• Release of Two Lyn Murray Soundtracks TO CATCH A THIEF / THE BRIDGES AT TOKO-RI

    10 fév. 2014, 22h43m

    World premiere release of two Lyn Murray soundtracks for Paramount films starring Grace Kelly. First on docket is colorful score for 1955 Alfred Hitchcock classic To Catch A Thief with Cary Grant alongside Kelly in exciting mystery of former jewel thief now suspected of new robbery. His subsequent pursuit of real thief forms basis of tale. Murray plays to lighter aspect of picture for opening music, then takes off with stars on their picturesque chase. Moments for romance, humor have their say as well. Second score is brief, albeit dramatic score for 1954 Mark Robson film The Bridges At Toko-Ri, set during Korean conflict with WWII veteran William Holden being recalled into active duty, reluctantly parting with wife Kelly to pursue duties on aircraft carrier headed for battle. Mickey Rooney, Earl Holliman lend sensational support. Stunning picture plays through then brings trio of soldiers together for finale that packs a wallop. Murray anchors with powerful music for wartime locale, then launches into carrier motif for low brass. Unobtrusive score selections play momentarily, then Murray wraps with dynamic fortissimo coda. Powerful major-key finish! Following score are source pieces heard throughout film. Both scores presented in mono from Paramount digital protection copies in beautiful condition. All cues available on master tapes are included, with bulk of each score present including all major set pieces. Two dynamic sides of this under-represented now available at last! Lyn Murray conducts. Intrada Special Collection release available while quantities and interest remain!
  • John Williams - The Book Thief (Sound Clips). Release date: 11 November 2013

    8 nov. 2013, 3h36m


    Sony Music is proud to announce the release of renowned composer John Williams’ original motion picture soundtrack of The Book Thief, a moving film by Brian Percival based on the best-selling novel of the same name by Markus Zusak. The Book Thief tells the inspirational story of a spirited and courageous young girl who transforms the lives of everyone around her when she is sent to live with a foster family in World War II Germany. The film stars Academy Award®-winner Geoffrey Rush (The King’s Speech), and Emily Watson (Breaking the Waves). The young Canadian Sophie Nélisse takes on the role of their adoptive daughter Liesel.

    The original score was written by composer John Williams, whose work includes some of the best-known film music of all time including all of the Star Wars and Indiana Jones films, the first three Harry Potter films, Jaws, Superman, E.T., Schindler’s List, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Memoirs of a Geisha, Lincoln and Jurassic Park. He’s earned five Academy Awards, four Golden Globe® Awards, seven BAFTA Awards and an astonishing 21 Grammy Awards®. His total of 48 Academy Award® nominations to date makes him the Academy’s most-nominated living person, an achievement surpassed only by Walt Disney. In addition to music for the movies, Williams has written numerous concert works, and served as the Music Director of the Boston Pops Orchestra for fourteen seasons.

    The touching story of The Book Thief gave Williams a wonderful canvas for original music, and an opportunity to demonstrate his mastery of intimate orchestral composition, including many wonderful solo instrumental textures. The soundtrack opens with a plaintive and haunting solo piano passage in the track “One Small Fact”. The lyrical third track, New Parents and a New Home, again features piano with sweeping strings. Upbeat and lively pieces such as The Snow Fight and Foot Race add lightness and a playful exuberance to the score. For a key scene in the movie, the track Book Burning contributes dark, threatening, discordant notes, while Max and Liesel, underscoring the girl’s relationship with the young Jewish man her foster parents are hiding, has a tender, slow oboe melody. In Learning to Write Williams selected the cello for an introductory solo. Towards the end of the soundtrack, Max Lives is a joyful piece that releases tension, followed by a serene finale and a summing-up of the whole in the final track, The Book Thief. The subtlety of the compositions and Williams’ ability to conjure complex emotions are evident throughout this extraordinary score.

    Two recent film soundtrack releases by Williams, Lincoln and War Horse, produced strong sales on the Sony Classical label. The quality of the movie The Book Thief and of its superb, moving original score, leaves no doubt that this release, scheduled will also find a wide and enthusiastic audience.


    1. “One Small Fact”
    2. The Journey to Himmel Street
    3. New Parents and a New Home
    4. Ilsa’s Library
    5. The Snow Fight
    6. Learning to Read
    7. Book Burning
    8. “I Hate Hitler!”
    9. Max and Liesel
    10. The Train Station
    11. Revealing the Secret
    12. Foot Race
    13. The Visitor at Himmel Street
    14. Learning to Write
    15. The Departure of Max
    16. “Jellyfish”
    17. Rescuing the Book
    18. Writing to Mama
    19. Max Lives
    20. Rudy is Taken
    21. Finale
    22. The Book Thief

  • New Release: John Williams' THE FURY: LIMITED EDITION (2-CD SET)

    23 mars 2013, 0h58m



    La-La Land Records, 20th Century Fox and Sony Music are proud to present the expanded and remastered 2-CD reissue of renowned composer John Williams' (JAWS, STAR WARS, SCHINDLER'S LIST, LINCOLN) original motion picture score to the 1978 Twentieth Century Fox supernatural chiller THE FURY, starring Kirk Douglas, John Cassavetes and Amy Irving, and directed by Brian DePalma. One of John Williams' finest scores gets an upgrade from the previous Varese release, with a running time of more than an hour and fifty minutes and improved, stunning sound (especially on Disc 2, the original soundtrack album). Disc One contains the film score and bonus tracks, while Disc 2 houses the reamastered orginal soundtrack album. Produced by Nick Redman and Mike Matessino, produced for Sony Music by Didier C. Deutsch and mastered by Dan Hersch, this special limited edition of 3500 units features exclusive liner notes from film music writer Julie Kirgo. A must for all film music enthusiasts!



    Main Title 2:06
    Out of the Water :42
    The Train Wreck :39
    Thru the Alley :52
    The Fog Scene 2:36
    Hester's Theme & The House 2:23
    For Gillian 1:51
    Vision on the Stairs 3:41
    Hester Eavesdropping 1:09
    TV Surveillance 1:15
    Gillian's Vision 4:23
    The Conspiracy 1:25
    Coming Down the Stairs 4:32
    Death on a Carousel 2:29
    Gillian's Escape 5:46
    Remembering Robin 2:07
    Before Dinner 1:09
    Approaching the House 2:05
    Lifting Susan 4:29
    The Fall 1:15
    Father Meets Son 4:06
    Gillian's Power 1:41
    End Cast 2:46
    Bonus Tracks:
    Chicago Street (source)* 1:41
    More Bubble Gum (source)* 1:52
    Hold You (source)* 1:50
    I'm Tired (source)* 1:53
    Wild ARPH :26
    ARP ThemeH :42
    Bed SceneH :27
    Calliope Waltz* 1:35
    Calliope Goes Wild /
    Death on a Carousel* 1:57
    DISC ONE TIME: 68:26


    Main Title 3:07
    For Gillian 2:37
    Vision on The Stairs 4:03
    Hester's Theme and The House 4:28
    Gillian's Escape 6:11
    The Search for Robin 2:37
    Gillian's Vision 3:56
    Death on the Carousel and End Titles 8:20
    Epilogue 4:37
    Bonus Track:
    Death on the Carousel (original version) 2:47
    DISC TWO TIME: 43:38
    TOTAL TWO-DISC TIME: 1:50:54
    * Previously Unreleased
  • Jerry Goldsmith's CONGO (COMPLETE SCORE) by Intrada

    10 jan. 2013, 2h50m


    Label: Intrada Special Collection Volume 220
    Date: 1995
    Tracks: 31
    Time = 62:49

    Wow! World premiere of complete Jerry Goldsmith score for Frank Marshall film from Micheal Chrichton thriller with Laura Linney, Dylan Walsh. Original album produced by Goldsmith only featured about 23 minutes of score plus ten minutes of admittedly dynamic African choral material. But that left out virtually half of magnificent score. Goldsmith's approach to thriller offers some of his most riveting action music of the nineties. Intrada presentation includes everything composer recorded, including two versions of rich "Deep Jungle", in which version recorded specifically for album deleted tense snake sequence. Standing out in new tracks are thrilling action cues: powerful Rambo style "Meet Monroe Kelly" airport escape cue, intense "Help Me" where Tim Curry meets his violent end. Other new cues include two versions of mysterious "The Ghost Tribe", "Meet Amy" sequence with alternating thrills, tenderness. Alternates plus "Villagers Chant" written by James Newton Howard & Lebo M complete 62-minute program. Entire score mastered from original digital two-track session masters, vaulted at Paramount, stunningly recorded, mixed by Bruce Botnick. Packaging features both original Epic Soundtrax label album cover plus exciting "flipper" cover. Jerry Goldsmith conducts. Intrada Special Collection release available while quantities and interest remains!

    The Album
    01. Spirit Of Africa/The Expedition* 2:42 Hear This Track
    02. Zinj 1:17
    03. The Eye 0:24
    04. Meet Amy 2:43 Hear This Track
    05. Something I Lost (Alternate) 0:29
    06. Meet Monroe Kelly 1:39 Hear This Track
    07. Road Block 0:39
    08. Crossing The Border 1:29
    09. Bail Out* 2:58 Hear This Track
    10. No Customs* 1:49 Hear This Track
    11. Deep Jungle - Picture 1:59 Hear This Track
    12. The Ghost Tribe - Revised 2:04 Hear This Track
    13. The Rapids 0:39
    14. The Symbol 0:47
    15. Hippo Attack* 2:26
    16. The Other Side - Revised 1:17
    17. Crash Site* 1:59
    18. Sad Amy 0:37
    19. Gates Of Zinj* 4:03 Hear This Track

    20. Help Me 2:18 Hear This Track
    21. We Are Watching 1:49
    22. The Mine 0:53
    23. Amy's Nightmare* 2:11
    24. Kahega* 2:18 Hear This Track
    25. Amy's Farewell/Spirit Of Africa/End Credits* 10:29 Hear This Track
    Total Album Time: 52:45

    The Extras
    26. Something I Lost 0:20
    27. Deep Jungle - Album* 2:33
    28. The Ghost Tribe 1:21
    29. The Other Side 1:20
    30. The Collapsed City 2:21
    31. The Villagers Chant (James Newton Howard/Lebo M) 1:50
    Total Extras Time: 9:58
    * Original Album Track
  • Jerry Goldsmith's HOOSIERS (Complete Score) by Intrada

    19 déc. 2012, 5h00m

    Label: Intrada Special Collection Volume 226
    Date: 1986
    Tracks: 17
    Time = 59:48

    At last! Long-awaited world premiere complete presentation of endearingly popular Academy Award-nominated score by Jerry Goldsmith to endearingly popular sports drama starring Gene Hackman, directed by David Anspaugh, written by Angelo Pizzo. Goldsmith score originates on wonderful LP with duration of 39 minutes but never appears on CD in U.S. International releases (some under U.K. title Best Shot) all have same contents as original LP. Goldsmith emphasizes rousing basketball music but, interestingly, omits several more serious ideas from his album, including one important theme represented only in this new complete version. Titled "No More Basketball", saddened cue offers haunting tune for woodwinds, strings and actually appears twice in finished film. Another important new cue is "Someone I Knew", featuring serious solo line for cello over strings as Coach Dale (Hackman) confesses tragic mistake in his past. Rich piece is darkest moment in score and brings entirely new level to Goldsmith's impressive score. Also find for first time transparent, delicate piece ("The Gym") underscoring small town team's first sights at big-time gymnasium plus rousing orchestral fanfare ("Free Shot") for regional finals. Several other new cues add additional depth as well. Goldsmith was fond of his score, even creating a couple of beautiful longer cues out of shorter ones for his original album. We have retained those assemblies while otherwise presenting complete score in picture sequence. The best of both worlds! Highlights abound in this moving musical slice of Americana but unforgettable trumpet solo playing main theme for opening & closing of score stands front & center. Intrada proudly presents entire score from actual digital session masters combining mixing talents of two legendary engineers: Mike Ross, Bruce Botnick. Project took years to develop, finally came together through courtesy of both MGM, Universal Music. A definitive presentation of one of Goldsmith's most beloved works! Jerry Goldsmith conducts. Intrada Special Collection available while quantities and interest remains
  • LaLaLand Records to release expanded 3CD Star Trek: The Motion Picture soundtrack

    25 mai 2012, 17h31m

    Discs 1 and 2 include the score for the film’s theatrical release and premiere the early rejected cues that Goldsmith composed early on in the scoring process. The 1979 original LP soundtrack follows, much of which was performed and edited differently than the actual film cues. This program concludes the second disc, with Disc 3 presenting additional alternates (including those heard on the previous Sony expanded CD release of 1999, Columbia C2K 66134) and yet more bonus material. Among the highlights are early takes of the “Main Title” (including extensive stage chatter), isolated segments featuring Craig Huxley’s “blaster beam” and synthesizer effects, the domestic CD debut of jazz artist Bob James’ disco cover version of Goldsmith’s theme plus Shaun Cassidy’s vocal version of the movie’s love theme, “A Star Beyond Time.” Tireless co-producer Mike Matessino and film historian Jeff Bond contribute new liner notes based on interviews with Botnick, Huxley, session violinist (and a distinguished composer in his own right) David Newman and the late Goldsmith. The clamshell packaging and 40-page full color booklet have been designed by Jim Titus.

    This expansive set, a limited edition of 10,000 units, will be available directly from La-La Land Records beginning on June 5. Los Angeles-based fans, however, might want to consider attending a very special evening on June 4. Hollywood’s Arclight Cinemas (coincidentally, next door to Amoeba Music!) will host Jeff Bond as moderator of a 90-minute panel discussion about the music of ST: TMP. Currently scheduled guests include Bruce Botnick, Craig Huxley, David Newman, Mike Matessino and the film’s Director of Photography, Richard H. Kline! Botnick and Huxley will be on hand to sign copies of the CD at the special pre-release price of $30.00, and a screening of the original film’s Director’s Cut will follow the panel discussion and signing. Event tickets are $17.50 and are available for purchase here. Tickets will be available at the door for $20.00. The full track listing, revealed at, follows!

    Jerry Goldsmith, Star Trek: The Motion Picture (Columbia Records JS-36334, 1979 – reissued La-La Land LLLCD 1207, 2012)

    CD 1: The Film Score

    Overture (1:43)
    Main Title / Klingon Battle (7:01)
    Total Logic (3:54)
    Floating Office (1:08)
    The Enterprise (6:02)
    Malfunction (1:30)
    Goodbye Klingon / Goodbye Epsilon Nine / Pre-Launch (2:10)
    Leaving Drydock (3:32)
    TV Theme / Warp Point Eight (0:50)
    No Goodbyes (0:53)
    Spock’s Arrival (2:03)
    TV Theme / Warp Point Nine (1:49)
    Meet V’Ger (3:06)
    The Cloud (5:05)
    V’Ger Flyover (5:01)
    The Force Field (5:07)
    Micro Exam (1:13)
    Games / Spock Walk (9:51)
    System Inoperative (2:03)
    Hidden Information (3:58)
    Inner Workings (4:04)

    CD 2: The Film Score (Tracks 1-3), The Unused Early Score (Tracks 4-10), The 1979 Album (Tracks 11-19)

    V’Ger Speaks (4:04)
    The Meld / A Good Start (5:37)
    End Title (3:16)
    The Enterprise (6:05)
    Leaving Drydock (2:39)
    No Goodbyes (0:55)
    Spock’s Arrival (2:00)
    Micro Exam (1:15)
    Games (3:49)
    Inner Workings (4:43)
    Main Title / Klingon Battle (6:50)
    Leaving Drydock (3:29)
    The Cloud (5:00)
    The Enterprise (5:59)
    Ilia’s Theme (3:00)
    Vejur Flyover (4:56)
    The Meld (3:15)
    Spock Walk (4:17)
    End Title (3:16)

    CD 3: Alternates (Tracks 1-16), Additional Music (Tracks 17-25)

    Overture (Long Version) (2:50)
    Main Title (Alternate Take) (1:44)
    Total Logic (Alternate Take) (3:49)
    Malfunction (Early Take) (1:28)
    Goodbye Klingon (Alternate Take) (0:35)
    No Goodbyes (Alternate Take) (0:53)
    Spock’s Arrival (Alternate Take) (2:01)
    The Force Field (Alternate Take) (5:04)
    Micro Exam (Alternate Take) (1:14)
    Games (Early Synthesizer Version) (3:48)
    Games (Alternate Take) (3:48)
    Inner Workings (Alternate Take) (4:05)
    V’Ger Speaks (Alternate Take) (4:03)
    The Meld (Film Version) (3:16)
    A Good Start (Discrete) (2:27)
    Main Title (Album Take) (1:44)
    Main Title (First Raw Takes) (7:21)
    The Force Field / The Cloud (Excerpts) (2:33)
    Beams and Synthesizer for V’ger (4:04)
    Beams and Synthesizer for Ilia (0:59)
    Synthesizer for Main Theme (1:44)
    Main Theme From Star Trek: The Motion Picture (Bob James) (5:24)
    A Star Beyond Time (Shaun Cassidy) (2:43)
    Ilia’s Theme (Alternate) (3:33)
    Theme From Star Trek: The Motion Picture (Concert Edit) (3:25)
  • Explorers (Jerry Goldsmith)

    6 sept. 2011, 0h27m

  • "CITY OF FEAR" (Jerry Goldsmith) - Intrada Special Collection

    17 mai 2011, 0h27m


    Label: Intrada Special Collection Volume 170
    Date: 1959
    Tracks: 15
    Time = 29:24

    World premiere release of legendary Jerry Goldsmith's earliest film score to date! Writing music for only his second feature film, Goldsmith launches his unique approach to action and thrills. This taut 1959 black and white thriller with Vince Edwards briskly tells the tale of a convict breaking out of prison with a cannister of what he thinks his pure heroin. What he's really stolen is, of course, a deadly radioactive test material. He runs loose in the city, the police pursue and Goldsmith mirrors the action with his then brand-new signature ideas of quirky piano rhythms (played by John Williams!), low brass ostinatos, challenging horn parts, trumpets paired with chimes, menacing percussion figures, nervous xylophone motifs, riveting chase cues, jagged woodwind ideas, transparent orchestrations and more! (An obvious training ground for THE SATAN BUG in more ways than one!) The picture was a brief 81-minute thrill ride with Goldsmith providing a mere half hour of score, but both picture and music were perfectly paced. Intrada presents the score from original 1/4" mono session elements (as recorded for the picture) courtesy Sony Pictures. Tapes were in good condition save one solitary cue, missing from scoring master but fortunately preserved on separate music & effects track (with minimal effects!) Original film campaign art plus informative liner notes from Jeff Bond complete package. An important addition to any library of film soundtracks, CITY OF FEAR offers listeners the very first glimpse of Goldsmith just getting started in what became his most famous scoring style: action! Jerry Goldsmith conducts. Intrada Special Collection release limited to 2000 copies!

    01. Get Away/Main Title 4:17 Hear This Track
    02. Road Block 1:26
    03. Motel 1:20
    04. The Facts 1:00
    05. Montage #1 1:03
    06. Tennis Shoes 1:53
    07. The Shoes 0:35
    08. Montage #2 2:10 Hear This Track
    09. You Can’t Stay 1:36
    10. Taxicab 3:28 Hear This Track
    11. Waiting 1:11
    12. Search 2:34 Hear This Track
    13. Track Down 1:32
    14. End Of The Road 2:44 Hear This Track
    15. Finale 1:50 Hear This Track

    15 avr. 2011, 21h59m



    La-La Land Records and Sony Music proudly present the expanded, 2CD presentation of legendary composer Jerry Goldsmith's (PATTON, THE OMEN, BASIC INSTINCT) powerful orchestral score to the 1995 Columbia Pictures feature film FIRST KNIGHT, starring Sean Connery, Richard Gere and Julia Ormond, directed by Jerry Zucker. Considered by many, including the maestro himself, to be one of Goldsmith's finest scores, this important work, (presented in its film version for the first time), has been expanded over the original soundtrack release by more than a full hour, including additional alternate tracks. The original 1995 soundtrack release is also presented here, remastered. Produced by Bruce Botnick, Mike Matessino and Didier C. Deutsch, and mastered by Bruce Botnick from Mr. Botnick's own 1st generation digital masters straight from the mixing board, this limited edition release is the definitive presentation of this masterful Goldsmith score. Exclusive, in-depth liner notes are by film music writer Jeff Bond, with additional comments from Bruce Botnick. This is a limited edition release of 5000 Units.


    Disc 1

    The Film Score

    The Legend Of Camelot :58
    Raid On Leonesse 5:12
    True Love/The Ambush/First Sight 6:24
    Does It Please You/ Look At Me 3:25
    Promise Me 2:20
    Camelot 2:37
    Gauntlet Drums 1:50
    Meet the Queen :45
    The Gauntlet/No Kiss 2:02
    No Joy/Try Her/Wedding Plans/I Will Fight 2:58
    Boat Trip 2:03
    The Cave 2:14
    Walls Of Air 1:33
    Escape From The Cave 3:25
    Prove It 2:55
    A New Life 5:38
    To Leonesse 3:24
    Night Battle 5:53
    Village Ruins 3:19
    The Kiss 1:59
    Open The Door/No One Move 1:58
    Arthur’s Farewell 5:25
    Never Surrender 5:40
    Camelot Lives 4:04

    Disc 1 Time: 78:50

    Disc 2

    The 1995 Soundtrack Album

    Arthur's Fanfare 0:45
    Promise Me 4:04
    Camelot 2:19
    Raid On Leonesse 4:26
    A New Life 4:54
    To Leonesse 3:25
    Night Battle 5:39
    Village Ruins 3:20
    Arthur’s Farewell 5:25
    Camelot Lives 5:40

    1995 Soundtrack Time: 40:17

    Additional Music

    The Ambush / First Sight (alternate) 5:46
    Boat Trip (alternate segment) 1:05
    A New Life (alternate 1) 5:37
    A New Life (alternate 2) 3:14
    To Leonesse (alternate) 2:40
    Village Ruins (alternate) 3:29
    Never Surrender (alternate) 5:20

    Additional Music Time: 27:29

    Disc 2 Time: 67:53

    RETAIL PRICE: $29.98
  • Gremlins CD In The Works From FSM

    20 mars 2011, 19h59m

    Gremlins CD In The Works From FSM

    It is no surprise to hear that the film music labels have been trying their hardest to release a proper soundtrack album to Jerry Goldsmith's wildly popular 1984 score to the box office smash Gremlins. The original Geffen album had a meagre 15 minutes from the score plus a handful of songs. Since the AFM relaxed their policy on re-use fees for limited edtion CD releases and the studios have allowed access to their vaults Gremlins has been a hot property on the top of most label's lists. But no one knew if and when this might happen. Now we have a reveal by SAE on Facebook that a CD would be released "sometime this year". The fireworks went off and party poppers were pulled. But Lukas Kendall at FSM has countered this by saying on his message board that there are still "some major licensing issues to be resolved" between Warner Brothers and Universal Music, who control the Geffen catalogue. And he cannot say how long it will take.

    Our fingers are crossed that 2011 will see the dream full release of one of Jerry Goldsmith's most requested scores. At least we know it will be handled by one of the finest - FSM. Good luck Lukas and all involved in making this score CD a reality.