10 nov. 2008, 15h31m

Lucky Dragons: really neat raw sampling stuff. I accidentally ordered the LP instead of the CD (i was a bit confsed to get a "sorry we missed you" slip from the postman since a CD normally fits through letter boxes...) so had to buy an LP player too fortunately that was only 99p on ebay...bargin. Check out the song "givers" especially.

Lhasa: oh what a voice! Typically passionate spanishness to a kind of industrial canter rhythm like something off Tom waits Swordfishtrombones. Beautiful. El Desierto

La Blogotheque
a french music video site of "take away shows" where really good bands trot around paris playing to the french superb quality and most are downloadable.

Pip Heath a unknown artist who records songs in his bedroom..bit like me...very good with some free downloads:

Essie Jain: beautiful voice soft and relaxing with good lyrics too A free download of Glory is on her page

Dan Deacon - Spiderman of the Rings for the most intense one man band ever! Electro Bedroom wizardry at its best!

Thomas Dybdahl - That great october sound. Norwegian singer-songwriter who sings a beautiful song called Adelade check it out

Have a Listen To Phosphorescent my bro got me the Album Pride for my Birthday which is amazingly good and alot like the Bon Iver but just better. Also just sticking his name in the similar artists radio on brings up a wealth of goodies.

Man Man are a kind of heavy version of Tom Waits mixed with Some demented squeaky voices have a listen they've a new album out

ThomasV - a french chap with a FREE EP of which is really cool simple pop stuff.

Marla Hansen - lovely folky niceness

Ferraby Lionheart - What a name!

Scott Walker - Scott an album from like the 70's that is just amazing especially the opening 2 tracks with all sorts of string arangements going on there beautiful.Mathilde

Elizabeth Mitchell - You are my Little Bird, really catchy simple stripped down versions of songs about birds for kids really fun ad cute, includes the Bob Marley calssic three little birds.

The End of History - Fionn Reagan a beautiful singer songwriter, most the tracks are totally bare bones voice and guitar, take a look at an interesting video for "Be Good and Be Gone"

Akron/Family Amazing American group from the same label as Devendra Banhart, with a kind of folk/electronica heavy rock feel.


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