Thu 15 Jan – Indian Jewelry/ The Entrance Band


16 jan. 2009, 19h40m

Thu 15 Jan – The Entrance Band
Indian Jewelry was amazing as usual accept for some technical difficulties in the beginning. The second to last track reminded me as a cross between Throbbing Gristle and the Scientist. For the headlining band The Entrance Band one look at the vocalist, drummer, Guitar player/vocalist and the Knob twisting dancer I knew we were in for a ride. These guys reminded me of across between a Spin Doctors and the Black Crows with the kid from Hanson on drums. All there fans seamed to enjoy them and the band put a lot of heart into the show.


  • teenagejesus666

    This is not me, this is my girlfriend typing a comment. It is true what my boyfriend said. Indian Jewelry was amazing, thanks for the noise, guys. And the Entrance Band...well, there's a band I never care to see again. Although it was quite entertaining to say the least. The drummer does in fact look like one of the Hanson boys and he is one of the worst drummers I've ever seen (and I've seen alot). The singer seemed like some sort of hippy Dr. and the Medics / Marc Bolan wannabe with a hideous gold sequinned dress - get real. I'm no stranger to cross-dressers and bi-sexuals and what-have-you, but this was just stylistically wrong. The chick bass player - now there's some actual talent...she rocked. But the knob twisting dancer guy on the side of the stage, wow. People were dancing all around. But then, this was a Spin Doctors show, right? What's not to dance to?

    17 jan. 2009, 2h49m
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