My Preferred Listening: Albums


23 sept. 2011, 12h18m

Top 100 Albums I enjoy listening to from start to finish, over and over:

Mr. 76ix - Spirit Of Man Fun, IDM-'lectro-glitchy sounds from 1ne (the best track on the album, I often think), through the touch of melancholy, yearning of 7even to the digital bonus Shapeshifter Graviton Mix.

Franz Falckenhaus - Stories from my Cold War oh wow, this is an journey down down into the darkness of espionage, teasing, chilling, seductive, tense moments...

Autechre - Incunabula(1993). This may be my favourite electronic album of all time. I always "think" Autechre's next album "Amber" is my favourite but when I listen to both, this one just touches me in all of the right places.

Recoil - Unsound Methods (1997).


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