merging Ampache


29 oct. 2008, 19h40m

Hi out there,
is there someone willing and knowing hot to merge my ampache-db with your own and viceversa ?
I've read about importing foreign ampache-db and would like to try it.
My ampache has a ip changing every 24 hours...
hear U !
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  • vollmerk has instructions on setting it up, you can use for tieing down a mobile IP (there are other places to get the same thing so google around)

    31 oct. 2008, 13h22m
  • vollvorne

    OK, as I said I've read about it (the site mentioned above). Are you willing to connect to my DB ? Would be an honour 4 me; sharing with the developer ;-))

    10 déc. 2008, 19h41m
  • Daemon_Hell

    I'm ready to share my ampache :) PM me to get ip and key :)

    18 jan. 2009, 14h49m
  • dataromantics

    I to am ready to use the API to connect my DB to anothers. Please message me here or at joe AT to get access. Please put ampache in the subject somewhere to avoid SPAM trap. I am running the SVN code so Im not sure If it is backward compatible. Vollmerk?

    1 mai 2010, 19h44m
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