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12 oct. 2008, 3h03m

I was going to save this for tomorrow, but:
1. I'll most likely be gone most of the day, and
2. I seem to have caught something so I thought I'd do this now before the acetaminophen kicks in.

Also, I must warn you, this has the potential to turn into an enormously fangirly post at some point, probably with lots of flailing, spazzing, and possibly some running into walls. Hey, I warned you.'s been one freakin' year since I signed up. Goddamn, how the time flies.

Don't ask me what my first track was; I honestly do not remember. D: I'm glad y'all remember what your first tracks were, 'cause I sho' don't.

When I first signed up my logins were, to say the least, sporadic. I used the site for two weeks, then didn't sign in for three weeks, then signed in another two weeks, and then left it alone for a month. I came back in mid-January and it was in late February that I started listening as much as I do now. I did drop off a bit in late April, when my iron count got dangerously low and I wound up in the hospital, so I kept off the Internet to keep my moms from yelling at me. By June, however, I was back to scrobbling like a maniac. My play counts dropped off again around mid-to-late-July, but that's because my job was working me to death since they knew I was leaving, and also because my old laptop had stopped working properly. One I made it to Louisiana and got my new laptop my weekly scrobble counts went up again.

I don't know why people bitch about the recommendations, as I have discovered many, many great artists and bands, a lot of which happen to be of the visual variety. Well, hey, I've always dug visual kei.

When I first got here I tried to set my charts so that they were a delicate balance between American hip-hop/R&B and Japanese music but as time wore on I pretty much gave up on the American stuff, save for Keyshia Cole (though I did binge on Mariah Carey and Lil' Wayne for a couple weeks). Now you know how my group We love Japanese music so much we've become dependent on it came to be. LOLOL.

Now, if you knew me before mid-July you'll know that my #1 artist spot was always occupied by someone connected to Johnny's Entertainment: first it was News, then it was 山下智久, and then NEWS again. Actually, I think a non-Johnny's act was runnin' #1 before NEWS. Shit. I can't remember.

Looking at my charts, you would think I'd have been listening to my #1 ever since I got here, but sadly, that ain't the case. In fact, before June, I hadn't listened to T.M.Revolution in nearly three motherfucking years. But in a matter of three weeks he managed to destroy the rankings and knock NEWS out of the top spot. I mean, he tore that shit up. Kids, I had this big-ass crush on him in my senior year of high school (2004-2005), but I wound up forgetting about him when I started discovering 5965085348 other artists. D: Thank God resonance came out and dragged my ass back into the fandom. That song positively blew me away. O_O

I hate to be so black-and-white about this but if you can't appreciate his fantastic vocals...FUCK YOU. D: I swear to God his voice is one of the best I've ever heard. *____* The UNDER:COVER version of THUNDERBIRD turns me into a useless puddle of goo every time I listen to it and I swear my ovaries start fluttering whenever I listen to vestige -ヴェスティージ-. *BRICKED AND SHOT* D:

(really, I would. You haven't met my family, have you? We're all crazy.)

Another artist I stalked religiously in my senior year and then abandoned for no good reason was GACKT. His voice also made me flail, spazz, and occasionally run into walls. Someone had the nerve to say this:
"Gackt sounds like a watered-down T.M.Revolution being strangled by a cat."
What the hell? What does that even mean? Gackt is a MARVELOUS vocalist, and hotter than holy Hell. O_O I hate the Internetz sometimes.

Well, I think that's it. I went over my listening habits, then I spazzed and flailed like an idiot. I'm going to go continue to be sick now.


  • BeantheRobot

    "The UNDER:COVER version of THUNDERBIRD turns me into a useless puddle of goo every time I listen to it" -ditto "I WOULD CHOKE A BITCH TO SEE THAT MAN PERFORM LIVE. I LOVE YOU, TAKANORI. " -double ditto Someday, I swear to God I'll see him live. Very fun to read! :D

    21 oct. 2008, 21h34m
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