• cutepandabear


    2 jan. 2008, 23h54m
  • Stone_Prophet

    Torche! Acid King (I think)

    2 jan. 2008, 23h57m
  • trailofgybe

    GNR? You've been saying that since 2000!

    3 jan. 2008, 0h06m
  • cutepandabear

    yeah but its definitely coming this year. didn't you ever realise the significance of the song 14 years?

    3 jan. 2008, 0h14m
  • trailofgybe

    Even My Bloody Valentine are supposedly releasing an album this year.

    3 jan. 2008, 0h17m
  • cutepandabear

    other new albums im looking forward to off the top of my head. Can think of tons of others who are probably due an album this year but havent seen it confirmed yet The Wrens Weezer Anberlin (Their major label debut - coming after 3 absolutely immense independent albums) Death Cab For Cutie Oasis Plain White T's Raconteurs Supergrass The Vines Panic At The Disco! Nada Surf (Even though I've already got it lol) The Kills +44 Goo Goo Dolls The Killers Metallica Muse Coldplay Franz Ferdinand The Futureheads

    3 jan. 2008, 0h20m
  • cutepandabear

    oh actually anberlin released 4 albums not 3 on their old label

    3 jan. 2008, 0h21m
  • cutepandabear

    others i expect albums from; aberdeen city, this providence, hellogoodbye, the hush sound, no wait wait, mewithoutyou, ashcroft, billy talent, new found glory, say hi to your mom, copeland, to name a few

    3 jan. 2008, 0h25m
  • trailofgybe

    Billy No Talent?

    3 jan. 2008, 0h37m
  • trailofgybe

    Coldplay should retire

    3 jan. 2008, 0h37m
  • steerpike

    ILYAS AHMED - The Vertigo of Dawn

    3 jan. 2008, 10h12m
  • artsyfartsy1

    'TALLICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 haha, more like Metallicash

    4 jan. 2008, 21h33m
  • thewolfisloose

    looking forward to the mars volta meshuggah opeth boris gojira mastodon and a possible ISIS album if they follow their usual pattern!

    7 jan. 2008, 22h32m
  • playfuckingfast

    Genghis Tron!

    12 jan. 2008, 19h45m
  • trailofgybe

    The Meshuggah album cover is soooo bad.

    21 jan. 2008, 17h48m
  • black_swan_

    oooh... dead meadow's old growth.

    28 jan. 2008, 8h08m
  • MangoKid666

    The Hellacopters-Head Off Danko Jones-Never Too Loud

    29 jan. 2008, 19h05m
  • murfthesnurf

    colour haze of course. and a bit embarrassing...metallica.

    31 mai 2008, 10h22m
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