Roger Shah aka Sunlounger presents - A beach side of life


10 nov. 2010, 10h03m

Roger Shah aka Sunlounger presents - A beach side of life

Coming strong in 2010, Sunlounger offers the third chapter, a new glimpse of "pleasure island" in his own way. The album, divided in two amazing parts, downtempo and uptempo has the best of intentions to achieve his goal of bringing skills, making similar genre-bending efforts, that simultaneously manages to keep the same sound and style that we all got used to for some good years by now. In a way, Sunlounger and friends comes back, remaining surprisingly the same as we know him, giving thoughtful track names about life in a place that only imagination or dreams can get to, in a world where most listeners would rather live. On his latest full-length offering, "The Beach Side of Life", the Ibiza veteran gladly demonstrates his immense musical skills with otherworldly wisdom reserved for a grown-folks audience. Only Roger Shah can match the sound of Las Salinas, being well known for it for so many years. In the end, Sunlounger keeps it real in ways that many can’t and for that, Trance music with a bit of Balearic is so much better for it. Now, that’s something worth writing about it, therefore I can easily start all over again, but will leave that for some other time, perhaps a 4th album in the making ?


Written by Cosmin Lukacs ( admin/founder)



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