Top 5 albums of 1994


11 mai 2010, 8h00m

I turn 11 this year. I also moved on to CDs as we bought a CD player on our Christmas holidays in 1993.

#5 Vs. - Pearl Jam

Animal and Daughter

#4 Music Box - Mariah Carey

While i did not own a copy of the record, my brother did, and given that he is my older brother i ended up listening to it a fair bit. As gay as it sounds i do like some tracks on this album, particularly Hero and the Badfinger cover Without You.

#3 The Greatest Hits - INXS

I know it's lame to put a greatest hits album on a list like this but it was through this album that i really discovered my love for this very talented Aussie band. And there was a new track released of it: The Strangest Party (These Are the Times) which is a cracking tune.

#2 No Need to Argue - The Cranberries

I loved these guys back then, obviously Zombie is a highlight as well as the ballad Ode to My Family.

#1 Crossroad - Bon Jovi

I know, I'm lame, it's another 'greatest hits collection' but this was the second CD i ever owned... And the new single Always released off it was, at the time my favorite Bon Jovi song (not anymore, Livin' on a Prayer took over when i discovered the 80s).

That's pretty much everything i wanted on that list so no one misses out :)

Song of the year: Got to be Zombie i think.


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