Charity Shops Are Killing The Music Industry


26 oct. 2009, 15h21m

Said it before, the Oxfam book and Music charity shops are top quality and the one on Strutton Ground, between Victoria and Westminster can be a fucking treasure trove of good music.

Today I popped in at lunch and walked away with a pile of CDs - no vinyl today though - which I will present for your delectation;

The Beatles - Revolver - I like this lot but I've never bought anything by them until now. Possibly the best album ever? Meh. maybe, maybe not - but it does have Tomorrow Never Knows and For No One on it - both 10 out of 10 tracks them are.

Tripping Daisy - My Umbrella - Tim's old band before he formed The Polyphonic Spree - I know not much about them but I did used to love Piranha.

The Heavy - How You Like Me Now? - never heard of them but there's a Joker remix on it so that should be good...

Einstellung - wings of desire - no idea but nice sleeve so bought it for that and the fact that there are shouts out to Rough Trade and Shifty Disco (I think - this is from memory) on the inlay slip.

3Ds - Hey Seuss - no idea - on the Flying Nun label so how bad can it be?

& Finally; the Best of Dance 92 - Yay! Early House and other 1992 club classics - sweeeeeeet...

So a tenner to charity is a tenner that the music industry won't get their hands on. Not to worry, they'll get theirs later in the week I'm sure... Charity shops are go!


  • Ranzatsu

    Revolver is the best album ever.

    27 oct. 2009, 2h09m
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