Festivals … sigh …


21 sept. 2009, 8h19m

So I went to the Incubate festival, a fairly huge festival about the smallest artists. They manage to book the most obscure artists imaginable, even though this year I knew a lot more than last year. I planned on checking out Brethren of the Free Spirit (who came with the same train as myself) and Bronnt Industries Capital, otherwise I had no firm plans. Problem number one was overlap of the Brethren with Mark Ernestus & Tikiman and Tujiko Noriko. Because of my company we settled for the Brethren, which was happening in a church, in which the first band just started, which was :Of The Wand And The Moon:, to my ears standard neo-folk fare. Not bad, but it's not music that impresses me easily. Then we ran into friends which was a blast. So much that I couldn't really get into Brethren of the Free Spirit, mostly because we were to late. The solo-set of Jozef van Wissem also didn't work too well, being with people who obviously didn't give a shit. So after that we went to Aluk Todolo, one of the many 'indie black metal' stars. I always thought 'indie' was a prerequisite of the genre and I'm metal enough to be a bit reserved with all these 'outsiders' trying to make 'my' music, haha. That said, Liturgy just released a great album, so I don't take this stance very seriously. Still, falling into a somewhat clumsy psychedelic experiment I can't say Aluk Todolu impressed me. We originally set out to check Deutsch Nepal but my friend wanted to see Dead Moon with a different drummer, now named Pierced Arrows, so we caught a few songs there. Not my music, but I guess they were alright. Then onward to another bar to see Bronnt Industries Kapital, my friend left soon after the start to go and see Der Blutharsch so this was the first and last show I've seen with full attention. Cool show, one guy with a lot of knobs to twiddle and a bassguitar which sorta explained the 'shoegaze' tag (a whiff of Joy Division), but I think the music is closer to Zombie Zombie and even Goblin (the mood primarily). So there you go, I had a great time but the music was a side-effect, which I personally feel to be a bit of a shame with all these musicians around. I feel I rather should've went to see the Herman Nitsch Aktion and forget about the music. The price of € 20 isn't too expensive (and you get a small booklet with information on the artists as well as a sheet with timetable, take that North Sea Jazz).


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