• How I spend my weekends.

    11 fév. 2007, 10h28m

    I just spent two hours of my not-so-precious time mass-editing my mp3s' genre tags in itunes. Holy shit! Do you realize just how difficult that is?

    I started out customizing the genres, not using the pre-configured options... but then things started to get ridiculous. I was a quarter way through the list when I realized I just didn't have the patience to be so fucking specific. After all, this was really only meant for me, and labeling them like that seemed rather pretentious. Is this Emoviolence or Screamo? Who cares! So anyway, a lot of bands got stuck with the "Hardcore/Screamo/Grindcore" tag and even more with the generic "Alternative" tag.

    So anyway: My playlists now look like they were arranged by Mr. Clean himself.