• Quite offtopic for but...

    3 mai 2008, 16h51m

    ... I'm in the mood of finding new interest and new things that can keep me away from thinking that she is so far away. :(.

    So, I signed up for a deviantart account, and started to select, manipulate and post some photos I took. I'd be glad if you visit it and share your thoughts on my creations :).

    I'm quite a noob when it comes to photography and image manipulation but .. I really enjoy it :).

    And if you want to see something really awesome .. have a look at, also the guy who shot these great photos of me and sam inline skating ;).


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  • Beautiful flowers that grow on concrete...

    2 mars 2008, 23h09m

    Yesterday evening I went with some friends at a homegrown show in zingarello, located deeply in my hometown's country: here is Otium, a cultural association that promotes new bands and provides really bold wine and wonderful panzerotti :).

    Back to the topic, I had the occasion to listen La Biblioteca Deserta live: it's a well-thought mix of ambient (a-la Sigur Rós) and prog-rock, with even (IMHO) prog-metal influences, resulting in an explosive, sad and powerful mind-shake to the lucky listener.

    I don't remember exactly (thanks also to the bold wine ;)) the song order, but they played their 5 songs, made us fly with Il Fabbricante d'Ali (The Wingmaker), made us dream with Michael will never change and ended the show with the only track that (unfortunately) isn't published on their myspace, which features two detonating minutes at the end that made me clap my hands really out loud when they stopped playing.

    They are beautiful flowers on concrete because.. this high-profile show had only few people actually watching them.. maybe again the culprit is the bold wine ;) but I (sadly) think that my hometown people aren't really so open-minded to appreciate this kind of music and its exquisite composition by five young, talented guys.

    Kudos to them, also for releasing their music under a Creative Commons license, and thanks for the two demo cds :D. See you soon!

  • FATA rocks.

    25 fév. 2008, 22h36m

    I'm listening to them (From Autumn To Ashes) ... and they rock hard! There are lots of screamo/metalcore/emocore/hardcore bands out there, but I think that FATA and Emery are two of the best ones.

    I like most artists that are able to make out different style songs, from slow and melodic ones to the most screamt out ones, and even to mix styles in the same song.

    BEWARE: I'm not EMO :D lol!