a love so helpless and pure airportcore ambient bands i want our band to sound like bar brawl bawwwcore best of 2013 burning things to keep warm cant listen claim this as my theme song comfort albums contenders for favourite song country wibe crippling loneliness crying-over-girlsxcore cursed songs deranged dance punk desperation lust and shame dont doubt yr worth dont let this song fall into obscurity remember to listen again dream pop dreaming of a thatched roof drinking music drinking piss is romantic dubstep favourites emo everything reminds me of you this evening experimental hip-hop favourite albums ffffuck filthy dreams about zac pennington floating three feet off the pavement folk albums i have loved folk it for a sweetheart fuzzed out prayer garage punk garage rock revival glitter and synth guidance counsellor songs high school holy shit give up all hope of ever functioning as a person how i learned to stop worrying and appreciate soul i fuck the music i want to live inside this track im not playin wit chu indie pop it is the end of the world jamestep jazziohead kindest nightmares left-cheek kisses like cool milk on your forehead love songs for the foolhardy and earnest mazing sample music to make my mother worry musical catnip my ears are so happy noided noise october albums omfggg oral sex perfect for a prom night piano quest possum in the bedsheets post-hardcore post-punk psychedelic punching small children punk rock punk songs about traditionally girly topics respect the cock shaker hymns shoegaze simple piano melodies sing along sob on the floor so quoteable soft gloves on songs to learn on harp sparkly feeling that reaches all the way to your toes stomping jams storm on the way to the pharmacy summer lovin torture party the calm project the robot analogy didnt help the sweetest song to mention porn and gonorrhea the warmest songs come from sweden things said without words thinking about something small but immense on a bike journey many miles from home this song could be your life to listen triggers obnoxious air drumming twee ugh so smooshy and corny why are my feet tapping video game music vocals akin to the best pork roll ever warm colours when im a cosmonaut would you mind if i get naked i only dance when i am naked