OMG the girls are taking over, worldwide!


22 juin 2008, 14h04m


  • Celadoor

    Hooverphonic is woman-fronted but other members are boys :)

    22 juin 2008, 15h55m
  • vercetty

    Stand corrected! OTOH - as long the "front" is female... :P

    22 juin 2008, 15h59m
  • Celadoor

    So you presume Geike Arnaert took over Alex, Frank, Duchêne and Raymond?

    22 juin 2008, 16h30m
  • dodoriazarbon

    You missed out Bjork.

    23 juin 2008, 0h01m
  • vercetty

    Nah.. I deliberately meant relatively *new* artists/acts. Otherwise I could've included Nelly Furtado, Tori Amos, Fiona Apple, Blondie, [i]andsoonandsoforth[/i].. <G> - Missy Elliot for that matter..

    23 juin 2008, 8h58m
  • Celadoor

    Hooverphonic released their debut album decade ago. Let's face it: they are neither female based nor new band and shoud not be in the list :)

    23 juin 2008, 10h48m
  • Celadoor

    It passed out from my attention that you meant decade span in your entry so disregard my latest post.

    23 juin 2008, 10h53m
  • doesje

    Nice one. Some others: Jenny Wilson, Jenny Lewis, Alela Diane, Lykke Li, the Noisettes, Sybille Baier, Mariee Sioux, Frida Hyvonen, Rilo Kiley, Neko Case, Cansei de Ser Sexy, M.I.A. (who's quitting, unfortunately).

    22 jui. 2008, 13h54m
  • vercetty

    heey doesje! :) yes - proves a point that I've still got a lot of music to discover.. any particular one(s) you can recommend?

    22 jui. 2008, 19h53m
  • vercetty

    .. and wtf how could I've not included Eisley. "Come Clean" is one of my fav tracks of all time. There you go, once you start a thing there's no end to it.. =8)

    23 jui. 2008, 16h28m
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