Notes on the Top 25...


31 jan. 2008, 19h30m

Here goes nothin': my top 25 artists as of Jan. 31st and what I think about that.

1. Electric Six - They may not be the most deep and insightful band, but dammit are they fun. Hell, I'd let Dick Valentine take me to a gay bar...

2. Alabama Thunderpussy - Technical, heavy, underrated. Oh yeah, and Staring At The Divine is probably one of the most perfect albums I've stumbled across.

3. Killwhitneydead - Brilliant meshing of music, movies, humor, and horror. I can't stop listening to this stuff.

4. Mad Sin - I'm a psychobilly whore. Survival Of The Sickest is absolutely amazing. Love love love them.

5. Nekromantix - I love all of their stuff. Old stuff all the way up to Life Is A Grave & I Dig It. Yeah, it's different, but it's ridiculously catchy.

6. Devin Townsend - Devin Townsend is a brilliant man and I will allow his supreme wall of sound rape my eardrums any day.

7. Melvins - Who the hell doesn't love the Melvins? Everyone knows why they're on here, no need to explain.

8. The Jesus Lizard - David Yow is a twisted and cryptic man. And his terrifying yowls and moans are strangely fitting.

9. Demented Are Go! - Hellucifernation has me hooked, but they are amazing in general. I honestly think they SHOULD be a little higher on my list, but that's just my own fault.

10. Ministry - What a band. Al Jourgensen is one of my heroes. I hope I see them before this final hoorah is over...

11. Hot Snakes - Audit In Progress is right up there as one of my favorite albums. Such an amazing and depressingly short-lived band.

12. Tiger Army - I really do love Tiger Army (especially early stuff), but not sure how they made it quite this high...

13. Schoolyard Heroes - I love the riffs and I love Ryann's macabre shrills. Real fun live too.

14. Batmobile - I dunno, they're just really fun to listen to.

15. Orange Goblin - Coup De Grace roped me in and I've been a huge fan ever since.

16. System of a Down - Serj confuses the hell out of me. And in some way, that is a good thing.

17. The Horrorpops - Kim Nekroman and his little wifey make a damn fine band. Just fun.

18. The Birthday Massacre - I really like this band and hope I get the chance to see them live.

19. The Lounge Lizards - Fairly odd and offbeat jazz. I can't put my finger on what draws me to this band so much.

20. Screeching Weasel - Pretty good punk music. I don't know, it's just mindless fun.

21. Fu Manchu - Such a fun band. King Of The Road is one of my favorite albums to throw on while on the road.

22. Eyehategod - The most raw, evil, and pure sounding hate I've ever heard recorded. I love it.

23. Mustard Plug - Such good songs. Just really happy and fun music. Trying not to smile when this comes on is almost impossible.

24. Reverend Horton Heat - Demented. Not much more you can say about the Rev. I really love the guitar.

25. CunninLynguists - Pretty deep lyrics about real things. Kno drops some pretty tight beats too.


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