Favourite Tracks -- another (A - Z)


5 avr. 2006, 0h27m

Like EarthX2, I've finally come up with the ultimate (! - guess not) A to Z of songs in my collection. The only 3 rules I applied are 1. Alphabetical (obviously) 2. Terrific Music 3. Songs (IOW, no soundtracks or classical stuff, dance etc. - otherwise it would never be finished).

These all get 6 out of 5 stars:

A: Angeles
B: Beautiful That Way
C: Cucurrucucu Paloma
D: Dream Sequence
E: Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometime
F: From Your Favourite Sky
G: Gotta Get Out of This Town
H: Hallelujah
I: Invitation to the Blues
J: Just The Way You Are
K: Kingdom Of Rain
L: Love Trap
M: My Lover Will Go
N: Neighborhood #2 (Laïka)
O: Oh Sailor
P: Private Universe
Q: Quand je marche
R: Rakimou
S: Someone New
T: To Be Alone With You
U: Uninvited
V: Venus as a Boy
W: Waltz for Koop
X: X and Y
Y: You Were Meant For Me
Z: Zorg et Betty

My favourite: M!

What are you waiting for? Go listen to these tracks! =8)


  • vercetty

    Yeah Arab Strap, a disgusting little scottish abberation but I haven't bought any of their albums. I just came across this song and it just sticks to you... Great you like it. I've been thinking, and since I'm a cinema geek - I'll post another a-z of great OST's. Soon as I'm bored I'll do that. =8)

    6 avr. 2006, 9h52m
  • vercetty

    Thanks earthx2! Yes ESOTSM is definately one of my favourite movies. I'm not really into Beck, but the way they did this track - with the close mikeing is spellbinding. I agree with you about playing music too often... That's just a matter of discipline, ;) don't play the track you love very much too often. wise words mind you In fact the list contains songs I even never heard! Don't want to spoil the pleasure, you know ;o) =8)

    7 avr. 2006, 10h56m
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