are you mainstream?


9 fév. 2007, 17h44m

stolen from thetomster yet again..

Go through your top 10 artists and add up the total number of listeners. Divide that number by 10; this is the average number of listeners for your top ten. Now divide the average by the number of Radiohead fans (Radiohead is the artists with the most listeners). Multiply the result by 100 - that is your "mainstream percentage".

01. Marylin Manson 249,689
02. Sex Gang Children 6,147
03. Abney Park 885
04. Antiworld 2,227
05. Gogol Bordello 41,324
06. Backyard Babies 22,140
07. Cenobita 879
08. Christian Death 14,826
09. Bucovina Club Vol. 1 8
10. Goran Bregovic 14,393

total: 352,518

Radiohead fans: 548,327

I'm 6,43% mainstream. lol.

okay, now let's erase badly tagged music, meaning numbers 09 & 10 (these are actually few balkan compilations by various artists) and switch it for bands next in line:

11. Rasputina 31,939
12. Hatesex 200

total: 370,056

mm, now i'm 6,74% mainstream. not that it makes any difference, to be frank.. and not that my top 10 list is really true about what i listen to recently..


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