Mistle Toe Jam... Part Two.


19 déc. 2006, 21h03m

So last night was Mistle Toe Jam Part Two, a makeup concert for The Killers, who, due to Brandon having the flu or bronchitis or something (I've heard different things), canceled at the last minute. Which worked out fine for me since I couldn't really make it on the 6th (and tickets were really more expensive than I could afford at the time). So ticket prices for the new makeup date? $9.97. SCORE. So I went. And had fun.

The two opening bands were Cartel and Sparta. I'd heard Cartel, as they are from Atlanta and my sister likes them a lot. Sparta... when I first found out they were on the bill, my initial thought was "who the crap?" As I don't listen to much alternative music, I... really had no idea who they were.

So anyway, my sister, three of her friends (one girl, two guys), the dad of two of the friends and myself get there around 6:40-ish. The doors opened at 6, and the concert was supposed to start at 7:15. So we find our seats (four of us were up in section 310, two were down in 108 (thanks to won tickets), but us in 310 actually had better seats than those in 108), and then the three of us girls went and walked around a bit where we got some Cokes and pretzels and I bought a Killers T-Shirt. Which is amazingly comfortable for only $30. O.O I'll post pics of it later, but it's black and says "The Killers" all pretty like on the front, and on the back it says "Run for the hills before they burn." which is one of my favorite lines.

So we get back to our seats and wait for it to start. Cartel comes out and they sing about five songs to a... fairly dead crowd. There were tons of empty seats left and the floor was nowhere near full, but the band was pretty snazzy, especially since they mentioned that out of all the shows they've done, this is their favorite because this is Philips Arena and they're from Atlanta. Yay for hometown pride. XD Now, I have no idea which five songs they did because... I haven't listened to them enough, but I'm sure they threw "Honestly" in there somewhere. But my general impression of them is good, so I'm happy.

Then Sparta comes out and... the lead singer scared me. Just a little. The crowd had grown a bit, so they had more to work with but eeesh. They're probably harder than The Killers and Cartel combined, though they sounded more like a Green Day cover band than anything. They sang 8 or 10 songs and they got the crowd riled up. Maybe because the lead singer jumped in the crowd? Who knows. He said the F word fairly freely (three times in five minutes, much?), which doesn't exactly score cool points with me... but he did get a few since their last song was dedicated to us in the top.

So they leave and then I'm getting all jumpy because I know what's coming. And the stage has like... 20 Christmas trees in the back looking all festive or something, but when a DJ came out to introduce The Killers, he said that The Killers are who brought them. So I'm all happy now because they brought 20 FREAKING CHRISTMAS TREES.

So the setup guys come out and when I saw Brandon's piano I literally screamed. That thing has so much crap on it, I love it. Then they bring out Dave's guitar and I get more excited. I'm sure Ronnie's drums and Mark's bass was thrown in there somewhere since they played something, but I was too distracted because then here comes Brandon's synth. WHICH IS THE MOST FREAKING AWESOME SYNTHESIZER IN THE WORLD. It's all decorated and has like... red and blue gemstones on it, with a disco ball at the bottom. Schnazzy doesn't even being to cover it. Then they arrange the Christmas trees and lights that The Killers brought. Oh, and the snowman from the A Great Big Sled video. So I'm thinking this is starting to look pretty spiffy. So after like, ten minutes of trying to light the trees and the snowman and all the lights... we wait.

And we wait.

And we wait some more.

Then FINALLY the lights go back out.

And we wait some more.

And then Savannah starts this clapping rhythm, and I join in... and then the entire arena joins in. Which was amazing.

Where I'm sitting, I can see the door to the backstage, and I'm seeing them put like, a curtain up or something, but before that I see a figure about Brandon's build and height holding another figure's hand (said figure was wearing a dress or something) kind of lingering. And I'm thinking "Is that Brandon and Tana?!" I'm obsessed, I know, thanks.

Anyway, the crowd's starting to go wild and by this time the floor is pretty much full, as are the majority of the seats. By this time I'm screaming my lungs out because I want those boys out NOW.

So then some kind of music starts and they come out and it's like HAPPY TIME. <3 Brandon said "Hello" in his absolutely adorable way (aka the same way he said it at KROQ's Almost Acoustic Christmas that I have bootlegs of) and I go crazy. Then they start up Sam's Town (sadly, B-Flow didn't say "SOUND THE ALAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARM" a la KROQ, but whatever), and Brandon starts dancing. He's a dork, but I love him. <3 He was wearing black slacks, a white dress shirt and some little Western looking vest thing. I love the entire bands new look, really. But I love their old one too which is why seeing Brandon also wearing a white glittery jacket was a bit of a surprise (he took it off somewhere around Smile Like You Mean It, I think) (and yes, these details are important). But the basis is that the entire band looked really, really hot. Ronnie looks just like Jason Lee a la My Name Is Earl, it's scary.

ANYWAY. Sam's Town starts up and I stand up and make my sister and her friend stand up with me (we were one of like, ten in our section that stood up, kinda disappointing) and I. Rocked. Out. The crowd went wild at "When You Were Young", turning it into a shout-a-long, or so we thought, until Somebody Told Me was next. That's when the majority of the crowd went nuts (complete with crowd surfers!). And we found out the most of the Sam's Town songs are better for more arena-type things as opposed to the stuff from Hot Fuss, but it was all good. Brandon did this really seductive intro to Bones by saying "Don't you wanna come with me? Don't you wanna feeeeeel my bones? On your bones? It's only natural" all quiet and whispery like and I'm freaking out. It was fun. <3 They played some of my favorites like Bling (Confessions of a King), Read My Mind (my absolute favorite, which was AMAZING), and Jenny Was a Friend of Mine. During one of them he knocked over a Christmas tree. =P Then a BIG treat was them playing Glamorous Indie Rock & Roll, which, with the new album, I never thought I'd hear them play live, but it was amazing. I literally screamed out "I TAKE MY TWIST WITH A SHOUT! A COFFEE SHOP WITH A CAUSE, MAN I'LL FREAK YOU OUT!" since that's my favorite line. XD

Then after Indie... we hear the infamous intro to...

Mr. Brightside, which is when the crowd goes OFF THE WALL. So much in fact that a circle pit of four guys got started. It made me laugh. And most everyone around us stood up for this song. Such greatness. He even did my favorite part when he does it live, which is after the second time of saying "and taking control", he goes "Oh yes! No, no, no, no!" It makes me smile and feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

So after that they leave the stage.

And people start leaving. WTF? The lights haven't even come back on AND they haven't done All These Things That I've Done, which duhhh they're gonna do. So while we're waiting for them to come back, literally everyone there holds up their cellphone, and waves them around. SO AWESOME. Then they come back out and we go insane, and they start up My List. And Brandon gets this awesome stomp clap thing going to the drum beat (if you know the song, you'll know what we were doing). The entire song was just awesome. Especially the "Don't give the ghost up, just clench your fist" part. *Sigh*

Then Brandon goes into this thing about how they've just written a Christmas song (and cue me going insane), and he sits down at the piano and THEY PERFORM A GREAT BIG FREAKING SLED.

Minus the freaking. That's just excitement. Brandon sounded great and that Ho Ho Ho made me melt. <3 Though I think only about ten or twenty people in the entire arena knew the words. I felt pretty damn special.

Then Brandon walks over the side of the stage and gets a guitar and I'm like "THEY'RE GONNA PLAY For Reasons Unknown!" Which... they did. And B-Flow + A Guitar = Hot. Very.

Theeeeen Brandon gets rid of the guitar and we hear just a low synth. And here it comes... "When there's nowhere else to run...", and the crowd hits maniac status, I think. Especially after he stands on his [toy-filled] piano with the mic stand and points it out to the crowd where we start this huge "I got soul, but I'm not a soldier" chant. Then he joins along and we finish it and the whole thing is just AMAZING. That was like, one of the best parts of the entire show.

Then Brandon sits back down at the piano and starts playing Exitlude, and I'm getting all teary because I don't want it to end. And we all join in with "We hope you enjoyed your stay... it's good to have you with us, even if it's just for the day." The whole thing was just pure brilliance. I can't wait 'til I have the opportunity to see those boys again, because trust me, I will be.

Highlights: "I Got Soul", Cellphones waiting for the encore, the maniacness of "Mr. Brightside"

Complaints: My sister's camera died before The Killers took the stage, no "This River Is Wild", but instead, Uncle Jonny (one of my least favorites).

Setlist (For The Killers):
Sam's Town
When You Were Young
Somebody Told Me
Smile Like You Mean It
Bling (Confessions of a King)
Read My Mind
Jenny Was a Friend of Mine
Uncle Jonny
Glamorous Indie Rock & Roll
Mr. Brightside
My List
A Great Big Sled
For Reasons Unknown
All These Things That I've Done


  • BSE_Incognito

    :OOO It sounds so great. Thanks for posting, I lvoe hearing about concerts. And Read My Mind sounded great too. :P I only wish I could've been there. :(

    20 déc. 2006, 1h50m
  • tehprincess

    Hah, yay. I called my best friend during Somebody Told Me, but she couldn't figure out what song it was. =P And I wish you could've been there too. I wish everyone I knew could've been there and joined in on the amazingness of it.

    20 déc. 2006, 3h19m
  • James000

    They make jam out of mistle toe now? Impressive.

    29 jan. 2007, 18h02m
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