• Beats update 8/14/14

    15 août 2014, 1h20m

    I just listened to Tropical and I liked it. I will characterize it as midbeat techno with maybe a little trance? Very listenable while surfing.
  • First Journal Entry Since...

    3 août 2014, 18h12m

    I haven't written a new journal entry since I began on in 2007. Now I have an issue with my most recent streaming music provider: Beats music. I like it but it doesn't scrobble on mobile and the desktop-based scrobbling is iffy. So when I discover some music or want to record what I'm listening to, I'll have to make a journal entry here.

    I enjoy streaming music rather than buying music "to keep" (ha-ha!), and I started with a nice little service called Lala. It scrobbled to and it had a good interface and music selection. Then in 2010 or so, Apple bought it, then promptly shut it down. So on a recommendation from, I went to MOG. At first the iPad app was not great (it was just the same version as the iPhone app), but they eventually came up with a beautiful app that I really enjoyed. As these things seem to go, it was bought by Beats in 2013 and stopped in spring 2014. Now, Beats has been bought by... APPLE!!! hmm...

    Today I listened to Geyser's "Digger 2006." I would listen to it again. Good for studying or chilling and being a little spaced out when surfing the web or light reading.
    Digger 2006

    Right now, I'm listening to Mr. Fantasy
    This is somewhat dated, I'd call it album rock, or art rock, progressive rock perhaps, and I think it's a pretty decent and has a good early seventies feel to it. (apparently it came out in the late sixties)

    Another comment I would like to add is a show I went to on my birthday. John Butler Trio in Philadelphia
    I hadn't heard of John Butler but it was a good show. He rocked more than I was expecting, and I'd definitely listen to him again.
  • Exploring new music

    4 juin 2007, 4h12m

    Stevie Ray Vaughan
    I always knew I loved blues guitar, but since being on I'm discovering jazz and jazz guitar is great, too.
    Larry Carlton
    Peter White
    Pat Metheny