Kid Rock - Rock N Roll Jesus


26 nov. 2007, 21h09m

Kid has a new album, and I've been listening for several days. It's kinda growing on me - and that's not a stab at the album. What I see is a diverse range of talent. Kid seems to have that talent, and is able to be diverse in his taste. With Rock N Roll Jesus, he truly mixes blues, rock, R&B, and rap to come up with something everyone can enjoy.

Rock N Roll Jesus

Rock N Roll Jesus - Title track, this song has a lot of great 70's style rock riffs with a little Wah-Wah thrown in for extra style. Great backing vocals, it just has a solid feel to it.

Amen - This song starts out with a very simple acoustic riff with kid singing about the various problems in America - but living with a faith in all things good. This song actually reminds me of a little Bruce Springsteen or maybe Bob Seger.

All Summer Long - This song takes it's lead from Warewolves in London - Warren Zevon - I would assume this is a homage to Warren. It's sped up a little, has a bit of country thrown in, and all in all is a cool little tune. It's one of those "remember when..." songs, recalling lost love.

Roll On - This song is a soft reminisces of growing old, remembering how things used to be. He uses the phrase "roll on roller coaster, roll on."

So Hott - This song turns real sleazy, showing that Kid returns to the gutter from time to time. This song has some heavy riffs, strong bass drum beats, and cool lead guitar.

Sugar - "Who's gonna give me some sugar tonight?" - don't let this song fool you. It starts out a bit soft, but gets down to business by heading straight to the rap and typical rhymes you've heard Kid throw out before. Another sleaze ballad!

When U Love Someone - This song is an opposite approach to his sleazier tracks. This one is all about doing for others before you do for you! When you love someone, you are a bit more willing to sacrifice. He adds a little bit of morals by asking questions like - can you forgive, can you not judge, etc. This is a nice track, a little soft and a little rock combined.

New Orleans - As the title might make you think, this is a jazz tune that reminds you of Fats Domino. It has a little brass mixed with a bit of banjo and jazz drums. The song does slowly speed up, and includes a little blues riffs. It also mixes a little country influence (of course). Not a bad tune at all.

Don't Tell Me U Love Me - A little steel guitar, a little blues, drives this song. A few hard driving lyrics, and some melodic mixture in the chorus drive this song. Oh, and of course some sleaze factor in for good measure.

Blue Jeans And A Rosary - Acoustic with a little electric and keyboard - you can hear the Elton John influence in areas. This is a song about a girl who saves a guy who's off target in life. Really - a country-fied angel! Your typical recipe for a hit - bad guy, good girl, friends don't like him, but she sees through it all!

Half Your Age - This song sounds like Kid is taking shots at an ex - maybe Pamela? Starts right out about the girl telling everyone why they aren't together, and why she's so important. This is a classic sounding country tune - drinking song. Really sounds a lot like what you might find on CMT! Of course, the "happy ending" is he's got someone half her age, and twice as hot!

Lowlife (Living The Highlife) - This is a Rolling Stones sounding cover of John Eddie. Not a bad tune - old style Rock and Roll.

My version of the album had the Best Buy bonuses Guilty and the Live version of Jackson Mississippi

Guilty - Cool tune, it's got a bit more drive and a decent rap/rock feel to it.

Jackson Mississippi - What more can be said? This is a live version of a great tune!


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