The 29 Best Tracks of 2009


29 nov. 2009, 3h34m

Alphabetically. I've come to realize how ridiculous it is to actually try and rank these.

1. A.A. BondyWhen The Devil's Loose
I wish I had a porch and lived in a cabin out in the country. Until the song ends. Then take me back to my normal, yuppie life with high-speed Internet.

2. Animal CollectiveMy Girls
The song that turned these unlistenable noisemaking jackasses into everyone’s favorite jam band.

3. AnnieSongs Remind Me of You
“You’re So Vain” for disco-loving homosexuals.

4. Big BoiShine Blockas (feat. Gucci Mane)
Party at my place, y’all. Shine Blockas will be on repeat.

5. Boston SpaceshipsTattoo Mission
A Robert Pollard song with a string hook and a Led Zeppelin riff. Yeah, I know, sounds crazy, but it's actually really good.

6. Bruce SpringsteenThe Wrestler
The Ram jumps off the top rope, the screen goes black, Bruce Springsteen does his thing and I cry. God damn this is some powerful stuff.

7. Built to SpillDone
It’s kind of funny that I find a song about loneliness to be so comforting. Goes to show I’m not much of a lyrics guy.

8. Built to SpillHindsight
“Hindsight brings me down / keeps me on the ground.” Yeah, hindsight hit me pretty hard this year.

9. CandlemassIf I Ever Die
Oh. My. God. It’s about time someone released a balls out metal song again where the lead singer doesn’t sound like Doctor Claw.

10. ClipseKinda Like a Big Deal (feat. Kanye West)
I feel like kinda like a big deal when this comes on my iPod as I walk my dog.

11. Clutch50,000 Unstoppable Watts
Rage Against the Machine – Sanctimonious Douchebaggery + Awesome Blues Rock = This Song

12.CunninLynguistsDon’t Leave (When Winter Comes) (feat. Slug)
These dudes put out some weed-brownie party song that everyone seemed to really like this year (it wasn’t very good), but you cats are in denial if you think it even came close to this one.

13. DeloreanSeasun
Great song for driving at night. Incidentally, it would be perfect for a car commercial. Let's just hope and pray that never, ever happens.

14. The Depreciation GuildDream About Me
Proof that shoegaze isn’t just a bunch of fuzzy, sad bastard music.

15. Dinosaur Jr.I Don’t Wanna Go There
I always knew these guys could crank out some extended guitar jams with the best of them.

16. Dinosaur Jr.Over It
Good alternative to emo for overcoming your sorrows. Works much more quickly, too. I’m movin’ on, dude.

17. Dusty KidMoto Perpetuo
Oh man, if I ever went to a dance club and the DJ played this techno monster, I'd be throwing some wicked dice rolls on that dance floor.

18. FauntsFeel.Love.Thinking.Of
Tyler and imaginary girl fall in love while this song is playing in the background.

19. GirlsLust For Life
Cool song, but I wish I’d never watched the uncensored video where the dude uses a guy’s dong as a microphone. (Not the uncensored version)

20. Grizzly BearTwo Weeks
Oh, yay, it’s everyone’s favorite new band.

21. jjEcstacy
This song takes the only good thing about Lil’ Wayne’s “Lollipop” and makes it safe for white Brooklyn kids.

22. Joker & GinzPurple City
I’ve never wanted window-rattling bass in my car until I heard this song.

23. Julian Casablancas11th Dimension
Julian, I’ve really missed you. I’m sorry I said the last Strokes album sucked. Can we be friends again?

24. MastodonDivinations
They took the original Mastodon formula of really heavy riffs and added radio-friendly hooks. Sounds like a recipe for disaster, but that shit actually works.

25. The Pains of Being Pure at HeartYoung Adult Friction
The first time I heard this song, I was on my way to purchase barstools from Bed, Bath & Beyond. It deserved so much better than that.

26. Raekwon10 Bricks
Just one step below “Verbal Intercourse” and “Knuckleheadz.” If you’re familiar with those songs, you’ll know that’s incredible praise.

27. Reigning SoundStick Up For Me
Memphis feels exactly how this song sounds.

28. ShpongleElectroplasm
I don’t do mushrooms or LSD or the like, but if I did, I would choose this to soundtrack the experience.

29. Washed OutFeel It All Around
I want to disappear in this song. Preferably some friends could come with me.


  • tmills

    Damn, this is a solid list. Nice job, sir!

    2 déc. 2009, 6h54m
  • pol_noir

    Damn, this is a solid list. Nice job, sir! No, seriously. And great comments too (many of the songs I have to testdrive'em yet, but the whole list looks promising).

    5 déc. 2009, 16h22m
  • pol_noir

    And I'm glad you included Wahsed out. Once in that neighborhood, check out the last Toro y Moi fantastic singles Blessa and 109. And tell me what you think.

    5 déc. 2009, 16h32m
  • rm508

    Kinda Like A Big Deal might be TME's hip-hop track of the year. Haven't listened to much hip-hop this year, but that's something I definitely enjoyed. And damn, this is a solid list sir.

    23 déc. 2009, 10h37m
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