23 avr. 2008, 19h51m

Так значит сборник цитат из песен которые для меня имеют особое значение ну или просто нравятся ;)

Blaming the guilt
Crying the tears
Torture the pain
Leaving the emptiness behind

Black Light District

Blinded by the light
Faded by the dawn

Two Seconds in Life

In my head this all is in my head this all is
In my head this all is in my head this all is
In my head...

Pray Nightfall

And all I loved, I loved alone


Forever we yearn, forever we learn
Forever we live a lie, forever sleeping by and
Forever we flee, forever we will be
Forever is but a dream, forever is but a scream and
Forever we try, forever we die

Longing... hoping... waiting... for no one...
(Never enough)

Age of Shadows

No need to feel the pain
No need to feel betrayed
No need to feel inane
No need to feel afraid

No need to feel desire
---------- But I need you with me
No need to feel so small
---------- But I need to feel secure
No need to feel the fire
---------- But I need to feel free
No need to feel at all
---------- But I need to know for sure


We will never love
We will never tell a rise to a world
Where the pain is reality
We will never say
We'll never be lame
Until we touch the burning sun

Until We Touch The Burning Sun

The water breaks the golden sunrays
Silver dances on the wave
But a memory...

I often dream about the old days
Playing hide and seek within the caves
But a memory...

I still feel the rising tides embrace me
Carrying me to a place unknown
But a memory...

I remember all the love they gave me
In this fluid world we call our home
But a memory...

Faces of cerulean oceans
Mirroring stars and sable skies
But a memory...

How I miss the sense of sweet emotions
Of a world so pure, devoid of cries
But a memory...

Beneath the Waves

Maybe I always knew
My fragile dreams would be broken
For you

Fragile Dreams

Blinded by time,
Of the years that have passed by
Left to astray
My minds own way

Silent Path


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