• ShotgunGold

    Fantastic article! Some great songs there and I like the news pictures too.

    3 sept. 2010, 11h01m
  • jdflynn

    Good stuff chief!

    7 sept. 2010, 21h32m
  • ---Jacke---

    Epic fail. 1986 - what about Angel Of Death and Master Of Puppets?o.0

    14 sept. 2010, 11h31m
  • Natas94

    Epic fail. 1986 - what about Angel Of Death[2] and Wake up dead?

    14 sept. 2010, 21h49m
  • TheArtistBox

    jacke & Natas, you can't have all songs included in a top 10. i can add about million songs onto each year here that were influential in their own little way but they are not as big as the influence as the songs he has already listed

    24 oct. 2010, 14h44m
  • inhmn

    angry metals attack :D some great charts around here - some of them a little too pop for my taste ;)

    21 fév. 2011, 16h59m
  • burningwaffles

    wow thank you

    27 mars 2011, 6h48m
  • Bearrorist

    Awesome article

    9 avr. 2011, 16h13m
  • AlCapwnUK

    cool article, although where are sonic youth and my bloody valentine? i know this is a facetious comment

    16 jui. 2011, 19h44m
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