• W.A.S.T.E.L.A.N.D.S. LP OUT NOW!!!!

    11 fév. 2009, 16h31m

    Uncommon Records has just released "After Years of Television" from W.A.S.T.E.L.A.N.D.S.!!! The album features cameos from Keith Murray, Masai Bey, Nasa and more. Production from Nasa, Cryptic One, Jest One, Domingo and others.

    Pick it up at or at Itunes, Emusic, Amazon MP3 Download or anywhere else worldwide!

    28 sept. 2008, 5h16m

    Check out the video I shot of The Mars Volta from Hammerstein Ballroom 2 weeks ago.

    There's more cool stuff on my video channel on Youtube too.

    3 août 2008, 3h33m

    To see more face melting, check out the 3 videos of Monotonix that I shot at The Bowery Ballroom the other night. I've never seen anything like their performance before. It's a must see, you will see a drummer play with a garbage can on his head, a crowd lift part of the drum kit while it's being played and a band performing with all their gear in the middle of the crowd off the stage.

    I'd like to post videos here, but sucks for this and the youtube button on here is basically useless and even more of a pain in the ass then it was before.

    Here's my youtube page, which has other cool vids of live shit.

    15 jui. 2008, 21h11m


    Torche killed it at Webster Hall in NYC last week. Below are some videos I shot with my digital camera from the 2nd row. Good visuals, poor sound, but you can get an idea of what it was like.

  • Checked out the Beta

    15 jui. 2008, 21h06m

    I think I have a headache now. I don't like how the buy links aren't as in your face anymore as a label guy. I also can't find where the "Suggested Events" are anymore. That was one of the best parts of You could find out where the shows you wanted to see were happening just by listening to music. Please tell me this hasn't changed. Some things I like, but their packing a lot of information into one website. It's hard to take it all in at once the way it's presented. What do you guys think, that have seen it from this group?
  • The first video I've watched from beginning to end in a very long time

    26 avr. 2008, 4h51m

    This video is completely ridiculous. Best video in many, many years. Take this Winter's Wolves video with you too, it's also sick as hell.

    [video artist=The Sword]Winter's Wolves[/video]

    The Sword
  • New Band (to me)- Entrance

    8 avr. 2008, 16h15m

    Just discovered these guys for myself. Their called "Entrance". Sounds like Stoner Rock meets Spaghetti Western music. It's really out there since you can barely understand what the singer is saying under all the effect on the tracks, but the effect still works and it wouldn't be the same without it. I thought, I'd only like the single, Grim Reaper Blues, but when I bought the album, I liked everything on it. Good shit.

    [video artist=Entrance]Grim Reaper Blues[/video]Entrance
  • Slough Feg and Mona Lisa?

    10 mars 2008, 16h39m

    I found this group, Slough Feg last week, that apparently has been around since the early 90s. I bought Atavism on Emusic and was really happy with it. The title track and the sequel to it that ends the album are the stand outs. Really cool stuff. If you've ever heard the French Progressive band Mona Lisa, this sounds like a Metal version in English. The singers are really similar in a wierd way.

    Atavism II
  • Sonic Sum- Films

    21 fév. 2008, 5h37m

    Damn, this "new" Sonic Sum "Films" album is sick. The fact that it was made mad years ago and finally has found it's way to American audiences now doesn't even slow it down. As always, I seem to rely on Youtube in order to make these posts in this group that has no members (but that will change) interesting. I found a random video of some Anime shit that someone cut up and set to Sonic Sum's "Window Seat" track. I don't know shit about Anime so I have no clue why someone would do this, but it's kind of cool, I guess. Check out "Moth" from the new album, friggin ridiculous.

  • This did really happen then?

    8 fév. 2008, 2h46m

    For some reason I remembered this the other day and of course YouTube was there to help me. Rick Wakeman competing on Banzai in a keyboard playing contest against the guy from Level 42. Why Rick agreed to this and how the results come out the way they do are amazing. I guess he has a sense of humor. I bought an old Level 42 record shortly after this happened and it was actually kind of dope.