West from the new ep Buttsweat And Tears
    07. House Boat- 30 Going On 13 from the album The Delaware Octopus
    08. The Cut Ups- Last Night I Dreamt I Saw Fugazi from the album The High And The Mighty
    09. North Lincoln- Bridge Jumpers from the album Midwestern Blood
    10. Shook Ones- Bird On Ice from the album The Unquotable A.M.H
    11. Big City Plan- Hope In A Tankard from their 2009 Demo
    12. Barrakuda McMurder- I Broke Up With My Girlfriend (So That I Could Write Pop Punk Songs About It) from the 4 way split 7" Dangerous Intersections Vol IV
    13. Banner Pilot- Greenwood from the album Collapser
    14. Fashanu- Bruce Lee's Ghost Drinks Diet Coke from the ep Science is Awesome
    15. Propagandhi- Night Letters from the album Supporting Caste

    Here's a link to download this playlist-
  • Shows I've Been To In 2009

    20 mars 2009, 15h07m

    1.January 1st- The Steal, Our Time Down Here, Hot Damn- Kingston Fighting Cocks
    2.January 2nd- The Steal, Our Time Down Here, The Don Ramos Players, Hot Damn, Break The Habit- Southampton Joiners
    3. January 3rd- The Steal, The Sceptres, Hot Damn, Our Time Down
    Here, Break The Habit- Brighton Cowley Club
    4. January 10th- Killing The Dream, The Carrier, Immortal Youth,
    Heart In Hand- Southampton Hamptons Bar
    5. January 15th- Wooden Bullets, Livers And Lungs, Tommy
    Comstock- Portsmouth Edge Of The Wedge
    6. January 15th- Attack! Vipers!- Portsmouth Wedgewood Rooms
    7. January 16th- The Cut Ups, The Computers, Apologies, I Have
    None, Redcarpetrobots, Serf Combat- Kingston Fighting Cocks
    8. January 18th- Bangers, Apologies, I Have None, Break The Habit,
    Serf Combat, Redcarpetrobots- Brighton Hobgoblin
    9. January 19th- Kris Roe (Acoustic Requests Matinee Show), Lost On
    Landing- Bournemouth Ibar
    10.January 19th- Kris Roe (So Long Astoria + Others Evening Show),
    Lights And Sounds, Canada Water- Bournemouth Ibar
    11.January 23rd- Bomb The Music Industry!, Mike Scott, Three
    Summers Strong- Brighton Prince Albert
    12.January 24th- The Cut Ups, Apologies, I Have None, Serf Combat,
    -Portsmouth Fawcett Inn
    13.January 25th- Kris Roe- Kingston Banquet Records Instore
    14.January 25th- Kris Roe (Blue Skies Songs + Others), Dave House,
    Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly- Kingston Fighting Cocks
    15.January 26th- Final Round…FIGHT! (Party Bag EP Release Show),
    Lucky One Dies First, Sombulance- Portsmouth Edge Of The
    16.January 28th- Bomb The Music Industry!- Kingston Bacchus

    17.February 1st- Southport, Chillerton, Lucky One Dies First, Kelly
    Kemp- Portsmouth Fawcett Inn
    18.February 2nd- Gaslight Anthem Pre Show (Gaslight never
    happened, ha!)- Livers And Lungs- Portsmouth Edge Of The
    19. February 3rd- Broadway Calls, Break The Habit, Apologies, I Have
    None- Kingston Peel
    20. February 6th- The Gaslight Anthem, Frank Turner, Polar Bear
    Club- Brighton Concorde 2
    21. February 7th- Polar Bear Club, The Don Ramos Players, Attack!
    Vipers!- Kingston Fighting Cocks
    22. February 8th- The Gaslight Anthem, Frank Turner, Polar Bear Club- London Shepards Bush Empire
    23. February 13th- Omission, Rush ‘N Attack, The Shitty Limits, Like Grenades- Southampton King Alf (Upstairs)
    24. February 14th- Omission, Rush ‘N Attack, Break The Habit- Brighton Cowley Club
    25. February 15th- Alkaline Trio, The Audition, Broadway Calls- Southampton Guildhall
    26. February 17th- Dave House, Gordon Gano’s Army, Marshall Teller, Break The Habit- Brighton Hobgoblin
    27. February 19th- Munroe Effect, Attack! Vipers!, Shapes, Holdfast- Portsmouth The Fat Fox
    28. February 21st- Bangers, Ssssnakes, The Grizzley Ends- Portsmouth Fawcett Inn
    29. February 22nd- Brighton Zinefest- Apologies, I Have None, PJ & Gaby, The Mega Games Two (all played in the car park)- Brighton West Hill Centre
    30. February 22nd- Once Over (Last Ever Show)- Brighton Prince Albert
    31. February 27th- This Town Needs Guns, Blakfish, Adebisi Shank, Swim Team- Brighton Hope Bar

    32. March 7th- Hot Damn, Hammers, The Plague Sermon, Colt Seavers, Wooden Bullets- Portsmouth Fawcett Inn
    33. March 8th- Off With Their Heads, Cop Out, Hammers- Cambridge Portland Arms
    34. March 9th- Polar Bear Club, The Cut Ups, Viva Sleep, You Me And The Atom Bomb, John Ramos- Southampton Joiners
    35. March 10th- Off With Their Heads, Cop Out, The Sceptres, Plagues- Reading Kings Tavern
    36. March 12th- Off With Their Heads, Cop Out, Gordon Gano’s Army, The Grizzley Ends- Southampton King Alf
    37. March 13th- Off With Their Heads, Cop Out, Attack! Vipers!, The Blankheads, Bastion- Brighton Hobgoblin
    38. March 14th- Off With Their Heads, Milloy, Cop Out, The Grizzley Ends- Brixton Windmill
    39. March 15th- James J Barrett, James Black, Pog, Livers And Lungs, Tommy Comstock And The Revolving Women- Portsmouth Tommy’s House
    40. March 17th- Whitemare, Find A Way, The North Pole, Break The Habit- Brighton Hobgoblin
    41. March 19th- Immortal Youth, Find A Way, Break The Habit, Keeping Scores- Southampton King Alf (Upstairs)
    42. March 21st- Bangers, Crazy Arm, Animosity, The Transfere Project- Dorking Lincoln Arms
    43. March 23rd- The Tupolev Ghost, You Me And The Atom Bomb, Sombulance- Portsmouth Edge Of The Wedge
    44. March 24th- Static Radio NJ, The Arteries, Immortal Youth, Death At Sea- Southampton Joiners
    45. March 27th- Our Time Down Here, Manuscripts, Immortal Youth- Portsmouth Nell Gywnne
    46. March 28th- Crazy Arm, Bangers, Wooden Bullets, Livers And Lungs, Brothers, Some Sort Of Threat- Portsmouth Fawcett Inn
    47. March 31st- Static Radio NJ, The Arteries, Keeping Scores, Colt Seavers- Brixton Windmill

    48. 2nd April- Wooden Bullets, Pog, Livers And Lungs, Tommy Comstock- Portsmouth Edge Of The Wedge
    49. 2nd April- Final Round…FIGHT!- Portsmouth Fawcett Inn
    50. 3rd April- Billy No Mates, The Tommies, The North Pole- Brighton Hobgoblin
    51. 4th April- Chaos Days, Atlases, Escape To Sea- Brighton Freebutt
    52. 5th April- Former Cell Mates, The Arteries, The Living Daylights (UK Band), The Amistad, Ssssnakes- Kingston Fighting Cocks
    53. 8th April- Overmars, Manatees- Brighton Engine Rooms
    54. 9th April- Bastion, Poison Heart, You Me And The Atom Bomb, Just Panic, Laughing In The Face Of, Those Damn Owls- Brighton Hobgoblin
    55. 11th April- This Is Hell, Dead Swans, The Blackout Argument, Our Time Down Here, Heart In Hand- Southampton Joiners
    56. 14th April- Baroness, William Elliot Whitmore, Gorse- Brighton Engine Rooms
    57. 17th April- Thrusts, Attack! Vipers!, Griswalds, Emergency Bitter- Dorking Lincoln Arms
    58. 18th April- Bangers, Bridge And Tunnel, OK Pilot, Neil Sutherland And Friends, The 255s- Brixton Windmill
    59. 19th April- Propagandhi, Random Hand, Chief, Anonymous Tip- Islington Academy
    60. 20th April- Propagandhi, Random Hand, Crazy Arm, The Fallthrough- Brighton Concorde 2
    61. 23rd April- Smash The Statues, This Routine Is Hell, Action And
    Action, Alaska Pipeline, Like Grenades- Portsmouth Fawcett Inn
    62. 26th April- Shook Ones, Red Tape Parade, Our Time Down Here,
    Chillerton, Immortal Youth- Southampton Unit
    63. 28th April- Bridge And Tunnel, Attack! Vipers!, Ok Pilot, Break
    The Habit, Livers And Lungs- Brighton Hobgoblin
    64. 30th April- Shook Ones, Red Tape Parade, Deer Townie HumOur
    (Our Time Down Here), Immortal Youth- Kingston Fighting Cocks

    65. 1st May- Classics Of Love, Mike Park, Shot Baker, Wob- Brighton
    Engine Rooms
    66. 3rd May- Shot Baker, Bangers, Apologies, I Have None, You Me
    And The Atom Bomb, Miles From Anywhere- Portsmouth Fawcett Inn
    67. 10th May- Punk N Bowl 2-L
    Morgan, Kelly Kemp, Tim Greaves (Atom Bomb), Break The Habit,
    The Dead City Stereo, The 255’s, Crocus, Cutting Class, The
    Computers, The Cut Ups, Virgins, Chillerton, The Don Ramos Players,
    Milloy- London Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes
    68. 11th May- Cheap Girls, Chillerton, Kept By Casino,
    Wrecktheplacefantastic- Brighton Hobgoblin
    69. 14th May- Hometown Show, L Morgan, Kelly Kemp- Portsmouth
    New Theatre Royal
    70. 16th May- Blakfish, Shapes, Crowns On The Rats Orchestra,
    Mutiny On The Bounty. BSM Showcase Halfdayer- Brighton
    71. 22nd May- Digit Dealer, Calvinball, Bangers, Apologies, I Have
    None- Dorking Lincoln Arms
    72. 24th May- Bangers, The Tenement Kids, Calvinball, Digit Dealer,
    Fighting Fiction, Halfdayer- Brighton Hobgoblin
    73. June 1st- New Bruises, You Me And The Atom Bomb, Chillerton,
    New Set Of Bruises, L Morgan- Portsmouth Fawcett Inn
    74. June 4th- Chillerton, Livers And Lungs, Nateley’s Whore, Johnson-
    Ryde (Isle Of Wight) Blacksheep Club
    75. June 5th- Cold Ones, Headcase, The Sceptres, Like Grenades-
    Dorking Lincoln Arms
    76. June 6th- The Shitty Limits LP Release Show- The Shitty Limits,
    Lovvers, Mob Rules, Betty And The Werewolves, Kicked In-
    Reading Rising Sun Arts Centre
    77. June 7th- Milloy, Lonely Kings, Chillerton, Valdez, Apologies, I
    Have None, Three Summers Strong- Brighton Hobgoblin
    78. June 8th- Dolcim, The Plague Sermon, Fall Of Efrafa, Me And
    Goliath- Brighton Hobgoblin
    79. June 11th- New Bruises, Crazy Arm, Wooden Bullets, New Set Of
    Bruises- Southampton King Alf
    80. June 12th- Lemuria, Dave House, A Broken Robot- Southampton
    81. June 14th- Lemuria, Dave House, Crazy Arm, Hot Damn,
    Hometown Show, Pecker- Brighton Prince Albert
    82. June 16th- Limp Wrist, Whole In The Head, Methodist Centre, The
    Sceptres- Brighton Westhill Community Centre
    83. June 19th- The Arteries, The Blankheads, Wooden Bullets, James Black-
    Portsmouth Fawcett Inn
    84. June 20th- RadRadRad Fest- The Arteries, Our Time Down Here, Bangers,
    Laughing In The Face Of, The Ross Shroff Experience, Order Form, Cynics-
    London Streatham Pub Somewhere?
    85. June 21st- Ska Steve’s House Show- Hit The Fucking Beach(!!!!!!!!!),
    Bangers, The Arteries- Ska Steve’s House
    86. June 21st- Lemuria, Dave House, Bangers, Cynics- Kingston Fighting
    87. June 24th- The Thermals, Serf Combat- Brighton Freebutt
    88. June 27th- Austin Lucas, Mike Hale, Josh Small, Wooden Bullets, Livers
    And Lungs, Hometown Show, James Black- Portsmouth Edge Of The Wedge
    89. July 2nd- Southport, The Magnificent, Break The Habit, Serf Combat-
    London Brixton Windmill
    90. July 11th- Logic Problem, Mob Rules, The Shitty Limits- Brighton Cowley
    91. July 17th- The Accelerators, Zatopeks, Big City Plan- Portsmouth Fawcett Inn
    92. July 19th- Zatopeks, The Accelerators, The Hotlines, Bat Bites, The Atoms,
    The Grizzley Ends- Brighton Hobgoblin
    93. July 22nd- Scholars, Hearts Under Fire, Tell It To The Marines, Break The
    Habit- Brighton Freebutt
    94. July 24th- Vanilla Pod, The Fallthrough- Brighton Hobgoblin
    95. July 30th- Goldie Lookin’ Chain, Los Mendozas Electro, Top Chess- Kingston McCluskies

    96. August 6th- Rory’s 25th- Dave House, Spraynard (Acoustic), Kelly Kemp, Cynics- Rach And Rory’s Flat, Brighton
    97. August 7th- Spraynard, Wrap It Up! (One song set), Break The Habit, Calvinball, Big City Plan, Pudge- Sheffield Stockroom
    98. August 8th- Fuck You Fest- Spraynard, Wrap It Up!, Our Time Down Here, Break The Habit, Cutting Class, Hammers, More Than A Joke, ONSIND, Mega Games Two- Leeds Subculture
    99. August 10th- Blakfish, Mutiny On The Bounty, Shapes, Brontide, Bayonets- Brighton Freebutt
    100. August 11th- Spraynard, Break The Habit, Wrap It Up!, Colt Seavers, Late 90’s- Kingston Fighting Cocks
    101. August 12th- Spraynard, Break The Habit, Calvinball, Apologies, I Have None, ONSIND- Birmingham Scruffy Murphys
    102. August 13th- Letters To Leaders, Spraynard, Break The Habit, Brothers- Exeter Cavern
    103. August 14th- Spraynard, Break The Habit, Wrap It Up!- Southampton Unit
    104. August 15th- Bangers, Above Them, Wegrowbeards, Serf Combat, Colt Seavers, Transfere Project- Dorking Lincoln Arms
    105- August 16th- Bangers, Above Them, Spraynard, Break The Habit, Cynics- My House Show, Nr Horsham, West Sussex
    106- August 16th- Spraynard, Circus Act, Kept By Casino, Bangers, Break The Habit, Big City Plan- Brighton Hectors House
    107- August 19th- The Get Up Kids, Spycatcher- London Electric Ballroom
    108- August 22nd- Fighting Fiction, Bangers, Break The Habit- Jacob’s 21st, Nr Bolney
    109- August 23rd- Circus Act, Colt Seavers, You Me And The Atom Bomb etc. – Southampton Hobbit
    110- August 28th- Alexisonfire, Bouncing Souls, Fall Out Boy, Deftones, Streetlight Manifesto, Fake Problems, New Found Glory, Riverboat Gamblers, The Flatliners, Manchester Orchestra, The Plight- Reading Festival Day 1
    111- August 29th- The Bronx, Mad Caddies, Rival Schools, Set Your Goals, Snuff, Municipal Waste, A Wilhelm Scream, Chuck Ragan, Polar Bear Club, The Computers- Reading Festival Day 2
    112- August 30th- Lostprophets, AFI, Gallows, The Gaslight Anthem, Brand New, Lethal Bizzle, Frank Turner, The Living End, Broadway Calls- Reading Festival Day 3

    113- 3rd September- The Arteries, Sweet Empire, Rabbit Theory, Apologies, I Have None, Serf Combat- Brighton Hobgoblin
    114- 4th September- WTF Fest Day 1: Polar Bear Club, Broadway Calls, The Don Ramos Players, Above Them, Calvinball- Southampton Joiners
    115- 5th September- WTF Fest Day 2: Dead Swans, Our Time Down Here, Cobra Skulls, More Than Life, Apologies, I Have None, Defier- Southampton King Alf
    116- 6th September- WTF Fest Day 3: A Wilhelm Scream, You Me And The Atom Bomb- Southampton Joiners
    117- 17th September- Paint It Black, Ceremony, Vogue, The Shitty Limits- Guildford GYC
    118- 18th September- Paint It Black, The Steal (Last Show, RIP), Ceremony, Our Time Down Here- Kingston Peel
    119- 19th September- Southsea Fest- Tubelord, Tellison, Tall Ships, Bangers, Dave House- The One Eyed Dog, The Tupolev Ghost, Munroe Effect- Edge Of The Wedge, Livers And Lungs- The Wine Vault
    120- 23rd September- Paint It Black, Ceremony, Serf Combat- Brighton Freebutt
    121- 25th September- Paint It Black, Ceremony, Attack! Vipers!, Like Grenades- Southampton Hamptons
    122- 25th September- The Xcerts- Southampton Unit
    123- 26th September- Paint It Black, Ceremony, Cutting Class- London, The Fly
    124- 29th September- Landmines, The Arteries, The Cut Ups, Ok Pilot- Brixton Windmill

    125- 3rd October- Above Them, The Arteries, Calvinball, Bangers, Duncan Redmonds, Ok Pilot, Cynics, L Morgan, You Me And The Atom Bomb, Brothers, Wooderson- Dorking Lincoln Arms
    126- 3rd October- Matt Calvinball, Duncan Redmonds, Apologies, I Have None, Cynics- Dorking Lincoln Arms Hotel Room Show
    127- 4th October- Teenage Cool Kids, Algernon Cadwallader, Hot Damn, Me & Goliath- Brighton Prince Albert
    128- 8th October- Lightyear! (Surprise show!), The Atoms- Derby The Venue
    129- 9th October- North Lincoln, Lights Out!, Top Chess, Bangers, Break The Habit- Brighton Hobgoblin
    130- 23rd October- North Lincoln, The Mega Games Two- Southampton Unit
    131- 24th October- North Lincoln (Acoustic), James Black, Livers And Lungs- Kelly Kemp’s Basement, Portsmouth
    132- 25th October- North Lincoln, You Me And The Atom Bomb, Crazy Arm, Big City Plan, New Set Of Bruises- Portsmouth Fawcett Inn
    133- 26th October- Social Circkle, Nowhere Fast, The Teen Sheiks, The Hard Way- Brighton Greenhouse Effect
    134- 28th October- Pre Fest Day 1- Bridge And Tunnel, Landmines, Where The Land Meets The Sea, Underground Railroad To Candyland, Bangers, Mayflower, Above Them- Tampa, Florida Transition Art Gallery
    135- 29th October- Pre Fest Day 2- Off With Their Heads, Smalltown, Defiance, Ohio, Madison Bloodbath, Cheap Girls, Failure’s Union, Banner Pilot, Psyched To Die, Static Radio NJ, The Arteries, Brothers- Tampa, Florida Transitions Art Gallery
    136- 30th October- Fest Day 1- 7 Seconds, Strike Anywhere, Too Many Daves, A Wilhelm Scream, Small Brown Bike, American Steel- Gainesville, Florida
    137- 31st October- Fest Day 2- Whiskey & Co., Apologies, I Have None, Good Luck, North Lincoln, Young Livers, The Knockdown, Less Than Jake, Dillinger Four, Red City Radio x 2, Dead To Me, Dear Landlord, Banner Pilot- Gainesville, Florida
    138- 31st October- Shook Ones, Touche Amore, Make Do And Mend- Gainesville, Florida Storage Unit

    139- 1st November- Fest Day 3- Samiam, Calvinball, Above Them, Bangers, Radon, Chris Wollard & The Ship Thieves, Off With Their Heads, Broadway Calls- Gainesville, Florida
    140- 6th November- Bastion (Last Ever Show), The Grizzley Ends, Serf Combat- Brighton Hobgoblin
    141- 12th November- The Xcerts, Blitz Kids, Final Round...FIGHT!- Portsmouth The Registry
    142- 13th November- Our Time Down Here (Record Release Show), The Don Ramos Players, Defier, Kerouac, Los Mendozas- Southampton Joiners
    143- 22nd November- Serf Combat, Caution Horses, Silent Front, Colt Seavers, Rooftops, The Dead Beat- Brighton Hobgoblin
    144- 28th November- Ssssnakes, Pure Graft, PJ And Gaby (Full Band), Fenside- Portsmouth Fawcett Inn

    145- 4th December- Xmas Boozy Du- Vanilla Pod, Above Them, Cop Out, Pure Graft, Big City Plan- Sheffield Stockroom
    146- 10th December- Dillinger Four, Hard Skin, The Arteries, The Zatopeks- Camden Underworld
    147- 13th December- Leatherface, Southport, Above Them, Serf Combat, The 255s- Kingston Fighting Cocks
    148- 14th December- Dillinger Four, Hard Skin, Ted Leo, Sauna Youth- Brighton Engine Rooms
    149- 19th December- Bangers, Saturdays Kids, Bird Calls- Guildford Youth Centre
    150- 20th December- Punk N Bowl 3- The Arteries, The Shitty Limits, Bangers, Cold Ones, Regimes, Men, Rooftops, Brothers, Cynics (Played 1st and then later on in the toilets!) Jay F-Bats (Played with Cynics in the toilets!)- London Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes
    151- 21st December- The Arteries, The Computers, Bangers, Portraits- Swansea Sin City (Upstairs)