50000+ tracks played! (another generic uninteresting journal entry!)


11 oct. 2008, 0h26m

Yo! So, I almost missed this milestone (!!), and then I would be sooooo disappointed for not writing another generic analysis of my overall top 20! But I missed it only by 44 tracks, ain't bad, and here I go...

Previous "milestones":
40000 tracks played: 2008-04-01
30000 tracks played: 2007-04-28
20000 tracks played: 2006-04-29
10000 tracks played: 2005-11-19

50044 tracks played since January 4th 2005
50044 tracks in 1374 days ~= 36.42 tracks per day
and comparing to the 40000+ tracks played! journal entry of April 1th 2008:
10025 tracks played since April 1st 2008
10025 tracks in 192 days ~= 52.21 tracks per day (as opposed to ~=29.7)

Top 20 Artists:

1. Tool (-) - 2,009 tracks
Well, yeah, Tool are still no 1 on my charts... who would have thought??? :P

2. Ρόδες (-) - 1,221 tracks
Hmm, I was not really expecting this band to be still on the 2nd spot. However with 2 really good albums of , , , / they can apparently still keep me interested!

3. Dream Theater (+1) - 1,142 tracks
Ok, on the last milestone journal entry DT lost their spot from Pain of Salvation and now they reclaimed it... Probably mostly because their discography is larger.

4. Pain of Salvation (-1) - 1,126 tracks
As above! Let's see what the new album will be like... and let's also see when mr Gildenlow is going to release that live DVD he has promised!

5. Metallica (+3) - 1,090 tracks
They would definitely be higher if my discman or mobile could also scrobble, Death Magnetic is definitely the album I enjoyed the most till now in 2008!

6. Active Member (+3) - 978 tracks
Well, their last releases might not be that good, their first 5 albums are amazing though! Real jewels of /!

7. Incubus (-2) - 975 tracks
Haven't seen these fuckers live yet... :(

8. Biffy Clyro (-1) - 959 tracks
Well, I am turning into a fanboy! Hell! I even went to a signing session! :D

9. Porcupine Tree (-3) - 884 tracks
I am really curious as to what Steven Wilson will do next... him producing the new Anathema album is quite interesting as well!

10. Coheed and Cambria (-) - 720 tracks
So their next step in the saga is the prequel?

11. Radiohead (-) - 710 tracks
Finally saw them live this summer in Glasgow and they were freakin' awesome!!

12. Θανάσης Παπακωνσταντίνου (+4) - 518 tracks
His collaboration with Διονύσης Σαββόπουλος is not as good as I expected it to be, however his past albums were enough to seal his move up the chart. :)

12. Opeth (+7) - 518 tracks
For some reason they were too low on the top 20... well, Watershed put things in their place, high! It's quite interesting that the band keeps on evolving like that!

14. Raining Pleasure (new) - 484 tracks
Hmm, the first new entry! Raining Pleasure is a good band and their 2005 reinterpretation of the classic Reflections (originally by the great composer Manos Hadjidakis and the New York Rock & Roll Ensemble in 1969) seems to have given them good inspiration for their last album, Who's gonna tell Juliet? which I repeatedly enjoyed these past 192 days!

15. Oceansize (-3) - 482 tracks
It's quite irritating that 1 year in the UK I did not manage to see them play live, something that sadly I doubt will ever happen in Greece...

16. King Crimson (-1) - 458 tracks
The new lineup features the return of the dual drummer with one of them being Gavin Harrison of Porcupine Tree fame... quite interesting I'd say!

17. dredg (-4) - 448 tracks
Come on! Release the new album! This will also stop you guys from moving down my charts! Now thing about that! :P

18. Editors (-1) - 445 tracks
Poor man's Interpol or not I like them! ;)

19. Muse (-5) - 443 tracks
So, isn't it about time for them to release new stuff?

20. Pearl Jam (-2) - 425 tracks
As a greek might say Steady Value! :)

Random Trivia:
- 7 bands/artists come from the United States, 7 from United Kingdom, 4 from Greece and 2 from Sweden
- Only 3 of the 4 greek artists have lyrics in a language other than english (greek).
- Interestingly I have
seen live 16 out of the 20 bands/artists mentioned! Kewl!! :D


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