• About my tags....

    7 jan. 2008, 3h04m

    What is the difference between gothikjyz and gothicjyz? Unfortunately, nothing. My error! I was suppose to only tag German bands who are singing in German with German sounding tags.

    I am going to start a NEW tag eventually that will be deutschjyz. This will be the only pure tag that will contain every Industrial, Viking, Metal, Rock, and Punk song I like that is sung in German or mostly in German.

    If you are looking for syphonic music without the junk songs, then click on 'gothicjyz'. I put every symphonic song and goth song I like in this tag. You will get
    Dragon Force,
    Sonata Arctica,
    Lacuna Coil,
    After Forever,
    Within Temptation,
    and more.

    This tag is almost exclusively goth or symphonic metal featuring the bands tagged above. I do have 1 tristania song so far tagged. Pink Floyd's "Animal" cd I put here only because I don't mind it here. We are the champions and a System of a Down song might have been accidentally tagged in this genre.
    SOAD I don't mind, but Queen does not belong at all. Sorry Queen!
  • Kamelot III Ways to Epica

    6 jan. 2008, 18h39m

    For some reason this song really appeals to me. I LOVE this song!
    III Ways to Epica

    I don't know which Kamelot albums I have as I misplaced my some of my cd's. I was out of cd books and so had some loose cd's.
  • My Current of 1/2008

    6 jan. 2008, 14h29m

    For a very long time I did not log in to to track my music. I listened to a lot of Kish, Disturbed, Korn, Melodic metal - i.e. Lacuna Coil, Nightwish, Kamelot, Sonata Arctica. I then decided to put a bunch of music on my playlist so that I could decide if I wanted them in my loved tracks radio or not. I didn't even think to tag any of the tracks.

    However, my musical tastes have changed somewhat. I've been craving melodic metal. I've also have had lots of migraines lately. I still like Kish but can't get them currently. The site I was going to buy them at went down. One had to jump through hoops anyhow. What I would like to do is find time to put all my fave industrial music, melodic metal, and some new stuff in my playlist and then tag them as they come on. I've been doing writing goals instead.

    My website still has Word games that have to be put up. I have 40,000 words to write this month and am very busy. No time. So, I'll add a bunch of stuff to my playlist real quick, but not tag anything.
  • Today's Music courtesy of...Programming!

    18 jan. 2007, 14h59m

    I've got so much to do today, that I am actually going to listen to my loved tracks radio for once! LOL I really want to listen to the new Kish album, but can't because it will distract me to much. LOL

    March 1st deadline ticks away...

    ps. I've not always signed in, so much of what I've been listening too has NOT been scrobbled. My musical taste have fallen away from many of those I still share commonality with. I'm just waiting to actually get those albums on my laptop again. I lost some of what I had. LOL
  • Hypnotize

    30 nov. 2006, 17h46m

    I've been meaning to
    singing on way to
    on the run from their fun
    blinded by the sun.

    singing in the sun on the road
    while having lots of fun.
    waiting for light to turn
    while I wait in my car,

    waiting for the
    start of the new life
    without their strife
    while they in sorrow,
    on time they borrow

    Okay, my lyrics to the songs is NOT complete, I gave up as lack time.

    System Of A Down Hypnotize Lyrics
    Why don't you ask the
    kids at Tiananmen Square,
    was fashion the reason
    why they were there?
    They disguise it, hypnotize it,
    television made you buy it.
    I'm just sitting in my car and waiting for my--
    She's scared that I will
    take her away from there.
    Her dreams and her country
    left with no one there.
    Mezmerize the simple minded,
    propaganda leaves us blinded.
    I'm just sitting in my car and waiting for my girl.
    I'm just sitting in my car and waiting for my girl.
    I'm just sitting in my car and waiting for my girl.
    I'm just sitting in my car and waiting for my girl.
  • Kish Rules... yet again!

    18 nov. 2006, 17h41m

    All the Kish that will be played today, is my most favorite Kish of all time!
    Король и шут
  • links... games kinder spiele

    15 nov. 2006, 20h57m

    Nice Games De

    Online games too!
  • Okay, time to whip out the Industrial music to write too...

    15 nov. 2006, 20h38m

    I've found that my story for NanoWrimo needs music that actually fits the story. So, Industrial Music wins hands down!
    Kish will have to wait. :>(

    I also found that I can't listen to music and capture pictures off of DVD either. It confuses the poor speaker and all.
  • My uncurrent chart...

    11 nov. 2006, 5h19m

    I did not log in purpously. I've been too busy trying to find new music that I like on Myspace, and didn't want all the rejects on my charts.

    However, :wumpscut:, Ensiferum, some God Module, Das Ich is all good.
    Some times God Module is too electronica dance and not industrial enough for me. Too much like Assemblage 23. Anyone, who likes one, should like the other. Feindflug, however, is in a league all their own. I ALWAYS want to hear them! Doesn't matter what mood I am in, if they come on, my mood switches immediately to them!

    I only wish that Money grew on trees so that I could get more songs that I love!
  • Nuckin' futs!

    1 nov. 2006, 20h11m

    Okay, NanoWrimo is here and all hell broke lose as usual. The server at nanowrimo is SO slow that a turtle would beat it! Xoops is NOT equiped to handle the server load.
    I can NOT send a post that in my mind, needs to be sent. Holiday is a song that I usually adore, but is making me upset today. Mom burned toast - twice. The second time, it was probably the toaster. I had an asthma attack, went nuts with Nephew so took him and I to Dun Bros. to get me feeling better. I get here, connect to the internet, try to get all of the mandatory posts done (answering people back and all), and then internet goes! The glitch ends, and I finally try to resend my post for the 4th time. Nano taking too long to respond, so I try again and again! Then I get an error message, so might end up double posting. Whatever! My chest finally stopped hurting from the smoke inhalation. I have not wrote anything for Nano yet! I still have 50,000 words to go.
    I am meeting some people tonight in Linden Hills for meetup, so...I am going to go and try to type something before I get there.
    tpgames jaunting off to finally start novel...