• Follow Friday for August 21st, 2009

    21 août 2009, 23h15m

    Each week I write an article on featuring some of the (currently) over 1500 followers I am lucky to have on Twitter. It's my way of having something a little more lasting then a tweet and to help promote the community.

    This week I featured 21 Alt, Fetish & Pinup Models that are on Twitter:

    #FollowFriday- Alt, Fetish & Pinup Models on Twitter
  • Walking away

    17 août 2009, 6h02m

    I had pretty much simply stopped using over a year ago now. Not entirely sure why, maybe it was my use of or imeem, just not sure.
    I still mostly listen to my music from my own hard drive rather then from the cloud, so I figured 'wtf!...why not?' I just added the scrobbler and let's see if it works out.
  • I like the changes

    18 jui. 2008, 8h09m

    been away from here,, for a couple of days. I like the new layout and reorg, much better for moving around and using the site. I do wish that I could still 'paint it black'.
  • never enough time, money, caffeine

    9 jui. 2008, 4h51m

    Each day for the last 4 I was somehow able to find sleep. It has been a while since I had that kind of streak, it feels odd, almost norm. *shivers*

    Ah, but this night this day, will collide into the next. I have so much work, so much caffeine and too many bills to say no. So, I work thru the night, again.

    I always wondered what the f! people bitch about when they have to work 40 hours a week. I would kill a norm for a 40 hour work week.

    Currently on rotation for the next inconceivable amount of time:

    Psyclon Nine - HarlotHarlot
  • writers wanted

    28 juin 2008, 17h50m

    I decided that there is no fkn way I can get everything done on my own, so if you write/blog, are a passionate lover of: art, music, fashion, movies, graphic novels, pinups (who the fk isnt!) then hit me up.
    Looking to collab with others.

    skype: theunclean
  • work work work

    28 juin 2008, 16h32m

    So today marks six days in a row, 9-11 hours each. Tomorrow may be another, depending on how much I can get done today. It's worth it tho. I'm only working 8 hours, split between Mon and Tues, for next week.
    That gives a fk load of time to catch up on some sleep and get some blogging done.
    *sigh* ooh it feels good to breathe!
  • dethklok

    9 juin 2008, 3h46m

    on a total dethklok kick right now; watching episodes while blasting tracks; new episode tonight too!

  • nearly 5 hours of sleep

    8 juin 2008, 18h03m

    it is frkn amazing how much better I feel after having gotten some damn sleep. might actually try it everyday!Touched
  • almost 5am

    8 juin 2008, 11h38m

    I guess now that the sun will rise soon, I should start packing things up for the day/night.
    Must be sure to get at least 4-5 hours of sleep; can't easily pull off skipping sleep 2x in a row. That's old age for you... Oh shit that, fk sleep anyways, I have too much to do.
  • sinfull saturday

    7 juin 2008, 17h56m

    I should be working, fuk that!
    Already broke 60 hrs this week, I need at least a half day off; so I'm taking it.
    Will be updating the website tonight, and adding another podcast episode. The featured artist will be Drown Transmission.