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Sam Roberts and Michael Shear of The New York Times

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A striking shift in U.S. policy on Libya and could 2012 produce the first billion… 13:54 2
A look at what the possible endgame may be for the U.S. in Libya. 14:13 2
The Caucus for 01/13/2011 14:48 1
A possible federal government shutdown while budget negotiations remain stalled. 15:11 2
A look at the latest New York Times/CBS News poll numbers. 15:28 1
A look ahead at the State of the Union and Chinese President Hu Jintao's state visit 16:10 1
How candidates are dealing with personal issues that can derail a presidential… 16:15 1
The compromise budget bill and the Administration's new focus on the federal debt. 16:29 1
A slowdown in U.S. economic growth and the President reshuffles his national… 16:30 1
President Obam's Mideast Speech; The Search for a Republican Candidate; Newt Stumbles 17:30 1
Analyzing President Obama's State of the Union address. 17:33 2
President Obama's poll numbers after Bin Laden's killing and why the narrative of… 18:33 2