Lyrics Game #13


18 août 2006, 9h44m

1. Look up; the stars are fading and I am still here waiting to see you again, be with you, my friend.
- On Top Of The World

2. I cared a little but you wouldn't believe.

3. Night after night, lift me up as high as the clouds that won the sky.
- Poetically Pathetic

4. I thought I could keep it better together, forever in debt to each other.
- What It Meant To Be Clean

5. And as they as strolled along, my heart broke out in song from all the things and the thoughts and assumptions that I had wrong.
- Never Knew

6. The way that we play has such confrontation and guilt by association.
- Don't Be So Hard

7. My swan song will be like a bullet laced in anger as the razor cuts the soft spot on your heel.
- Bite To Break Skin

8. Another day, another worry breaks right through and indecision bleeds me dry.
- Hands On Deck

9. All I wanted was your time cause I know you got an answer set aside.

10. I know you get what you get: you get what you deserve.
- Runaway

11. It's not gossip if it's the truth. I'm sick of always writing songs for you to slit your wrists to.
- Hand of God

12. When we hear hearts break, we'll say they're playing our song.
- Speakers Blown

13. Soft minds, backed up by hard drives standing in single file; anything to pass the test.
- Black Lines to Battlefields

14. Dear, it's been hardly three days and I'm longing to feel your embrace.
- Oh, It Is Love

15. Hardly a heartthrob but I made due, using them same 'circle yes or no' notes I used in grade school.
- Scandalous Scholastics

16. What a joy it is to kill all my hunger in three minutes and thirty seconds.
- My Name Is Ozymandias

17. Say hello to the best few years of your lifetime spent in pursuit of love. We are crashing everything on this town tonight.
- Diaries

18. Tonight I say we just get out of this town.
- Let's Get Married

19. The story's undone; unravel at the seams.
- Don't Wake Me Up

20. I sang a song to you through the floor to reach you upstairs.
- Basement Ghost Singing

21. Sing me to sleep; I'll see you in my dreams, waiting to say, "I miss you. I'm so sorry."
- Lullabies

22. We rode across that bridge all night, we talked our way through city lights, traced all the lines; we're killing time under those buzzing signs.
- Look What Happened

23. I stuck a knife into his back; inventiveness is what I lack.
- Avondale

24. Well, can I get closer now? Unless you want to be by yourself. Why can't I get closer now? See, I can show you if you don't know how.
- You Were Right

25. I guess dreams do come true; this song itself is living proof.
- Given the Chance


All Time Low
Amber Pacific
Archie Star
Armor for Sleep
The Audition
Boys Like Girls
Days Away
Fall Out Boy
The Higher
Hit the Lights
The Hush Sound
Gatsby's American Dream
Gym Class Heroes
The Junior Varsity
Less Than Jake
Letter Kills
The Rocket Summer
Senses Fail
The Starting Line
Waking Ashland


  • MakeThemJealous

    5. The Rocket Summer - Never Knew 6. The Audition - Don't Be So Hard 10. Cartel- Runaway 11. Fall Out Boy - Hand of God 20. Armor For Sleep - Basement Ghost Singing :)

    18 août 2006, 14h29m
  • dustinm

    7. senses fail - bite to break skin

    18 août 2006, 15h04m
  • shootachtung

    16. Gatsbys American Dream - My Name Is Ozymandias

    18 août 2006, 18h49m
  • ellie117

    12. Hit The Lights: Speakers Blown 14. Hellogoodbye: Oh, It is Love 17. The Higher: Diaries 24. Days Away: You Were Right

    18 août 2006, 20h25m
  • Shaves

    22. Less Than Jake - Look What happened

    18 août 2006, 23h37m
  • bringonthemoshx

    1. boys like girls - on top of the world 8. waking ashland - hands on deck 13. acceptance - black lines to battlefields 18. archie star - let's get married 21. all time low - lullabies 25. the starting line - given the chance

    19 août 2006, 2h43m
  • paperdoll8

    [b]19. Don't Wake Me Up The Hush sound.[/b]

    19 août 2006, 8h11m
  • paperdoll8

    [b]Actually. It would be quite easy to just search for those lyrics on google or another popular search engine and find what song those exact lyrics are from. Not that I did that. I guess I'm just trying to say that the purpose of this can be defeated with only the typing of a few words. [/b]

    20 août 2006, 21h53m
  • thoseguiltyeyes

    Yeah, I know that. I just have nothing else better to do and it gives me something to do, so that's basically why I do these lyric games.

    20 août 2006, 22h32m
  • DonnyDarko24

    3. Amber Pacific - Poetically Pathetic 23. Yellowcard - Avondale

    22 août 2006, 7h03m
  • WhoaElena

    the junior varsity- what its meant to be clean

    12 oct. 2006, 5h54m
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