stenograph - radio silence


31 août 2006, 0h15m

as i remove the protective wrapping, and gently prise open the case (whilst simultaneously admiring the surprisingly professional cover art), i can sense something strange, something unusual. something different.

there's something in the air that bothers me.

this is, after all, no ordinary album. and as i softly cup the headphones around my eager ears, my trembling hands and upright hairs (head and arms) are testament to the album's aura. on pressing play, i am literally bombarded with gallons and gallons of the blood, sweat and tears that went into making 'radio silence'. this is disgusting. but at the same time it is refreshing, and as jonny martyr's caramel-covered crooning carefully caresses my cochlea, i relax a little, and allow the innate peacefulness to swill around my brain and alter my psychological makeup in a profound and enlightening way.

Stenograph have placed themselves at the forefront of the exciting brighton-thames ditton artrock movement, but will the avant-garde madmen be able to follow up their magnum opus (great work) with something even more out there?



  • pnattress

    This brings a tear to my eye. Did it really come with protective wrapping?

    3 sept. 2006, 14h31m
  • timxyz

    if i told you the truth, pete, it would destroy the review.

    9 sept. 2006, 0h43m
  • 99williamsdav

    this review is bollocks, but not just any bollocks, THE bollocks.

    16 oct. 2006, 17h03m
  • 99williamsdav

    This review is as timeless as the subject material.

    20 juin 2011, 21h30m
  • timxyz

    A weepworthy concluding question, and I am proud to have posed it in such a poignant way.

    20 juin 2011, 22h17m
  • timxyz

    To the webmaster: I would like this review released into the public domain.

    20 juin 2011, 22h20m
  • jonnymartyr

    Everyone has one piece of Art in them. This was mine.

    30 déc. 2011, 16h13m
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