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LifelikeMotion 27 août 16h58m
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Talk TalkWealth (1997 - Remaster) 23 août 6h54m
Talk TalkInheritance (1997 - Remaster) 23 août 6h42m
Talk TalkEden (1997 Digital Remaster) 23 août 6h28m
Talk TalkI Believe In You (1997 Remastered Version) 23 août 6h48m
Talk TalkDesire (1997 - Remaster) 23 août 6h35m
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  • adamcodypearson

    Yeah, I guess I lose all my music cred. It's really dreamy, twisted, kaleidoscopic and warm. I like it. But yeah, wouldn't have expected it. Have to thank my trainee last quarter for pushing me to try out Youth Lagoon. Not gonna pay to see him live, or anything like that, though.

    13 mai 2013 Répondre
  • stereo999

    We friends now. Woo hoo!

    15 jan. 2012 Répondre
  • njoubert

    Ohhh snap you just listened to Nosaj, soooo sick. My profile is outdated, since I haven't been actively scrobbling for years. Hey I'll follow you anyway.

    7 mars 2011 Répondre
  • AvocadoGenesis

    no, I've liked casino v japan for a while; ever since i went on a heavy boards of canada kick. I wanted to go to the deerhunter show here to see CvJ, but I had to work

    22 nov. 2010 Répondre
  • AvocadoGenesis

    ja man beach house got major pitchfork (or all blogs prolly) hype for the new album. plus its a subpop affair. not like its undeserving though.

    24 fév. 2010 Répondre
  • ryankailath

    yahhh it's pretty expensive. maybe if i can get up to the box office and buy them in person...i've seen them twice this year already =P

    26 nov. 2009 Répondre
  • ryankailath

    i think it's cool that we have the same 7days/3months thing goin on. also WTF desolation wilderness is the best band name ever!

    25 nov. 2009 Répondre
  • gemielicious

    only maybe because I have rehearsals those nights!! and I've seen Sonic Youth before, I was in the front row when they played at Coachella 2007! you are seeing the Fiery Furnaces in November & that make me jealous. oooh man they are so good live. are you going to school in SF? I myself am almost done with my very useful theatre degree from ASU...

    15 sept. 2009 Répondre
  • adamcodypearson

    I wasn't really a huge fan of Deerhunter before but they were definitely the highlight of Street Scene for me. They blew me away live, which is what has gotten me into their recorded stuff. Actually, they closed their set with "Agoraphobia" because someone in the audience requested it, which was pretty cool of them, even if "Agoraphobia" is not my favorite of theirs. I'm glad I went to Street Scene- it was sort of cool to not have a lot of bands that I loved performing because it let me listen to more different stuff. It was fun enough and I will recoup the cost of it because I won free tickets to another show here, which I am selling. Anyway, of Montreal was as bad as I expected- they were all cross-dressed and dressed up as animals at the same time, throwing confetti and shit everywhere... The best part about Street Scene was that you could pretty much nonchalantly land a rail spot for any act except the headliners and famous people.

    1 sept. 2009 Répondre
  • TumultusVorago

    Whoa whoa ... I have added some of the recommendations to my library. I have also tried some of that indie stuff but I hate it and end up banning it from my library :D

    5 août 2009 Répondre
  • adamcodypearson

    Yeah, I've had it for a while now. It's on the Snow Leopard EP. The cover is pretty faithful, but I don't listen to it much because it just sounds so... live. People have been comparing Meiburg's voice to Hollis' for years now. It is probably the main criticism of Shearwater- that they are basically a Talk Talk cover band. Interestingly enough, it is only really noticeable (to me at least) when they cover Talk Talk.

    5 août 2009 Répondre
  • spacematador

    Nice music, I am also Vietnamese.

    29 jui. 2009 Répondre
  • burbankhays

    heyyy!! how are you doing? haha, i know, i feel so old and i miss talking to everyone. college was absolutely fanastic... i really couldn't have asked for a better freshman year. :)

    2 jui. 2009 Répondre
  • Luke_Wirth

    Haha I was awake because my sleep schedule is poor i.e. go to bed at 8 am. And yeah we are way compatible, sweet

    19 juin 2009 Répondre
  • AvocadoGenesis

    no that's pretty much how it goes. luckily the nba season stretches over 9 months of the year.

    12 mai 2009 Répondre
  • AvocadoGenesis

    i'm the same as always i think. i'm gonna switch to something terribly liberal and worthless next semester because i decided to not be a businessman and for good reason. i mostly wanna do it for the k'nex as my life is looking more like endless record collecting, so i had better find a way on to the radio or its gonna just be the most expensive and space consuming hobby. also i love piracy so dgaf. it was pretty inconvenient to do on campus though.

    11 mai 2009 Répondre
  • AvocadoGenesis

    also, how are you? yeah, i decided to cut my hair cause it was unmanageable and plus thats what the celebs do when they go crazy, right? that's cool you're gonna be on your radio. i had wanted to do that this past semester, but the deadline for applications was like the day before i finally decided to D:

    11 mai 2009 Répondre
  • AvocadoGenesis

    you'll love hot chip

    11 mai 2009 Répondre
  • gemielicious

    yeah, the shoutbox shouts are very subtle.

    12 jui. 2007 Répondre
  • gemielicious

    you have good taste... kudos on the fiery furnaces!

    1 juin 2007 Répondre

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