Danish XX Radio - Post Rock


25 avr. 2011, 21h43m

This article is an article for Denmarks Rock League. It will feature thoughts on my listening to Danish XX Radio, where the XX¨s stand for a genre. So I listen to Multi tag radio on last fm and fill out Danish and a genre, and compare what I hear to my ideas of quality and knowledge about the scene or tell what I find out by doing a bit of research. Hopefully I can in this way cast a bit of light on music f from this country, for my own as well as for others benefit.

The first radio I hear is danish post rock radio, and the first track is Vicarious Lover by Savium. Its a greatly driven track but does not really grap me, perhaps because i am writing this.

So the next track is

Purification by The Seven Mile Journey. Beautiful night music which is fitting - It builds up slowly - but has this typicalcontrast of the almost orchestral guitarwork and the the dark broody rock bass. The music has phases like a progressive rock track - or a classical work. but it is so distinctly post.rock. Its the essence of it- what its all about this genre. It is sometimes dark and unexpected, but there is no noisy waves like early Mogwai. I am not an expert on the genre, for me it sounds like other scandinavian post rock ensembles I have seen live - Diefenbach and The Low Frequency in Stereo but even more "clever" or ambitious - progressive is probably the term. I can imagine how some old 70s prog band would build things up like this but also Spiritualized.They do not remind me of Windermere nor Efterklang however. A band worth writing home about

Next is epo-555 with .Sugar. Tagging this as post rock is pushing it quite a bit - this is dream pop! Love the band who just missed the mark for the DRL Beatland league. The track melts perfectly on to the end of The Seven Mile Journey though, as its one of their dreamier offerings . that does however come with a strange almost industrial drone attached to the pop song. It adds to the feeling of edged summer drowsiness that is one of the bands specialities. It sound like Yo La Tengo and OMD jamming inside a cloud of mist. It stops like the mist vaporised.
Nest on is The Shaking Sensations. Never heard of them before. But this is great . Great tune leans on a new age kind of vibe- but the arrangement has many layers.

Then the radio station is rudely interrupted by some internet mishap. Time for bed anyway!


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