Lyrics Game, Part 3


16 jui. 2006, 4h13m

Third time. I quite enjoy this lyrics things, meet some interesting people with good music taste along the way :). Bent the rules a wee bit too =/, sometimes the first line of a song is pretty ambigious!

Step 1: Put your MP3 player or whatever on random.
Step 2: Post the first line from the first 50 songs that play, not matter how embarassing.
Step 3: Strike out the songs when someone guesses both artist and track correctly.
Step 4: Looking them up on Google or any other search engine is CHEATING!

1. Well I walked up to her and I asked her if she wanted to dance
Then I Kissed Her

2. The old Rocker wore his hair too long, wore his trouser cuffs too tight
Too Old To Rock 'n Roll, Too Young To Die

3. Oh, girl Ive known you very well, I've seen you growing everyday
More Than a Woman

4. You walk in, half past nine, looking like a queen
Poor House

5. Every day is an endless train, you go to ride it to the end of the line

6. Your daddy was a Sgt. Major

7. Im sick and tired of hearing things
Gimme Some Truth

8. Im always touching myself, I've got nothing else to do

9. Theres gotta be a record of you some place

10. You made a fool of me, but them broken dreams have got to end
Evil Woman

11. Makin' love underneath the bed, shooting stars from a purple sky
Flaming Pie

12. Gotta get me some, gotta get me instant gratification

13. You have to learn to pace yourself, (...)

14. Don't think sorry's easily said, don't try turning tables instead
Eye in the Sky

15. Chose a life in circuses, jumped in at the deepest end

16. I remember her standing in the tall grass and cattails
A Mind With A Heart Of It's Own

17. I'm nothing special, in fact I am a bit of a bore
Thank You for the Music

18. Dial up my number now, weaving it through the wire
Ooh La La

19. Time takes a cigarette, puts it in your mouth
Rock 'N' Roll Suicide

20. There’s only so much you can learn in one place

21. I'm up on the eleventh floor, and I'm watching the cruisers below
Queen Bitch

22. Bring out the charge of the love brigade

23. I know I'm not the only flower you see, but what can I do, you are a good looking bee
Bumble Bees

24. Well they took some honey from a tree
Everybody's Trying to Be My Baby

25. You serve me, and I'll serve you
Sue Me, Sue You Blues

26. Just a loud mouth Yankee I went down to Mexico
What Am I Doing Hangin' 'Round?

27. You are the latest contender, you are the one to remember
Darts of Pleasure

28. I don't mind you comin' here and wastin' all my time
Just What I Needed

29. Silence in the air, is anybody there?

30. The nurse should not be the one who puts salt in your wounds
The Nurse

31. Once I had a love and it was a gas
Heart of Glass

32. Thought that I was going crazy, just having one of those days, yeah
Love at First Sight

33. Elvis was a coola shaker
The Lady Is A Vamp

34. Speed along the highway, honey I want it my way
Back Seat of My Car

35. (...) in the morning, you've just gone to sleep

36. When the day is dark, over a thousand streets

37. Oh I've been traveling on a boat and a plane
Any Road

38. I must have dreamed a thousand dreams
Land of Confusion

39. Now take me dancing at the disco where you buy your Winniebago
Ride a White Horse

40. I know you like to wear my dressing-gown
Long Hot Summer

41. We don't serve your country, don't serve your king

42. Now if you think Ray blew it, there was nothing to it
Pied Piper

43. I don't know what you're looking for

44. Well I'm upper upper class high society
Big Balls

45. Universe is full of stars, nothing out there looks the same

46. Walking down the sidewalk on a purple afternoon
London Town

47. I hear a voice in the room next to mine, feels good, sounds good
If Anyone Falls

48. In that big big house there are fifty doors

49. Ive been in this town so long that back in the city
Heroes & Villains

50. (...) in an open car, to tempt you in and drive you far away
Love Is A Stranger

Here are the artists, to give you some clues

The Alan Parsons Project
Bachman Turner Overdrive
The Beach Boys
The Beach Boys
The Beatles
The Bee Gees
Billy Joel
The Cardigans
The Cars
David Bowie
David Bowie
Dire Straits
Electric Light Orchestra
Franz Ferdinand
George Harrison
George Harrison
George Harrison
Girls Aloud
Jethro Tull
Jethro Tull
John Lennon
Kylie Minogue
Midnight Oil
Mike Oldfield
The Monkees
The Traveling Wilburys
Paul McCartney
Paul & Linda McCartney
Ringo Starr
Spice Girls
Stevie Nicks
Tom Petty
Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers
The White Stripes


  • brightstripes77

    27. Franz Ferdinand - Darts of Pleasure 30. White Stripes - The Nurse 31. Blondie - Heart of Glass

    16 jui. 2006, 4h32m
  • muffin_killer

    6. Wings Jet 15. George Harrison Faster 37. George Harrison Any Road *grins*

    16 jui. 2006, 4h33m
  • thrownsugar

    All right apart from 6. Ms Muffin_killer, that lyric is VERY similar to one found in Jet, but alas it is not that song :(.

    16 jui. 2006, 4h47m
  • TANK_Ex_Mortis

    19. David Bowie - Rock 'n' Roll Suicide 24. The Beatles - Everybody's Trying to Be My Baby and I'm sure I know 5, but I've lost most of my Beach Boys music and can't remember what song it is.

    16 jui. 2006, 4h59m
  • CrotchMaven

    1. Beach Boys- Help Me Rhonda

    16 jui. 2006, 5h09m
  • CrotchMaven

    10. ELO- Evil Woman

    16 jui. 2006, 5h10m
  • CrotchMaven

    21. David Bowie- Hang On To Yourself

    16 jui. 2006, 5h11m
  • CrotchMaven

    28. The Cars- Just What I needed

    16 jui. 2006, 5h13m
  • thrownsugar

    Well... 1. is not Help Me Rhonda, nor is 21 Hang On To Yourself. Right artists, wrong songs :) 5. is not a Beach Boys song, although there are two Beach Boy songs somewhere in there. The rest are right *phew*

    16 jui. 2006, 5h18m
  • Hattrick12488

    44. AC/DC - Big Balls

    16 jui. 2006, 5h19m
  • Hattrick12488

    Oh, and I know 38 as the first line of Disturbed's Land of Confusion, but they must have borrowed it from someone else because they don't seem to fit in here.

    16 jui. 2006, 5h21m
  • TheWalkmen

    21. David Bowie - Queen Bitch

    16 jui. 2006, 5h26m
  • Romulus05

    25. George Harrison - Sue Me Sue You Blues

    16 jui. 2006, 5h58m
  • hapman

    1. The Beach Boys - Then I Kissed Her 7. John Lennon - Gimme some truth 14. Alan Parsons Project - Eye In The Sky 17. ABBA - Thank You For The Music 19. Bowie - R&R Suicide 21. Bowie - Queen Bitch 24. Beatles - Everybody's tryin' to be my baby 28. The Cars - Just what I needed 49. The Beach Boys - Heroes And Villains

    16 jui. 2006, 6h29m
  • mol3mole

    18. Ooh La La - Goldfrapp

    16 jui. 2006, 6h37m
  • beata385

    23. Aqua - Bumblebees 32. Kylie Minogue - Love At First Sight 33. Spice Girls - The Lady Is A Vamp 39. Goldfrapp - Ride A White Horse 40. Girls Aloud - Long Hot Summer

    16 jui. 2006, 6h49m
  • thrownsugar

    Those are all right... This is bugging me...the BB code on my journal isn't working, hence I can't strike out the ones that have already been guessed o_O

    16 jui. 2006, 6h51m
  • lisardggY

    Urg. With's new design I can't find anything or see anything, so I just noticed this now after the good ones have been taken. :) Still: 2. Too Old To Rock'n'Roll, Too Young To Die / Jethro Tull 42. The Chequered Flag / Jethro Tull I'm pretty sure these are the the song names, but that album tends to blur a bit in my head, and I don't have it here at work to check.

    16 jui. 2006, 11h44m
  • Raelthelamb

    38. Genesis - Land of Confusion Have you tried any Gabriel-era Genesis, only that's the second Genesis answer I've given, and they've both been newer songs ;)

    16 jui. 2006, 12h34m
  • thrownsugar

    42 is on the same album as 2, but it is not The Chequered Flag. I love that song And I am yet to try Gabriel era Genesis, shame on me :(. I grew up on the Phil Collins stuff so have not had a lot of exposure to it. I should give it a whirl some day :)

    17 jui. 2006, 0h57m
  • lisardggY

    Ok, there, you made me go and check. Happy? :) #2 is indeed Too Old/Too Young, but #42 is Pied Piper. I knew they were the two consecutive tracks on the album, but I keep messing up their names.

    17 jui. 2006, 4h56m
  • thrownsugar

    Hey nothing wrong with making you listen to a little Tull :P

    17 jui. 2006, 5h01m
  • kierhianna

    16. Tom Petty - A Mind with a Heart of its own

    17 jui. 2006, 12h50m
  • lisardggY

    Even though TOtR&R/TYtD is possibly my least favorite Tull of the 70's (except maybe Stormwatch), it's still a good album. Crazed Institution was my favorite there for a while, but I need to give it a few more listens for old times' sake. :)

    17 jui. 2006, 19h28m
  • koincydencja

    4. travelling wilburys - poor house

    17 jui. 2006, 20h18m
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